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I lightly pull on your top, taking it off of your body, revealing the sexy bra you have chosen today. Your breathing has become shorter as my kisses travel further down your body. The heat emanates from you, making it warm in my room. I slowly kiss down your collar bone and get to your bra cup. I unsnap the bra and pull it from your body, revealing your breasts in all their glory. Lightly I start to lick the underside and make circles around your nipple, each time going closer. I can feel that you are enjoying this teasing with every rotation I go with my tongue. I reach your areola and lightly flick your nipple with my tongue, hearing you sigh in satisfaction. Satisfied with the fact that you've had enough attention to your nipples, I slowly kiss downward to your belly button, playing with it with my tongue. Once deemed happy with your bellybutton, I kiss down to your jeans. Stopping at the button and zipper, I glance up at you with an evil smile. You smile back and nod, allowing me to progress my actions. I unbutton your pants with my fingers and unzip it with my teeth. Slowly I pull your jeans off to reveal the sexy thong you have on and I take my teeth to start pulling of your thong. I take my teeth and get a hold of the thong edge, slowly pulling it off with my teeth while smelling in the smell of your pussy. It comes into view and I smile at how smooth it has been shaved.

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   Once the thong gets off of your body, I throw it onto my desk to put above my door later, remembering how I wanted to keep one of yours. I spread your legs with my hands and slowly kiss your inner thighs. You gasp slightly as I breathe on your pussy lips, feeling the warmth of my breath. Using two fingers, I spread your pussy and reveal the treasure inside. My tongue starts its journey inside of you and you moan out loud, reveling in how much pleasure this brings you. Finding your clit, I flick my tongue rapidly over it causing you to gasp for breath. Continuing my assault on your clit, your body causes more pleasure to be felt by you. Feeling you tense up, I know you are about to cum. You feel this too and hold my head in place while crying out in orgasmic pleasure. Smiling I rise up from you and look into your eyes, watching as you recover slowly. You smile at me and kiss my cheek, slowly pushing my shoulder to push me on my back. I look at you with curiosity and you start to kiss my cheek and face. You stop at my ear and nibble on it slowly, knowing how much it turns me on. Satisfied that you have me worked up enough, you remove my shirt from my body, kissing down my chest and playing with my nipples. You kiss further down while your fingers play on my chest, rubbing and scratching lightly.

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   You reach my shorts and unbuckle my belt slowly. After my belt is gone, you unsnap my shorts and unzip them, smiling wickedly at me. You remove my shorts and cup my balls in your hand through my boxers. You rub my cock through my boxers, enjoying making me squirm. Pulling off my boxers, you rub my cock with your hand, enjoying the feel of it. You look at me one last time before your tongue reaches out and licks the underside of my shaft causing me to gasp suddenly. Quickly your mouth engulfs the head of my penis, sucking me in. I moan out loud and place on hand on your head. You move your mouth up and down my shaft licking every spot. Your suction causes me to gasp more and I feel myself tensing already. You realize that you are doing your job quite well and play with my balls. Feeling myself tense up I start to cum into your throat. You don't even blink as I orgasm and start to swallow my cum. Once I have been drained of every drop of cum, you clean off the shaft of my cock. Slowly you climb up next to me and let me recover while your hand plays with my cock.

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   Noticing that I have started to recover, you climb on top of me. Slowly you guide me into you, enjoying the feeling of my cock going into you. You drop yourself onto my cock taking it all in. I moan in pleasure of the warmth of your pussy around my cock. Slowly you start to move up and down on my cock, riding me with a wicked grin on your face. I grab your hips and we start to find our rhythm. You start moving faster on my cock, causing you to come down harder and harder on my cock. Moaning while we move faster and faster, I reach up and play with your nipples. You move faster and faster feeling the building of an orgasm. Suddenly you cry out in orgasmic pleasure and your pussy clamps down on my cock causing me to start to orgasm myself. I feel my cock unload inside of you, shooting loads of cum inside of you. You collapse on top of me breathing heavily. I wrap my arms around you and slowly fall asleep with you. . Its my first story, please review!.

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