Kalla: Ch. 4


Chapter 4
Three thumping knocks sounded through the door.   Dakota showed little shame.   From the front room, even through the thick hardwood door, her muffled screams of pleasure would have been heard by the sentries.   It was my job to keep Dakota under control.   The King and Queen tired of her wild behaviors with her little shame, and so instructed me to prevent as much embarrassment to her as possible.   She was a Princess though, unable to do no wrong.   No human ever called her on something she would do, she had never thought that people cared, she never felt shame or embarrassment, for no one ever made fun of her.  
I rose and returned two acknowledging knocks.   Two hard knocks followed.   They wanted me present, not Dakota.   I responded with two more acknowledgement knocks and went back to the Queen.  
“Let’s move you to your bed. ”  I rubbed my hands under her arms and lifted her torso up.   Helping her to her feet, I picked her Royal Garments up from the ground and laid them on top her bed sheets.   Dakota left to her washroom to wipe down her sweat.
I opened the door, walked out, and closed it behind me.

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    I was so embarrassed; the one amazingly cute sentry just had to be the one standing outside to hear that.   The first thing out of his mouth was a preprogrammed question in any event of hearing anything remotely odd from the young master’s quarters.
“Is the Queen alright?”
“She’s fine, thank you. ”  He then waved is arm down the hallway where one of the Prince’s guards awaited me.   No one without extreme reasons was ever permitted in close proximity to Dakota’s quarters.   Security was one reason, a situation such as the one the two sentries had just heard then was another.   I proceeded to the guard.
As we walked down the hall to the Prince, the guard began ranting to me.
“My young master as been brutally mistreated by your prison system. ”
“He was seen as a commoner and admitted to nothing, he mentioned nothing of who he was.   He was treated as one who would disrespect the Queen and her empire so close after an attempted usurp.   Only few brave enemies would do something as foolish, and no allies.   I would even call in question his loyalty to our treaty; entering our empire on false pretenses to gain access to our prison systems.   If he were any lower in your social system, we might have held him under conditions that he was a spy. ” 
I could not believe what I had just said.

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    Never had I been so bold.   I liked the Prince.   But my power must have been rising to my head; I had to protect myself, the empire, the Queen.
The guard seemed to fall back a bit in surprise as to what I had just said as well.
“So just that you know, and against my master’s wishes, the Prince was using a false shell to project his true image to onlookers, you would not recognized him were you to see him in his true physical form now, his wounds are so deep and grotesque.   He does not wish your master to know her empires own brutality. ”
“I would see it only fit then, that you keep your young master’s wish and not put your own loyalty into question by holding your tongue a bit better. ”  Living among such high class people for my entire life apparently did leave its mark on me.   It did not help that I flat out was offended from the tone in that man’s voice.   He seemed rather accusing.
The last bit of the walk was silent.
“And this must be the most beautiful Confidant to the most captivating, Queen Dakota,” were Prince Elijah’s meeting words with me as he bowed.   I bowed back a bit speechless.   “You have a very wise Queen indeed, I only wish my father and mother would have provided me with such a companion through my upbringing. ”
“I thank you most highly,” I responded, unsure of what to say.

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“To get to my explanation, I merely broke free from my sleepy guards to watch as your Princess was crowned Queen.   I had heard that she was the most beautiful Princess in the history of your empire and was not about to miss a chance to see her.   At the bowing, I simply chose not to bow for it is not in any law that one royalty should bow to another.   When your sentries came to take me, I thought that an adventure was about due for me so I said nothing. ”
He was of the most peculiar sort.   Among the most handsome men I have ever seen with the self defined freedom of a child and a strange masochistic love of the unforeseen.
“In all respects young lord,” a guard responded, “it is not that our nation’s Royal Guards are so unskilled, but is that you are possibly the most powerful of all the Mages, and with such power, it has always been a child’s game to you in your containment. ”
“My parents are so hypocritical,” the Prince began.   “They tell me to begin exploring the women of my choosing to find a potential bride, but they let not me seek outside our small borders.   At the hearing of the most beautiful of anything, I had to come and investigate.   And in seeing your young Queen, I do think that the rumors of her are most unjust, for she is not merely the most beautiful of your Royal Kin, but the most beautiful of all the planet. ”
I could not believe what I was hearing.   The Prince, a Prince, a man of such captivation; saying such things about my Queen.   I was in shock; I was speechless.   So much so fast, all of this made me feel feeble, weak; I was doing no justice to my title, my empire, my Queen.

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“Oh,” the Prince sprung as he had just remembered something.   He took his time though in enlightening us in what it was.   “I heard your conversation as you and my guard walked here, you are indeed a loyal and wise leader to your empire.   And for my guards, I am truly sorry for the show, in my jail time, I had to display such a progressively worsening shell to provide my captors with purpose.
      When I was presented to the Queen, I was simply lost in my passion for the role I played and projected a new shell over my old one.   Your empire is quite harsh on traitors, but I see that is all for good reason.   For you and your Highest’s comfort, I was not injured in the slightest, though no worries, all Mages are not so powerful as I, many would have displayed some of such punishment. ”
    His words sent chills down my spine.  
    “May I speak with you privately?” I asked immediately.   Prince Elijah waved his guards out.   They left as swift and quietly as the wind.
    “How far can you hear?”   Did he here Dakota in her bedroom? 
    “I can hear no further than any other man, it was from an untraceable enchantment I placed on all my guards when I met them that allowed me to hear through his own ears.   It’s a skill very few Mages possess, one which I mastered at an early age to escape my constant watch at the slightest whim.   You need to fear nothing, I cannot do such to your kind, only to mine, them which emit the small magic skin around them which will hold enchantments. ”
    I knew the last part, it was one of the few advantages our kind held against theirs.

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        It was my job to know every weakness of every enemy and ally alike; that kind of information is not used in any regard to discriminate against the two races.
    Most interestingly though, I had also heard the stories of this Prince and his powers.   He was indeed strong; one of the strongest in many and many generations of their whole people.   He was awaited with great interests to become the next leader of their nation, of their race.  
    Rarely do Princes marry at such a young time though, yet his King and Queen were encouraging such thoughts at his age, only nineteen.   I have only heard of the sort in teaching young men responsibility.   Maybe they figured that he would settle down with a wife and stop running about with no discipline.   But an infatuation with Dakota would prove troublesome.  
    I’ve heard only too many times of the third highest law of their race, the law that prohibited any sort of devoted interest in a different raceman.   Elite teams of mage guards were permitted on rare occasions to suppress and retrieve offenders of that law in our land.   Our empire only let such incursions take place to keep the peace; ripping a Mage from his loved one would most certainly turn violent, and to prevent casualties on either side which would only arise in international tensions, we let them deal with their own kind under strict guidelines.   The most horrible death the Mage lords could devise awaited offenders back at their capital city.   None of such atrocities have happened in my lifetime that I remember.
    I did not know if it would be wise to let such an important man become any closer to such an important girl.

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