Friends Turn To Lovers


About half way thru class, she turned around to ask for some help with a problem that she was having, and I couldn’t talk. I finally came to my senses and was able to help her with her problem. Class finally ended, and I caught up to her in the hallway after we had left the room. I had introduced myself, and she said “it’s nice to meet you, my name is Danielle. ” We stood in the hallway just conversing, when a teacher walked up and told that we would be late for class if we didn’t hurry to our classes. We said our goodbyes, and headed off to our respected classes. The next day she showed up wearing this incredible short skirt and halter top, and I about shit a brick. Danielle and I talked until the second bell rang, mostly about everyday things like where we were from and what we liked and disliked. In short we got to know each other a little more. This continued on through the school year, until I got the nerve to ask her out. At that point she said “to be honest with you Justin, you really aren’t my type, and maybe we should just be good friends. ” Which in response I said “that is cool by me, and maybe we can go to the movies sometime or maybe get a cup of coffee?” She said “that sounds like a plan, and here is my number. ” We left everything at that, and we went our separate ways through the rest of the school year and for the next couple of years afterwards. This is where we come to last year. I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship with someone who was bi-polar and obsessive compulsive. I called her up just to see if she wanted to go to dinner and then a movie and she accepted my offer.

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   Half way through dinner she noticed that I had a thought on my mind, and she asked if I would talk to her about it. I looked into her eyes and told her “well, you know that relationship I just got out of?” She just looked at me and nodded. “Well, I couldn’t help but think how things could have been different if I had gotten with you instead of Athena. ” She looked at me with a smile, and told me “well, I have an idea, why don’t we go to the movie, and then afterwards, let’s go back to your place?” I smiled and said “Sounds like a good plan, but I have a friend that just got out of prison living with us right now, just until he gets his things in order. ” She replied “that is alright, we will see where things lead, and if we have to, we can kick him out. ” After we finished dinner, we headed to the movies to catch a flick. I was in a mood that I had never felt before, not even with my ex. During the movie, I was more interested in her rather than the movie. At the start of the previews for new movies that were coming out I put my arm around her and drew her closer to me and began to gently nibble on her ear lobe. I could tell that she was getting into what I was doing by her soft moans of pleasure and her leaning her head to the right a little bit so I had better access to her neck. She grabbed a hold of my left hand which was placed on her thigh, and slowly guided it to pussy which was hidden behind a pair of jeans. Once my hand was there, I could feel the heat which was emanating from her pussy, plus I could tell how wet she was cause her jeans were becoming moist. Throughout the movie, I teased her by nibbling on her ear, and kissing her neck, and rubbing her clit through her jeans. At the end of the movie, she mauled me and told me that I had built up her sexual tension even higher than it had already been because of my teasing. When we got back to my car, she leaned over and gently nibbled on my ear lobe, and then whispered in my ear “I think it is time we get back to your house so you can put this fire out that you have created.

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  ” Once back at my house, we walked in holding each other rather tightly, and my mom just looked at us and said “now that is a cute couple, I don’t know why you didn’t choose her in the first place?” To which I replied “because originally, she told me that I wasn’t her type. ” Danielle then leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss which we held for a good three minutes. I then heard my mother say “why don’t you two get a room?” Upon hearing that, I picked Danielle up in my arms, and carried her to my room. When we reached my room, I noticed that Justin (my friend who was in prison) was on the computer. I put Danielle down, and proceeded to tell him to leave my room because we had business to take care of. Once the door was closed, I began to unbutton her blouse to reveal those perfectly shaped 34A tits restrained behind her white bra, and began to kiss my way from her neck down to her cleavage. Once I reached her cleavage, I reached down with my hands and slowly undid her tight fitting jeans, and began to kiss my way down her stomach as I removed her jeans. When I finally got her jeans to her ankles, she stepped out of them, and I was no more than an inch away from her cotton panty clad pussy. As I inhaled, I could smell her sweet pussy juices which had started flowing again the minute I started to undress her. The only thing that was running through my mind at the very moment was “God, I must be the luckiest son of a bitch in the world. ” When I stood up again, she started to undress my, first by taking off my shirt, and kissing my chest. Then she reached for my pants, and undid them and slowly slid them to my ankles. Before she came back up for my boxers, I stepped out of my pants and kicked them aside. She hooked her fingers in the waist band of my boxers, and pulled them down so they were sitting just under my ass. She had stopped to admire my seven and a half inch cock that was standing at full attention, and staring her right in the face.

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   She gently licked the tip of my cock, and it twitched at the touch. She then encircled the head of my cock with her full beautiful lips. I closed my eyes as I felt her lips encircle my cock, and instinctively I put my hand on her head, and guided her head further onto my cock. I knew she had the full length of my cock in her mouth when I felt her nose nestle against my short pubic hair. I opened my eyes to watch in awe as she expertly worked her mouth and tongue on my cock. Watching her head bob up and down on my shaft as her hand played with my ball sack almost drove me over the edge. She felt my ball sack tighten, and she stopped and looked up at me and said “you can’t cum just yet, I want you to be able to make this last all night long. ” With that comment, she took my boxers off all the way and guided me to my bed where she laid down on her back. I climbed on my bed and in between her thighs and pushed her panties to the side revealing a neat and cleanly shaved pussy, and the most gorgeous set of lips I had ever laid eyes upon. I began to let my tongue roam and explore the folds of her pussy as I listened to her moans of pleasure. My tongue slid up and down her slit, just teasing her with the tip of my tongue slipping in and out of her fuck hole. As her moans get louder, I drive my tongue deeper into her fuck hole, and let my tongue explore the unseen walls of her pussy. With my tongue as far as I can get it into her pussy, I feel her pussy contract around my tongue, almost as if it were milking my tongue like it was a cock. All of the sudden, my mouth is flooded with her juices, and I hear a squeak come from her lips, at first I don’t understand it but I continue lapping at her pussy. I clean her up with my tongue and make my way up her body to find her gasping for air, and I ask “did you squeak when you came?” She just looks up at me with her eyes glazed over and says “yeah, that is the first time a guy has ever made me squeak, I have been able to do it when I masturbate.

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  ” As her face turns red from her embarrassment I tell her “don’t be embarrassed, I thought it was very cute. ” I give her a passionate kiss and she lays there stroking my cock. We break the kiss and she looks up at me and says “well, are you going to fuck me, or are you going to lay there thinking about it?” I position myself over her with my cock at the entrance to her fuck hole, and ask “would you like me to wear a condom, or would you rather I just pull out?” She tells me “I would rather have you pull out and cum on my tits. ” Hearing her say that, I gently slid the head of my cock into her tight pussy, and begin to slowly slide my cock in further, until I fill her to the limit. As I feel our pelvic bones meet, I stop to let her adjust to the size of my cock, and then start a slow pace to start off with. As I continue this pace, I hear “mmmmmm. . . . . . . oh Justin, yes, that’s it, fuck me with that cock of yours, it feels so big in my pussy. ” I quicken my pace as I feel her orgasm coming on quick. With my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, her body arches, and I feel it stiffen as the first wave of her orgasm hits her hard.

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   She screams out “OH JUSTIN, FUCK ME HARDER, I don’t want this orgasm to end. ” I do as I am told and fuck her harder, feeling my balls slap against her ass, she continues to scream out in ecstasy “YES JUSTIN, THAT’S IT. FUCK ME, FUCK ME. Don’t stop what you are doing, it feels so good. ” Her body arches again, and the second wave hits her, even harder this time. Her screams of ecstasy die down just a little, and her eyes close and her head is thrashing from side to side. I can tell that her orgasm isn’t over with as wave after wave go surging through her body. I can feel the cum rising from my balls, and I tell her “Get ready for me to cum baby. ” I pull my cock from her pussy and position it over her chest, and stroke my cock a couple times. My cum rushes from my balls through my cock, and the first load of cum flies from the head of my cock, and lands on her left tit with a “splat. ” As I continue to stroke my cock, load after load of cum spurts from my cock and continues to land on her tits, and stomach. The last load that spurts from my cock lands on her chin and she is eager to devour it. Danielle takes both of her hands and starts to scoop up as much cum as she can from her tits and stomach. With each scoop, she licks her fingers clean, until she has cleaned most of the cum from her sweat soaked body. She lays there panting, and out of breath with a glazed look, as I lean down and kiss her, our tongues twirl around each others in an immense passionate kiss.

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   With that kiss, we cuddle our sweat soaked bodies together, and drift off to sleep with smiles on our faces. If you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing about it, tell me, and I will continue the story even more. .
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