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Mary and I had planned to go to dinner so after I pulled my hand out from under her skirt we reluctantly went to dinner.   Mary was really only 75 but she only looked like maybe late 50"s or very early 60"s.   We talked and got to know each other better over soup and salad.  
When we returned to her home she excused herself and left the living room.   She returned about 5 minutes later waring a long satin dressing gown that was very elegant yet seductive, she sat next to me and leaned forward to kiss, as she did I got a pretty good glimps down the front of the gown.   She had on a blue lace bra, after kissing for about 10 minutes Mary stood and took my hand and lead me to her bedroom, it was very elegant, the colors were seductive.   Mary ask me to remove her gown, I was very impressed, she was very lean, no belly fat the myst have weighed about 115 lbs.   Then she removed my shirt and pressed her bra clad tits to my hairy chest, by now I was as hard as I had ever been, we were standing, me in my briefs her in her blue bra and matching panties.   Mary said she loved blue and had she bought this set earlier that day just for me.   I ask her how she knew I would ever see it, she said she had made up her mind she was going to make sure I not only saw it but also removed it.   My 6 1/2" dick was at full attention straining to get out, Mary looked at my cock and pulled my briefs off.   Mary invited me to remove her panties, it did as she ask, then we lay on the bed.   Her pubic hair was baby finemedium to light brown with a hint of redish, it was un-trimmed but you could see through it very easily because she did not have a large amount of it, her pussy lips were clearly vissable and glistening just a little from her wetness.   I began to stroke her pubic hair, Mary relaxed and said that felt wonderful.   I refrained from finding her clit only playing with her folds, not probing into her vagina just teasing the outer portion, Mary was really getting excited, she was moaning and telling me how gooood it felt, all the while stroking my dick with one hand.   I told Mary I wanted to see her tits, she stood and very slowly removed that pretty blue bra, her tits looked like those of a teenager.

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    They were full "B" cups alright, her nipples were fairly big for the size of her tits, I reached out and caressed both of them, again and yes they were firm They felt so good in my hands, I rolled her hardening nipples in my fingures, Mary let out a long low sigh saying "It's been soooo long"  I pulled her to me, she pressed her wonderful tits tight to my chest, they felt so good.   Mary pressed her pelvis tightly to mine, the tip of my dick cradled against he rpussy lips.   We lay on the bed, I began to kiss her thighs then her flat belly and now her fabulous tits.   Her nipples were so hard and felt so good in my mouth.
I knelt between ler legs and rubed the head of my cock all over her pussy lips being careful not to enter her yet.   Mary was really getting turned on, her breathing was quicker, her eyes kept rolling back every time she hit a new peak, she told me she was having mini climaxes.   She took hold of mycock and placed it at the opening of her vagina, rapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her hot pussy.   Her pussy walls were as smooth as silk, she was quite tight, it felt so good to be inside this beauties wet pussy.   Ma
Mary couldn't get enough she just kept telling me to stroke her pussy, she'd say faster then she say slower then she'd say Doggie style and on and on we went.   I wanted her on top so she could lower herself down onto my cock, I reached up to caress her titties while my cock was up inside her sweat cunt.   I played with Mary's clit while she was on top, Mary told me she was going to cumif I didn't stop playing with her clit.   I didn't stop I wanted her to cum, Mary's pussy began to spasim ever so little she was climaxing, she announced that she was cumming and moaned MMMMMMMMMMMM ever so long then a long loud sigh as she hit the peak of that orgasm, now Mary cloapased on my chest tits planted tightly against me pussy giving off those tiny little spasms.   Mary lay on me for about 10 minutes my stiff cock still in place without saying a word, just getting her breathing under control and cumming down from her orgasm.   I felt so good laying there with her tits on my chest and my cock up her cunt.  
When Mary lifted her head she told me she didn't remember "fucking being so wonderful", she said her husband had died 6 years earlier and this is "the first time I have fucked anybody" since he died.

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    It was hard to believe this beautiful sexy woman had chosen me to be her first in over 6 years.   If I were to rate her look on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to place her at 8 & 1/2, her body would be a 9 &1/2 and her fucking would be off the chart.   Mary's pussy would rate as one of the best, if not a tie for the best I've ever had the pleasure of sliding into.
When Mary was ready to go again we tried a few other positions but the one that sent her into orbit was when I was kneeling between her legs with my cock inside her cunt and pushed her legs up to her sholders, I hit her G spot perfectly and she went wild, her pussy began to clamp down on my cock like a vise, squeez and release, squeez and release, over and over and harder and harder she was bucking and moaning and saying things like "Oh my, I've never had this happen before", "Fuck me, I love it", "I think I'm going to faint", "Don't ever take your cock out of my cunt", "Oooooooooooo Fuuuuuuuuuck Meeeeeeeee", "This is sooooooooooo Incredable no one has ever made me do this before".   Mary kept this up for maybe 5 minutes or so, let me tell you talk about getting a work out for my cock! ! ! ! When I came in her pussy we both collapsed my cock kept twitching inside her for about 5 minutes before it went soft, this was quite possably the most incredable woman I have ever fucked.  
We took a long hot bath together, I caressed her tits the entire time we were in the tub, I also played with her clit a little.   When we went to bed Mary wanted me to fuck her again, it was quick and not nearly as intense but very nice just the same.   We dropped off to sleep in each others arms.   When I awoke Mary was playing with her pussy, she was already very wet, I had one of those early morning gotta piss hardons so I got on top of her and slid inside her waiting pussy, we went slow and easy for a while but when I rolled her on top of me we went for broke, both reaching our peak about the same time, I shot my cum up into her vagina as she climaxed, Telling me how much she missed fucking and wanting to know when we would do it again.  
I have traveled the 250 miles to see her several times, she is truely a great fuck buddy, she wants it that way, she doesn't want to be tied down.   Not a bad arrangement for a horny senior citizen who needs to be serviced now and then and for me a 45 year old married guy, figure it out she is more than old enough to be my mother and she is beautiful ,sexy, very sensual, and as I said she is just about the best fuck I've ever had.    What else can I say?
This is a true story.

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