"Sure Susi, what's up?"“I'm not really happy with how my workout is going, think you could spare some time to work with me a little?""Uhm, sure" He mumbled as he did his best not to look straight down my blouse at the cleavage I had made sure was on display. "Not that I'm an expert or anything, but I would be happy to help as best I can""Oh you definitely seem to know what you are doing" I smiled, and then briefly, barely touching him, ran my hand down his bicep. "I can't work out until a little later than usual today though" I said apologetically "Do you think you will still be there about 5?"He was usually out of the gym by 5. It was Friday and I guessed he would probably be looking forward to a good meal and a cold beer to start off the weekend. But without hesitation, he said,"Sure, 5 is no problem at all. "I gave him a big smile, "Great, it's a date" and bounded out of the room leaving him staring speechless after me. I knew the fitness centre closed at 6pm, so I made sure I was late and rushed in at about 5:20. I was wearing a pair of those ultra tight Lycra shorts that moulded to my bottom, showing off my pussy lips nicely, and a matching black sports bra that showed off my C-cups. "Sorry I'm late" I gushed breathlessly, "thanks for waiting for me. "He gave me a warm smile,"No problem, I'm just getting warmed up. "We started working out, I asked questions, and was seemingly genuinely interested. The time flew quickly; I was completely entranced by his presence. Suddenly the music was shut off and it became obvious that the gym was ready to close up, just a few stragglers remained, gathering their stuff. "Damn" I pouted, "I forgot they closed early on Fridays, and I have a lot more I was hoping to accomplish. ""We can always pick it up again next week" He volunteered eagerly. "Yeah.

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  . . but we were really on a roll, too bad they won't let us stay and close up when we are done. "Laughing Steve looked around, "Unfortunately I haven’t been a member here for very long, I certainly don't have enough clout to make that happen. "Grabbing his arm I leaned close,"Well maybe we don't need to ask them" I whispered "Come on, I have an idea. "Before he could protest I led him towards the exit. The Fitness Centre manager raised his eyebrows slightly as we walked past. "Susi what. . " Steve started to ask"Shhhhh" I whispered, "trust me" and I gave him a naughty smile. As we walked down the hall I glanced back to make sure no one was watching and then suddenly steered us into the women's locker room. "Jesus Susi!""Don't worry,” I giggled, "he's going to be gone in a minute, and I bet he won’t check in here, then we’ll have the place to ourselves. "Steering him into a cubicle I closed the door. "Just in case. " I whispered.

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  We stayed that way for about ten minutes, huddled together, our bodies so close, the smell of him intoxicating me. I was standing in front, and I pressed back, giggling and squirming, I could feel I was making him hard. Finally, I sneaked out first to check the coast was clear and a few minutes later I went back, "Come on, its all ours"I grabbed a small bag out of a locker as we headed back to the now empty gym. Dropping the bag down next to a bench, I spun around and practically jumped into his arms. "Isn't this exciting?" I laughed pressing myself into him. My nipples were getting hard, protruding through my sports bra. "Aren't you excited too?" I asked. Smiling broadly he looked straight into my eyes and whispered,"Beauty is the bait, which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind" I snuggled closer and whispered. "I like a man who can quote the classics, especially when it mentions things enlarging. "With that, I slid my hand over his shorts and along his shaft. He literally gasped for air as my hand began to slide over his cock through the shorts. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I purred. "Maybe it’s time for a real workout" Turning my head up to kiss him our mouths met semi-open; tongues slowly began to explore each other. I moaned my approval as I opened my mouth wider and wetly began to kiss him, sucking his tongue in my mouth. I pressed my body against him, humping his hardness with a desperation that surprised me.

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   His hands began to roam my body, I moaned louder into his mouth as his fingers continued to explore. I started running my hands through his hair as we ground our mouths together. Lifting his shirt, he raised his arms as I peeled it off and then I began to lick and suck his chest and nipples. Soon I was kissing down his stomach and then I was on my knees peeling off his shorts and sliding my tongue along the underside of his cock. I took my time, licking up and down his hard cock, and tickling his balls with my tongue. Looking up at him I slowly slid my mouth over him, creating a tight vacuum as I engulfed him. Wrapping my hand around his cock, I began to bob up and down, sliding my hand along, together with my mouth. Steve literally dropped to the weight bench as his knees buckled, but I just kept sucking and licking, as he throbbed in my mouth. Reaching down he ran his hand along my face, down my neck and over my breasts. My nipples grew larger through my sports bra and now it was his turn to peel off some clothing. I stopped sucking long enough to let him take off my top and as he fondled my nipples and breasts, we could both smell the sweet and musky wetness that was seeping through my tiny shorts. He wasn't willing to wait any longer to taste me, and lying back on the bench he grabbed my waist and peeled my Lycra shorts off, then pulled my ass towards him. Lifting one leg over the bench I eagerly returned to licking and sucking his cock, my pussy now just inches from his face. Running his hands over the curvature of my buttocks, he pulled me to his mouth and used his tongue to part my lips. I groaned onto his cock as his tongue began to explore me.

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   Our bodies fitted perfectly together, and we began to rock in a perfect 69 rhythm on the bench. I was able to open my throat and take him deep into my mouth, which I did with unbridled enthusiasm, alternating my deep throating with wet, sloppy licking and sucking up and down his shaft. Meanwhile Steve was completely engrossed in my pussy. I was soaked, my juices coating his face. It seemed as though he couldn't get enough. He slid his entire tongue along me, parting my lips wide and lapping up and down my pussy, from my ass up over my clit. Moving his whole head along with his tongue, I groaned and pushed back harder and harder, panting heavier on his cock the more he lapped at me. Just when I thought I might go over the edge he changed tactics, flicking just the tip of his tongue over my clit, the sudden change delaying my orgasm but sending me on a new elevator of rising passion. On and on we went, until neither of us could take any more. As the first wave of my orgasm hit me he sucked my entire pussy into his mouth, which caused me to jolt and flood him with my juices. Simultaneously his cock swelled and grew, his balls laden with cum. With a giant upward heave, he released, shooting his hot cum deep into my mouth. As I sucked and swallowed, I ground my pussy into his face, while massaging his balls. I milked as much cum out of him as I could, swallowing fast so as not to miss any. We both came in numerous stages.

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   At first both our orgasms were so hard and intense that we almost blacked out, our brains literally drained of blood from the sheer force. Then, as the initial explosions subsided we were able to enjoy the longevity, until slowly we drifted into the gentle aftermath. Still lying in a 69 position on the bench, but both of us much gentler now towards our ultra-sensitive partner. Eventually I climbed off and kneeled next to the bench, kissing him deeply. My nipples were still rock hard and swollen. Despite having just cum, He was still semi-hard, his cock wet from saliva and cum. We kissed for a while, just enjoying the sensuality of the moment, tasting each other, allowing our tongues to explore at their own pace. I broke away and reached into my gym bag, and pulled out a bottle of massage oil. Without saying a word I poured a large amount of oil onto his chest and began to massage it over his body. As I rubbed oil over his nipples, I could see that he was getting hard again. I took my time, spreading oil over his entire body, massaging him, allowing my fingers to touch and slide over every inch of his glorious physique. Reaching down and covering his hands with ample amounts of oil he began to rub it on me, massaging my breasts and nipples, watching my tanned skin become slippery and glisten with oil. Soon we became a blur of hands, flesh, and oil. Sliding off the bench we were on our knees, facing each other, coating every inch of our bodies with oil. We leaned forward and kissed as our bodies began to slide against each other.

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   My body was so smooth and slippery, sliding against him, my nipples over his. Coating his hands with copious amounts of oil he moved behind me and began to massage my buttocks, covering them thickly with the oil. The more his fingers kneaded me, the more aroused I became, sighing with delight with every touch. Leaning forward he placed my elbows on the bench, and I began arching my back to give him better access. Sliding his finger down my ass, I moaned deeply as he let his finger linger at my entrance. The more he played with me the more I arched and pushed back until his finger easily slid into my ass. As soon as his finger fully penetrated me I became an animal. "Yesss" I growled fiercely"MMMMMM, You like that?" He teased. "Yesssssss, fuck yes" I moaned as he slid another finger into me. "You like my fingers in your ass?" He asked, "You like me finger fucking you?""God yes!"Pulling his fingers out of me, he moved closer, sliding his cock along my ass. "OH, YES!" was all I could moan. Despite all the oil I was tight, so he proceeded slowly. Just the head at first, allowing my body plenty of time to adjust. I growled and being less patient than he was, kept pushing back, desperate to feel him buried in me. Sliding his hands up my body, over my oil-covered breasts, he gave a final thrust and buried his cock deep into my ass.

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   I screamed out,"FUCK MY ASS, OH YES STEVE, FUCK MY ASS!"As he began to slide in and out of me we were both overcome with animalistic passion. Massaging my breasts, our bodies slid along each other as he fucked me. Any pain I initially felt was long gone, it was replaced by a fullness that completed my being. The oil allowed us to fuck faster and faster, sliding deep into me and then all the way out. I had begun to climax as soon as he entered me, my body spasming with small contractions, and continuing throughout, with my orgasm slowly growing and building in intensity. Sweat began to cover us as we quickened, his cock filled me completely, sliding in and out with a smooth effortless rhythm. The tightness of my ass coupled with the oil was the perfect combination, warm and engulfing and slippery. By now we were both bucking hard and fast. I was pushing back against the bench with both hands, fucking him as hard as I could. He had grabbed my waist and was slamming into me furiously. The force of his ejaculation caught me by surprise. I could feel it spurting deep into me, and pushing back as hard as I could I impaled myself on him, no longer moving as I buried him as deep into me as possible. Holding onto my waist for dear life he pushed forward with one final thrust. Our glistening bodies arched in a perfect tableau. I smiled with satisfaction as he filled me with his hot cum….

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Razzmatazz is a popular nightlife establishment in Barcelona. This nightclub stays open until 6 in the morning, and it features five different rooms that play different genres of music. The club has featured world-famous DJs including David Guetta and Calvin Harris.But it's not just their conversational abilities that make Barcelona's escort ladies so exceptional. They are also incredibly attractive, with bodies that command attention wherever they go. There is an escort lady in Barcelona who can match your preferences, whether you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads.

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Several prominent LGBT nightlife establishments may be found in Barcelona's Eixample neighbourhood. Arena, with its three separate dance floors, is the city's most well-known homosexual club. It's open till 6 in the morning. The club is fun since it features drag performances.Moog is the place to go if you're in need of a more private concert. The Gothic Quarter is home to this exclusive club, which can host no more than 200 patrons at a time. The club has a fantastic reputation for its underground techno and electronic music.