Husband Shares Wife for a Night - Part 2 The Hotel


Again things seemed a little awkward but Joe, having done this before, seemed to know just what to do to get me to relax. He had me come sit on the edge of the bed with him and began an excruciatingly delicious massage of my neck and back. You settled yourself into a plush easy chair directly facing us on the bed. Joe continued to rub all the tension from my body as I slowly relaxed. Soon his hands were roaming around my sides to squeeze my breasts. He slipped a warm hand down my sweater along the exposed cleavage and reached in to pinch a sensitive nipple. Oh how they ached to be touched, for all the excitement I had already felt this evening my tits had somehow been overlooked. The sensation of his fingers made my head swim with renewed lust. I could feel a direct link between my pussy and my nipples with each pinch of his fingers. Joe sensed my arousal and knew he had me for whatever he wanted at that point. His hands continued arousing me this way for several minutes. I glanced up to see you slowly rubbing your cock through the front of your pants. You must have reached inside to free it up because I could see it's full outline nearly reaching the waistband of your jeans. Mmmm, this really got to me and my pussy started throbbing in anticipation. Finally Joe stood up in front of me and began to unbutton the fly of his pants. As he slid them over his hips, I saw his full erection for the first time.

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   Out it swung. . . at least nine maybe ten inches long and it certainly was a fatty! That's my favorite kind. Holy cow. . . I couldn't believe my eyes. We were really gonna do this. . . I just sat there staring at his huge erection bouncing around in front of me. Joe looks over at you and asks you if you want to feed it to me. He says it's a real icebreaker and if we're going to enjoy ourselves fully tonight we really ought to get familiar with each other. Although you're a little unsure about this, you get up and join us near the bed.

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   Joe says, "Go ahead, you give my cock to her. Then she knows you're all right with this. " You look at me and then reach out and wrap your fingers around Joe's cock. Joe sucks his breath in as your hand makes contact, you can't believe you're touching another guy's cock but the feeling is electric. You slowly guide it to my open mouth, but you don't stick it in. Instead, you rub the slightly oozing head on my lips. The feeling is unbelievable. I thrust my head forward to take as much of Joe's cock into my mouth as possible. My lips met up with your fingers that are still wrapped around his erection. As I slide my mouth back, your hand comes forward. With Joe's cock now slippery from my mouth, you can easily slide your hand along his erect shaft. Curiosity gets the better of you and you begin stroking his cock as you would your own. I kneel there watching this in front of my face. It's too much, I need to feel more. My skirt is hiked up and I reach down between my thighs and start rubbing my clit.

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   I am so wet the juice is just running down my fingers. I reach my juice covered hand up to join yours on Joe's cock. The feeling is unbelievable. . . obviously to Joe as well, as he starts groaning with pleasure. Our hands are stroking Joe's cock in unison but you again guide it to my mouth. I suck the fat head into my mouth and press my tongue hard on the underside of his cock. Joe gasps and says that he won't be lasting too much longer at this rate. I continue to suck and work my tongue all over Joe's cock but I soon feel your hand pressing my head away from it. Joe's breathing is ragged and he's ready to blow his load. I reach up and free your cock so I can jerk you off. My hand is still slick from my pussy juice, and it glides easily over your throbbing dick. You guide Joe's dick in front of my face and start jerking him off, your hand sliding along the full length of his erection, squeezing the end as you pass over it with each stroke. You finally know what it's like to feel someone else's erection.

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  . . what it feels like for me to rub one. As I increase the pace on your cock, you do the same to Joe. All the while it's bobbing in front of my open mouth. I know what's coming and I don't want to miss it. It only lasts a minute and then Joe growls "I Cumming!" This makes me squeeze your cock and stroke a little faster. My pussy is on fire as I slide the fingers of my free hand all over my clit. All of the sudden Joe's cock erupts and the first string of cum lands on my cheek, I turn my head a little and manage to catch the next one in my mouth. Joe pushes forward and you let go as he shoves his cock in my mouth as far as it will go. . and then some. I feel a final spurt of come shoot down my throat. Watching Joe's cum splatter my face is too much and you tell me you’re ready too. I turn to your cock and stroke it as I run my tongue around the head.

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   You start to groan as I rub your cock in Joe's cum from my face then suck it off. It's too much, you press my head back and your hand wraps around mine to guide my strokes and with a grunt you shoot your load at my face. Then you rub your cock in the mixed cum on my nose and cheeks then push it in my mouth for the final spurts. By this time I'm cumming with unbelievable intensity. My hand is flying over my clit as my pussy spasms and I moan onto your throbbing cock causing you to spurt just a little more. As I release your cock from my mouth I see Joe collapsed on the bed slowly stroking away the remaining ripples of pleasure. You sit down on the floor along side of me and we lean on each other until the last of the pleasure subsides and our breathing returns to normal. Mmmm. . . boy was that good!.

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