Ivan the Dog...part 1


Topic: part the first I'm a very subby little Trans boy (female bodied, but male inside), but recently I've been exploring my switch side with a girl of my own, she is a switch herself and I introduced her to a dominant mine, Miles. Now Miles and me have been discussing for some time the fact that a slut like me should learn to take dog cock, so when Claire expressed an interest in watching he decided the time was right. We'd already planned it to be a rape scene, he wanted to take me by surprised and have me protest as I was knotted and mounted and thoroughly fucked.

So one day I was out walking and was grabbed roughly, a hand across my mouth to stifle my cries and his voice in my ear “you know what this is slut” I started to tremble, although more through anticipation than fear at this point, I could feel his swollen cock pushed against my ass through my jeans and it made me wet. He gagged me and tied my wrists and ankles, forcing me roughly into the back of his car. On the short ride to his place he taunted me, telling me how I was his dogs bitch now, how his big throbbing red dog cock was going to have raped all my holes by the end of the day. How little faggot dog fuckers like me didn't need lube. . . this last scared me, I'd seen how big a dogs cock can get, and I hoped he was just psyching me out.

Dragged into his house, he freed me from my restraints and stripped me, he forced me to my knees, telling me I was to crawl like the bitch I was. . . as I entered the living room I saw my sub sat on the couch, fully clothed, until then I'd forgotten she was going to be there, and I hadn't considered how humiliating it would be, I blushed deeply and heard her laugh. Miles kicked my knees apart so my dripping pussy was on view, asking her how she could sub to such a wanton little whore, she played along, saying she didn't know how much of a slut I was before now, he said that he was going to show her just how much of a slut I was, and I heard him leave the room. It felt like an age I was left there, legs spread and completely vulnerable, knowing what was coming and knowing I was being watched.

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Eventually I heard him return, and the sound of paws with him. “look up bitch and see your new master” I looked up to see a huge dog, I was scared beyond belief, he'd said we were going to start small! “He-he's too big!” I stuttered he ignored me “Claire, this is Ivan, he's a great dane, rottweiler cross belonging to a friend of mine, do you think he's too big for a slut with such gaping holes to be filled?” “No, Sir” she replied smugly, I could tell she was really getting into the idea now, I'd get no sympathy from her.

Miles turned back to me “you can take it, and you will, the only choice you have is whether to let him mount you now, or have me force him inside you his once knot is swollen. . . and you can see how big it's got already” he was right, the huge beast's engorged prick was right in my eye line, and it was scarily big already, and I knew it would grow. “so are you going to be fucked willingly?” slowly I nodded, he lead the creature around behind me, and with one word, “In”, he sheathed himself inside me. I cried out and tried to buck away from the pain as my cunt was stretched so quickly, but Miles held me in place, letting Ivan make sure he was completely inside, knot and all before releasing me. This time tried to pull away I found I couldn't, he was already knotted tightly inside me and still swelling, I began to beg “please, please stop him, it's too much, he's too big” “he's going to get even bigger slut, and you're going to have to take it, even if he rips that pretty little pussy, because as you've already found out, he's knotted himself with you, and he's not going to let go until he's ready”.

The tears were pouring down my face as he began grind his cock into me, forcing himself even deeper inside, as I got used to being stretched my moans of pain turned to pleasure, I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. Miles was smiling down at me, “you like it then, you filthy little dogslut? I can tell you do, you're so wet you're dripping out around his cock” I blushed, but continued to grind back against by canine lover, getting myself closer to orgasm “don't you dare cum bitch, not until I say, or he'll get to rape your arse with no lube” he laughed to see the look on my face as I held myself off cumming and began to beg “p-please sir I'm so close, please, I'll be a good little dogslut for you, please. . . ” I could hear Claire laughing, deepening my humiliation. “filthy fucking dog whore, say it boy, tell me what you are and what you want to do.

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  ” “I'm, I'm a filthy fucking dog whore who wants to cum on the big dog cock in his cunt. . . ” I began to babble, saying anything in the hope of release. “i want to be this dog's bitch, eat his cum, have him fuck me every day, please, please let me cum. . . ” “yes” and with that I came, spasming on the huge cock that was still pistoning into me relentlessly, “again bitch” and again I came on command, over and over until I felt the hot rush of dog sperm inside me.

Slowly he pulled out and I felt his cum gush out of me, Miles placed a dog bowl in front of me and I knew what it was full of. I hesitated and he grabbed my hair, forcing me face down until I drank, when the bowl was empty I raised my face, dripping doggy cum to look up. “you're not done yet bitch” I turned my head to feel Ivan's cum covered member against my cheek.
    Seeing it up close I couldn't believe it had been inside me, it was huge and veiny, I could see it pulsing as the last drops of cum fell from the end. Miless hand slid down it's length, slippery with my juices, “you want to taste this slut?” as I opened my mouth to reply and had my head forced forward, filling my mouth and throat with dog cock until I began to choke. “good bitch, suck your dog off well, make him big and hard to fuck your arse” I stopped “had you forgotten? We hadn't, all three holes, raped and dripping dog come, that's what you said you'd give me. .

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      . we just have to decide if you've been good enough to deserve lube. . . so you better make that a damn good blow job” I strained to hear what they were saying as I feverishly sucked Ivan's cock, hearing laughter as I choked on him more than once.

    I could have cried with relief as I felt fingers enter my arsehole and lube me up, I felt Miles guide the swollen head to my tight hole and once again I was filled with the huge canine's erection. the pain was even greater this time as it began to swell, I screamed out and found a gag forced roughly into my mouth, I drooled round it as I tried to make myself heard, but I couldn't protest, just whimper. “that's better, a bitch shouldn't really be able to talk after all” I dimly registered that it was Claire speaking, and her who had fitted the gag, but my perception was filled with the burning as my arse was stretched wider and wider, yet even through the pain I felt another orgasm approaching, I whined past the gag, “does our filthy bitch want to come?” I nodded “awww isn't that sweet” she patted my head “you can cum, but if you do it makes you our bitch for the whole weekend” I didn't listen, as soon as I had permission the wave of pleasure overtook me, clenching around my doggy rapists cock and milking him dry.

    I collapsed as he pulled out, exhausted, but again another bowl of cum was placed in front of me, fuller than the last, Miles laughed as he removed my gag, “a canine cum enema for you to drink bitch” his roughly forced my face into the bowl, making it overflow onto the hardwood floor as it filled my senses with the taste and smell of cum and shit, they laughed as I drank it down, and licked the floor clean at their command. I made a move to sit up once I had finished, but was stopped “uh uh, you promised to be out bitch for the whole weekend, weren't you paying attention?” I panicked, it was Friday night, two more whole days? Miles held me down as she showed me a huge puppy tail butt plug, and then forced it into my aching dripping arse. A collar and a leash were wrapped snugly round my neck, and a ring gag forced into my mouth, finally my elbows were tied to my knees so I could only crawl, I was completely helpless. . .