"Oh my God," you think, "that feelsincredible. " I work my tongue back and forth, your cunt, your ass, cunt, ass, each time inreasing the amount of pressure and time that I lavish on your little brown rosebud. . . . my tongue even beginning to penetrate a little, and you push your hips down onto it, wanting more. As my tongue wiggles in your ass, my thumb moves up to stroke your clit, and I begin to push two fingers slowly into your cunt, easing them in slowly, barely splitting your inner lips as my tongue is now fully buried in your puckered anus. You need more, so you turn your body around, making sure to allow me to keep my tongue in your ass, and my fingers in your pussy, still stradling my face, but now facing towards my body. Your eyes are drawn to my large, throbbing cock, pointed up along my hard belly, but held above it by my evident desire. You feel my fingers pushing deeper into your pussy. . . . stretching it,filling itslightly, moving in and out ever so faintly, twisting a little, and you lean forward, your hand attracted to my cock, your need to feel it, to consume it overpowering you. Your fingers don't quite reach all the way around it. "Oh God, I have to have this Monster in me soon" you think.

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   You open your mouth, and your tongue comes out to meet my pillar or flesh, snaking around it, teasing the head. I love the warm,wet feel of your tongue, the tight squeeze of yourhand, your hot breath now on my, thrilling me. mytongue slips from your tight grip, moving toconcentrate on your clit, but your ass doesn't suffer alone for long, as two more of my fingers invade your now lubricated and stimulated back door, sliding in to the second knuckle with ease, your body almost pulling them into the space vacated by my tongue. My other fingers have penetrated your now dripping pussy evenfurther now, going deeper with each in thrust, curling forward to hit your g-spot, my tongue dancing on your clit, your whole lower body now on fire, you feel the waves approaching. You need more of me, so you now try to take as much of my cock into your mouth andthroat as possible, getting nearly half of it in on the first downthrust, your cheeks bulging, your jaw extended as far as it will open, your lips stretched tight around my shaft. You gag slightly, as my cock is already about an inch down your throat, but the feelings from your clit, pussy and ass are too much. . you are a wild sex machine now. . . you know nothing but the desire to consume every inch of my sex. . . to fulfill your needs, and to try to make me feel the depth of desire and stimulation that I am giving you. You push your lower jaw as far forward as you can, trying to open up your throat more, and youmove your head up and down my hard cock, pushing hard on each downstroke, forcing a little more into your throat, fighting back the gag reflex.

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  . . . but it is getting easier, your desire to have all of me is sronger than the gag, and you soon don't even notice it, you just feel the pressure in your throat, the need to swallow. I feel your swallowing action as an incredible massage along the end of my cock, rhythmicwaves of pressure traveling towards the tip, squeezing my cock even tighter, but it is going further each time. You now have over 2/3 of it in your mouth and throat, more than anyone ever before, and I redouble my efforts, my tongue now hammering your clit, stroking along it at lightning speed, my fingers slamming in and out of both your pussy and your ass, your body spasming, shaking, your first orgasm soclose. . . and you push down on my cock one last time. Taking it commpletely now, your chin burried in mypubes, your nose brushing against my balls, my cock buried in your throat. You stop for just a second, your body close to exploding. . . and start to stroke my cock fully in and out of your mouth, deep throating me on every down motion, going faster and faster, your pussy and ass gripping my fingers so tight now, clamping down on them. .

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  . my cock begins to pulse and swell in your throat. . . and you explode, your body shaking with the most powerful and intense orgasm you have everhad, you thrash back and forth, screaming around the cock thrust down your throat. Your orgasm does it for me. . . . my cock erupts down your throat, pulsing powerfully, shooting my hot seed deep into your throat and belly. . . you hardly have to swallow at all it seems, my cock is so far down your throat. Our bodies shake and shudder for an eternity, but the waves gradually lessen. .

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  . you take my still hard cock out ofyour mouth, "I need you inside me, now!" you say,turning around, straddling my hips, my cock in your hand. You slowly begin to lower yourself ontome. . . . wanting to feel more of me. As your pussy touches my cock, we both gasp. . . . the feeling of my slick hard cock against your silky hot pussy is heaven. . . this is what our bodies were meantto do.

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  . . the sensation is so intense that we both stop, just for a moment, savoring that first rush from this intimate contact, that spark between our most private parts. Our eyes meet as you lower yourself onto me, our bodies and souls merging as one as I entered you. You are so hot, tight and wet. . . it feels like I amsliding into a warm aquatic embrace. . . . a soft low moan escapes both our lips as more of you surrounds me. . . as we join.

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   Your body stretches to accept me, my cock filling you, "It's too big" you think. . . but you keep moving downward. . . my hips strain upwards. . . invading you and yet you welcome me, need me. Our bodies begin to move. . . the need once again consumes us. .

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  . moving, sliding, slipping, the wonderful pressures, the heat,the lust. . . driving us. . . harder, faster. . . deeper. . youkeep working down lower, taking more of my huge cock into your pussy. . .

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  there is pain, but the pleasure is so overwhelming. . you only feel the need for my cock. . nothing else matters, you have to have all of me. . . . you push past the pain. . . welcoming it. . . it only enhances the pleasure, a reminder that you are takingsomeone else into your body.

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   Your breath is coming in ragged gasps. . . . your body has never been on fire like this. . you are so full of me. . you feel like you could burst. . I lean forward, taking your nipple between myteeth. . . my arms wrap around your shaking body. .

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  . mylips curl around your erect nipple. . . my cock. . . sliding in and out of your tight pussy. . . "I love you so much", you say as you kiss my forehead. . . I bite your nipple gently in response, thrusting my hips upward, deeper into you. .


  . I groan as i say, " I'm going to cum. . . Cum with me. " I give you no other alternative as i move my fingers down the side of your body to tease your clit. You moan as i say again, "Cum with me. ". . . I push upwards into you one last time as i close my eyes and release my seed deep into your tight pussy. . . I feel your pussy constricting around my cock as you moan loudly and lay against my chest. .

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  . . "Thank you daddy. ", you whisper as you slowly lick my earlobe. . . . I dont know if it is very good. . . I'm sorry if its not. . . its my first story and i wanted to do it in a different point of view. .

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  . Thanks!.

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