It Begins........(A Slave's Story)


They approach. My own one comes to me, plunges his hands into my hair, its long tresses cascading down my back, making me shiver. His lips meet mine, oh so sweet, his tongue slips beyond as he takes possession of my mouth. A hand slides down, holding my breast, the thumb caressing the nipple, now bullet hard. A moan escapes my lips. Words are forbidden, from me at least. I mind not in the least, I am his, he is mine, I will do as I am bidden, for I know the pleasure to be immeasurable. He bids me to stand, and I do so, my legs trembling. I am turned to face the other man. “Show yourself. ”I lift my hands to the edges of that shimmering fabric, peeling it away from my shoulders and breasts. It drops to the floor, ripples of smoothness in a pool at my feet. The other man steps forward, his fingers lifting my chin to look into my eyes. His pupils are wide with desire for me, the gift given by my own. His hands travel down, trailing over my skin, making it burn. His fingers close over my nipples, squeezing, pulling and making them ache with a burning lust.

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   Oh……… Then one hand slips still further, trailing into my sculpted pubic hair. They probe, testing my readiness, one rubbing against my engorged clitoris. I sway on my feet, so hot, but my own steadies me with care and an infinite sweetness. He holds me. The other spreads my lower lips, and sinks a finger into my slippery cleft. My vaginal walls grip him tight, as he moves his fingers in me, a delightful friction, creating more and more fluid that spills out onto his hand. “Is she not beautiful?” my own asks. The other man grunts agreement, his hands moving feverishly, stroking my pussy, and keeping that pressure on my nipples. I could come now, like this, standing like a cheap whore with no morals, wanting his hardness inside me. My man prepares to direct, like a conductor of a great opera. He lies me down on the cushioned dais, kissing me deeply as he spreads my legs, allowing the other man to feast his senses upon my glistening, pulsing lips. “My baby likes to come, and this is her night to be pleasured. I am allowing you to help me,” says my own. The other man is transfixed by the sight of my trembling body, so open, so willing. “Taste her,” mine says, “Eat of her, give her the pleasure I desire you to give.

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  ”The other crouches between my taut thighs. My own stands at the head of the dais, stroking my rock hard nipples, his length now free of his trousers. He keeps sliding it across my lips, commanding me to lick it as he does. I eagerly comply, feeling the ridges with my tongue, and tasting him, its head seeping with its desire for me. The other has his face pressed into me, swirling my clit with his tongue, making me gasp. He pushes two fingers into me, I am dripping now. His other hand trails some of my own wetness down to my anus, teasing, testing, then he slips one finger to the knuckle up inside my arse, making my body arch upwards. Mmmmm…. . “Go on, eat her, make her come, ream that pussy,” my own is gasping now, the sight of another man buried inside his beloved making him ache for me himself. My toes curl. My insides churn, my willing cunt full of fingers, my arse tightening round his finger. Im coming, hard, I cant stop myself, yes yes, ohhh feel him inside, my nipples being squeezed hard, my own man’s cock pushing past my lips into my mouth, mmmmm yessssssssssssss…………………. I lie panting. They both strip, firm bodies in the candlelight.

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   My juices flowing out, waiting, knowing I will have them both. My man leads me to the stone wall, and bids me kneel. I kneel onto more soft cushions, as he lifts both my hands and attaches them to the wall in front with soft yet strong leather thongs. “Get under her. Sit and lean on the wall. ” The other man gets down, sliding between my thighs, my hands fast to the wall above his head, allowing him to take my breasts, and taste the hard tips, chewing softly with his teeth, making me squirm. My man kneels behind me, sliding his fingers down the crack of my bottom, til he comes to my vagina, still pulsing from the orgasm so recently given me. He gently prises apart the lips, smelling deeply as he does, and positions me above the other mans straining length. He carefully slides me onto the head of his friend’s cock, and, gripping my thighs, he pushes me down, making my pussy swallow the hardness all the way down. Im trying not to squeal, Im so tight, and I can feel every inch of this mans cock as he pushes his hips up to meet mine, his fingers and teeth pleasuring my nipples. My man sits back and smiles. He knows his love adores this. He can see I am in ecstasy, easing up and down , making the others length glisten with my juices. “Now fuck her,” he says, “ Make her scream, she loves to have her cunt filled. ”He is right.

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   I am moaning with such pleasure, filled up to the very end of me. The other man is pushing up hard, the end of his cock touching my womb with every stroke, delicious pain, I sink harder onto him. “Now I know what you really need my love, do I not?”He kneels behind me, slips a hand to where cunt meets cock, and slides two fingers in too. I squeal, my pussy stretched. His hands wet with my fluid, he slides back up, and starts to work them into my tight arse. I can barely hold myself back. I can feel every movement of the cock in my cunt, heightened and stretched by my man’s fingers. He kneels up, working my juices up and down his own length, and places the head against my hole. I start to push back, wanting him. He pushes his hips forward, easing his hardness up me, Im moaning out loud now, unable to move too far, my hands tied, my nipples at the mercy of the other mans teeth. “Now let’s both fuck her, she loves both holes filled, she can feel everything, oh yeah, she wants it, cmon, lets fill her full of cum, fuck her, FUCK HER!” My man is reaming in and out of my arse, ordering the other around, I can feel his balls slapping me, sticky with pussy juice. The othe man fucks upwards harder, and in doing so pushes me even harder onto my mans cock. I cannot move. I can only kneel, and be pleasured. Our bodies are slick with sweat.

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   I can feel myself getting tighter, ready to come harder than before, the full feeling too much for me. The man below me is beginning to grunt “yes, oh yeah, mmmmm” under his breath. My man pumps my arse harder, so hard, and tight, I cannot stop, my mouth opens and I begin to wail, as my cunt tightens around cock, and my arse squeezes down onto my man. “Oh, baby, yes, that’s it, cum for me, yes……. . now fill her cunt, go on, come inside her, yes……… baby Im gonna come up your arse, hold tight, mmmmmmmmmm”My man is pushing, I can feel the two cock tips touching through my pussy walls, the feeling drives my orgasm to greater heights, Im screaming, jerking, pulsing all over these two man under me erupts. His cock pushes so deep inside, and I can feel his seed spilling into me, cock throbbing as he spends into my cunt. My man grunts, heaving inside me, I feel his cock jerk. He lets out a long guttural moan, pulling my hips down so he comes all the way inside me. He leans over me, sweating, kisses the nape of my neck. My arms cannot take our weight for much longer, still speared by two cocks. He withdraws, untying me, lifting me from the other. He leads me to the dais once more, bids me lie again. He makes me comfortable, stroking and kissing my skin. He hands me the crystal goblet of wine, watches with a smile as I drink.

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   He takes his companion and leaves the room. Leaving me to the flickering candlelight again, the gloom. I am happy. I am replete. .