Going Down?


Sue shrieked and before Todd even had a chance to get his eyes open she was leaning up against him. "Did you hear that? I think we're stuck!" she said. Todd forced himself back into reality and assessed the situation. He figured they could use the emergency phone in the elevator to call for help but damned if it wasn't working. Luckily Sue pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed for help. She was just beginning to calm down when the voice on the other end told her not to panic, they were in no imminent danger, but it would be about 30 minutes to get the elevator fixed. "Thirty minutes!" she said to Todd, envisioning her day off to go tanning totally down the tubes. "Hope you don't mind being stuck with nothing to do for a little while. " Todd tried to avert his gaze back up to those blue eyes but it was too late. When Sue turned to him she saw he was looking right at her chest again. What should I do, she thought, pretend I didn't notice? Except then she thought about all those nights she went home alone to her apartment and used her vibrator while fantasizing about Todd sliding his hard cock in and out of her. They had 30 minutes. He clearly wanted her. Nobody would know. Would she ever get a chance to have a fling in an elevator ever again? "You know, I've had the chance to reevaluate my priorities in the last five minutes," Sue said to him with a naughty glimmer in her eyes. "Sure we're only stuck and we're going to be fine and out of here in half an hour but something like this just goes to show you how anything can happen in life at any moment.

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   Sort of makes you want to just live life to the fullest, take a few chances, doesn't it?" Sue didn't even wait for Todd's response, putting her right hand around his head and pulling him for a passionate kiss. As their lips crashed against one another she felt Todd's hands caressing her ass, then helping her to remove the camisole. Sue wasn't wearing a bra underneath and Todd took each one of her hard nipples in his mouth and lavished it with attention as Sue moaned aloud. She broke free from his embrace and practically ripped off his belt, working to get his pants and boxers down and his erect member out. She moaned again when she saw he was a solid eight inches and already had some precum on the tip. Without a word she engulfed his cock in her mouth, furiously sucking while her tongue worked over the head and down the underside. She got into a perfect rhythm deep-throating him and Todd's cries only put her into more of a frenzy to go deeper and faster. Sue pulled back after about 10 minutes realizing they didn't have all day and she wanted to be fucked. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and Todd positioned her against the wall of the elevator. She leaned against the wall and felt him penetrate her doggystyle, god it felt so good to feel his big, hard cock inside her tight, wet pussy. Todd gripped her by the waist and pumped hard and fast, their bodies moving in sync, no words being spoken, just moans and sighs and gasps and cries of complete ecstasy. Sue reached down and fingered her clit while Todd fucked her and he started to tweak her nipples with one hand while keeping the other around her waist for support. Just when Sue had started to lose herself in the utter passion of each of Todd's strokes and she couldn't tell if she was trapped in an elevator or on some exotic beach in the Carribean, she was aware of her cell phone ringing in her purse, which was at her feet. She reached down to pick up the phone but Todd didn't stop moving inside of her. Sue managed to say hello and heard the voice on the other line telling her they should be freed in another five minutes.

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   Sue got out a shaky OK, figuring the guy on the other line would just figure she was frightened, not really caring if he could somehow figure out what was really going on. She felt Todd's big cock hitting her G-spot just perfectly and she resumed rubbing her own clit, feeling a massive orgasm about to build. Todd, meanwhile, was on auto-pilot. He had ached for Sue since his first day on the job and now here he was, working himself up to an earth-shattering orgasm inside her dripping wet pussy. He felt Sue tighten around him, then release as she reached her plateau and screamed loudly, "I'm cumming, oooohhh, I'm cumming!" His cock responded quickly to her orgasm and he gripped her tight as he felt himself starting to explode inside her, the jets of warm cum traveling deep inside her, filling her up. He had never experienced an orgasm so powerful in his life and as he pulled out he slowly rubbed the tip of his cock against Sue's swollen clit, sending more shivers through her body. There wasn't time to even say "What just happened?" as Sue scrambled back into her clothes and Todd pulled his boxers and pants back up and tried to analyze the damage Sue had done to his belt buckle. Just as he got it back into place the elevator began moving again and within 10 seconds they had reached their destination. As the elevator door opened and the normal office life unfolded before then, Sue gave Todd a devilish grin as they stepped out. "I've been having some problems with the Murphy account," she said. "I was wondering if maybe you'd like to get together tonight and go over it with me. " Todd smiled and Sue wrote down the address of her apartment on the back of a business card and handed it to him before grabbing her check and heading on her way. Todd knew it was going to be a long day waiting for work to end but he couldn't wait to "crunch some numbers" with Sue later that evening. .
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