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I sensed my boy in the room so I playfully ran my hand over my left breast and gave it a gently squeeze. For me I always liked the surprise of what was going on around me, all that I couldn’t see, so I kept my eyes closed. I could no longer feel the hot air from the fan on my chest or anything above it, I knew he was standing in between me and the fan. I felt him getting closer, I felt a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and tapped the bed close to me, whispering “Come here sweetheart. ” I felt the bed shift as he sat down next to my body. He gently took my hand and kissed it, then placed it back on the bed. I was impressed, he was really keeping the relaxed smile on my face. He leaned over again and kissed me, but this time on the lips. I ran my hand up his side and over the small of his back, pulling him ever so slightly toward me. I felt the stubble on his face against my cheek and my nipples immediately got hard again. He put his hand on my stomach and I was working harder than ever to keep my eyes shut, the different sensations around me were amazing. I placed my hand on the back of his neck and gently rubbed it. He then placed his hand on my inner thigh and my legs, almost instantly, clenched together. It took me a second to realize what I had just done, almost like telling my hubby he couldn’t touch me. I felt bad, I needed to apologize.

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   I slowly opened my eyes while saying “I’m sorry baby, I looked up and realized I had just shared one of, what felt like, most intimate, passionate moments of my life with my husband’s best friend! I quickly went to get up, to grab a blanket to cover myself with, but as I did he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me tight against him. I didn’t have a fight in me. It was so damn unfair, to catch me when I was mellow, and relaxed! I put my hands on his chest, then pushed off of him and got a little room, but not nearly enough to get a blanket on me. He just got a better grip on me. He was a buff guy, and I secretly loved the bear hug he had me in. He ran a hand over my cheek and kissed my opposite shoulder than the side of my neck. He looked into my eyes and leaned into kiss me, I finally let my hands fall to his sides and decided to cooperate for our first real kiss. I slightly tilted my head and leaned into him. He tasted so great, and smelled amazing too. He put his hands on my back and pulled me closer to him, as he did he slightly leaned back and kept slowly pulling me with him. I had to put my hands down on the bed, around him to keep from falling on top of him. This time I leaned into him and kissed him. He rolled me over on my back and slipped his tongue in my mouth. I loved it, he was such a great kisser, he really knew how to work his tongue. I ran my fingers threw his long black hair.


   Then sat up and while complimenting the kiss I took his leather jacket off of him. He was very sexy, he was left wearing a while t-shirt, ripped up blue jeans, and black leather boots. I reached for a boot to take off, and while I did that he took off the other one. Soon we picked up right where we left off. He stopped kissing me for just a second, and I looked up and flashed him an evil grin. As a look of confusion passed over his face I pushed him over and got on top of him. I leaned back and pulled him into the sitting position and pulled his shirt off of him. His chest was so tight, perfect nipples, cute abs, the most amazing green eyes ever. I gave him a quick peck on the lips as I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He shyly ran his hands up my sides and then back down and rested them on my hips. He leaned in and kissed me right in between my breasts. I tilted my head back and let out a soft moan. He then kissed my right nipple, and began softly nibbling on it. I put my hand on the back of his head and gently ground into him. He put his arms around my lower back and pulled me on top of him.

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   He had me in another one of his really tight grips and it drove me wild. I could feel the cum all over my wet pussy. He must have read my mind because, what seemed, almost at that same moment he loosened one of his arms and brought his hand back to my front and immediately went for my pussy. I was so shocked. He had such an amazing grip, this guy was great with his hands. I let out another moan and then started to grind just a little bit harder. I looked down and noticed his cock was really hard, really big and already oozing pre-cum. For a second I felt almost defeated. There was this guy, this amazing guy, that snuck into me and my husband’s house, came into our room, started touching me, we were now almost fucking, and I hadn’t even got a sound out of him, I wanted to hear this guy moan. Loud, really loud. I laid him back down and slid his pants down just enough to give his big cock plenty of room to move around. I straddled him, and then positioned his cock under me and slid down onto it. It felt much bigger in me than it looked. I put his arms above his head and kept my hands on the inside of his forearms, almost pinning him down. Although I knew it was impossible for me to pin this big, strong guy down.

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   I loved it, he was letting me have my moment, letting me control him, letting me feel strong. I started riding him slow, he showed almost no emotion to what I was doing. I had no choice but to let up on his arms, I then placed my hands on his chest, and started rubbing his firm nipples. I automatically started riding him faster. Letting myself fall down around his cock harder while rubbing his nipples. I started grinding into him whenever I made contact with his thighs. He finally started moaning. I was so happy. I smiled and asked how he was feeling. And to my totally amazement he tilted his head back and told me it felt great and to go even faster. I tried to, I was still in shock, he was happy, I was happy, we were happy! He tried to look up at me, and as he did, he said, “No offense hon…” and he pushed me backwards, I landed with my head on a pillow and he was on top of me once again. He started out fucking me extremely fast and it didn’t feel like he was gonna slow down anytime soon. To be totally honest it hurt like hell, I had never been fucked that fast and he was really big down there, but I loved it. While he was fucking me he started squeezing my tits. It felt great, I loved the pressure all over my body.

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   I could feel his cock in my lower stomach, it was so big, and he was strong, really strong. He did yet another thing that really shocked me. He got on his knees and raised me off the bed. He grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me onto him. My body was shaking so much. He asked me how I liked it and all I could manage to do was reply with a bunch of loud moans. He smiled and put me back down, but stayed up at an amazing angle. He was still ramming his cock in me, but it was grinding into my clit on its way in and out. It felt so damn great. I leaned over and grabbed a sheet, I clenched it in my fist so hard. I could barely stay on the bed, this was gonna be one hell of an orgasm that was coming on. He kept going and I tried to wiggle out from underneath him. I didn’t mean to, but the orgasm, I could feel it, it almost hurt. I kept arching my back and he’d push my right back down. This was so impossible for me to deal with, and at the same time it was the best sex I’d ever had.

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   It came so strong, almost out of nowhere, and best of all, he didn’t try to stop it. My back arched, I pushed all but my feet and shoulder blades up off the bed, and he moved with me to make sure the sensation continued. I started begging him to go faster and he actually did, he put his thumb over my clit and rubbed it in a circular motion, before I realized what he had done I was screaming at the top of my lungs. My body shook hard, he kept fucking me and rubbing my clit, he really wanted to make this an experience of a lifetime. The orgasm just as quickly as it had come it had gone. After it was over I reached down and rubbed my wet clit just a little, it was still sensitive and I shook a bit. He gently took my hand and thrust his cock in me one last time and it exploded in me. His load was so big, it gushed out of my pussy and wound up all over his cock and our bed. He laid on top of me and kissed me again. It felt so great to have all of his weight on me, letting me know what it felt like to be so close to him, to hold him. We laid there together, kissing, touching one another, and occasionally talking, like that for a while, until we only had 20 minutes until my husband came home. He got dressed and I gave him one last passionate kiss and we promised too see one another often. Now, the cookies are done and I’d better get them over to my special friends house while I’m still hot…. . I mean, they’re still hot.

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