First Real Lover


Topic: First Real LoverMost people would think that sleeping in the same bed as your friend AND his girlfriend would be weird. But to 19 year old Marissa, this was normalcy. As she lay with her back to Nathan’s left side, she thought back on the events that had led her to this moment.
Two years ago, when she had started working at a local department store, Marissa had not expected to come across any good looking men. She expected to work alongside older women and other girls her age, starting their first job. A few weeks passed, and one day a guy, roughly her age, walked up to her. He was the most gorgeous member of the male species she had ever seen. Everything about him exuded ‘bad boy’. He was wearing a dress shirt, but tattoos were visible, peeking out from under rolled up sleeves. To one side of his black pants hung a silver chain, which was technically against the dress code. She stared at him, at a loss for words, noticing his strong jaw and fiery blue eyes. Even his spiked, blonde hair seemed so hot to her.
Marissa was an innocent girl. Her sex experience was limited three boyfriends, only one time each, in the same, boring position. She was even shy about oral sex, having only performed it once, for about two minutes. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, because she SO wanted to.


   Masturbation was daily for her, sometimes more than once a day. She was obsessed with anything sex related, and frequently rubbed her clit through her pants, just to make herself wet.
Working with Nathan was hard for her. He was clearly a bad boy, and she LOVED bad boys. Although this obsession frequently got her into trouble, she didn’t care. “Good boys” bored her, and she craved excitement. For a year, she looked at him with longing, feeling a stirring inside of her that hours of playing with herself could never satisfy. After a little over a year, Nathan began to talk to her, flirt with her, make comments about her beauty, and her nice ass.
Marissa knew she wasn’t gorgeous, but she knew she wasn’t ugly either. Average height, average weight…but with killer blue eyes and a winning smile, she could capture the attention in any room. Her long, blonde hair flowed behind her, and for some reason, men could not keep their hands off of her perfectly round ass.   Nathan was no exception, grabbing and pinching whenever he could. Nathan had one flaw though-he had Stacy, his girlfriend.
After months of hardcore sexual flirting, Nathan wanted Marissa to be Stacy’s girlfriend. Stacy was bi, and wanted to fuck a girl.

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   They also wanted a girl for a threesome. Being as naïve and innocent as she was, she said no. So Nathan took it to the next level. He seduced her.
At first, it started as text messages to Marissa, telling her what he wanted to do to her. Just reading these naughty text messages would get her wet. Sometimes these messages would get so graphic and kinky, that she would blush and drop her phone. She would never THINK of doing anything like that! He talked of fisting, anal…things she would never consider doing! Yet she began to want him, more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. And he wanted her. “Who cares if I have a girlfriend”, he’d say.
And so it started. The first night, she visited him at work, wearing a skirt with no underwear. And damn did she feel rebellious and sexy! They went to the back, and he bent her over, immediately shoving three fingers deep into her pussy. As she started to moan, he shoved a finger into her ass, her first intrusion into this virgin hole. She began to protest, but stopped as she realized how good it felt to have something in each hole.

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   After she came a few times, he stopped her and pulled out his fully erect dick, which was bigger than any she had experienced before. Shaking and immediately nervous, she dropped to the floor in front of him, and began sucking his dick. As nervous as she was, she tried to do what she thought would feel good…running her tongue up and down his shaft, flicking it across the head, and using her left hand to stroke also. Occasionally she would stop and suck lightly on the tip, causing him to moan. He came in her mouth, another first for her, and she swallowed, not missing one drop.
This became frequent for them, sneaking around when no one knew. She became his willing sex slave; and he called her ‘Slave’, as she called him ‘Master’. But he didn’t fuck her pussy, told her he wasn’t going to. She didn’t expect any fucking at all, unknowing that he had other plans. One day, in her room, he grabbed her, threw her down on her bed, and ripped her shorts off. She was confused; she thought he wasn’t going to fuck her! After licking her pussy and her ass, he spread her wetness around, and began pushing his dick into her tiny ass. Once again, she began to protest. But he didn’t stop, knowing she would like it. She cried as he pushed his way in, she thought she was being torn apart. But after a few minutes, the pain subsided, and she was in ecstasy.


   She loved the feel of such a big, hard, object thrusting in and out of such a small, forbidden hole.
Nathan turned her into an animal. She started as an innocent girl, barely experienced. She quickly however, found herself taking naughty, naked pictures of herself while playing with her newly purchased toys. She also found a love for the taste of cum, and was more than willing to perfect her oral sex skills. Not to mention she found herself begging for Nathan to fuck her ass. Hell, she even let him slowly start to stretch her pussy, so he could fist her.
After months of fooling around, Marissa agreed to be Stacy’s girlfriend. She had already fallen in love with Nathan, and knew if she agreed to this, she would be closer to Nathan. Plus, she really DID like Stacy, and had always been curious about sex with another girl. And the first time she played with Stacy, she discovered that she was quite good at pleasuring a girl, considering she had Stacy moaning and screaming her name. Marissa couldn’t figure it out; really…after all, she was just using her tongue! But Stacy didn’t know about Nathan and Marissa…and Marissa had not yet had the courage to join for the threesome.
She fucked Stacy a few times, and normally spent the night afterward, as he wouldn’t get home until around this time working second shift at work. Thus where she is now, lying in the same bed as Stacy, with Nathan between them. He hasn’t fucked her ass in awhile, and she knows that lying next to him, naked, is never a smart idea if she wants to be good.

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After a few minutes, she grows uncomfortable, and rolls onto her back. She can hear the slow breathing of Stacy, and knows that she is asleep. Almost immediately she feels Nathan’s hand creep onto her thigh. She bites her lip against the immediate electric jolt inside her, but keeps her eyes closed. He slowly begins to massage and pinch her thigh, causing her to flex her toes while trying to stay still, as not to wake Stacy. His hand creeps closer to her pussy, and Marissa silently spreads her legs, granting him better access. His rough fingers begin to rub her already engorged clit, and she digs her fingernails into the bed. Soon, his fingers leave her clit and work their way into her soaked pussy. He presses two fingers deep inside her, and begins working them in a rhythm, in and out, as she fights against moaning. It turns her on even more knowing that Stacy is sleeping only a foot away from her.
As she comes down from an amazing orgasm, she rolls over onto her side, facing him, but keeps her eyes closed. He grabs her right hand and holds it, and she entwines her fingers into his. With her free hand, she uses her index finger to draw a heart on his arm. In response, he takes his finger down her arm, spelling the words “I love you”. Fighting tears, she squeezes his hand and falls asleep.

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Early the next morning, Stacy leaves for work. As soon as she is gone, Nathan is naked, and pressing his body against Marissa’s. This however, does not wake her, and he begins to play with her body. After stroking her face and watching her eyelids flutter in her sleep, he begins his seduction. While one hand is lightly running down her stomach, the other is at her nipple, squeezing hard. In her sleep, this simple action causes Marissa to moan lightly. This encourages him, and he squeezes harder, knowing if fully aware, this would probably hurt her. At the same time, his other hand is already forcing four fingers deep into her still-drenched pussy. His actions are met with more moaning, and she begins to stir in her sleep.   He leaves her raw nipple, and begins kissing his way down her stomach, lightly grazing his tongue across her warm skin. As he reaches her pussy he stops, and begins to kiss and bite her inner thighs, fully aware that biting turns her on more than anything. She starts to murmur in her sleep, and he knows that this is his cue.
As he slams his fingers deep inside her, he meets her clit with his tongue, and her eyes fly open. As the pleasure begins to overtake her, she closes her eyes again, and begins to moan louder. He moves his tongue up and down her pussy; he’s always loved the way she tastes.

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   Just as she is about to cum, he yanks his fingers out of her. As she begins to whimper, he roughly pulls her farther down the bed, and slams his dick into her dripping hole. Once again her eyes fly open, completely surprised by this intrusion. His dick is a perfect fit, and she loves the way he feels inside her. He starts to thrust, slowly at first, but picks up speed, feeling himself getting close.
Suddenly, he flips her over, and pulls her up onto her knees, while forcing her face into the bed. She starts to moan louder, as she has never been fucked doggy but already loves it. He holds her hips as he slams into her, hard and deep, hitting the back of her pussy with every thrust. And with every thrust she cries out, the pleasure almost unbearable. She clings to the sheets as tears run down her face, these waves of pure ecstasy so new. He reaches up with his right hand, grabs a handful of hair, and yanks her face up off the bed. With every thrust, he yanks her head back, causing her to cry out even louder every time. He can’t hold it back any longer, and pulls out of her flooded pussy, just in time to send his hot load streaming all over her back and into her hair.
 As soon as he lets go of her, she falls limp to the bed, unable to speak. She has never experienced anything so strong, and can’t even catch her breath.

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   He just smiles and leans over her, only one thing left to say. “Good morning slave. ”
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