Late Night Drive-Thru - Chapter Five


Just as she was thinking that, the window came down and there he was, and she was right back there, at that moment. She wanted to feel all that again, and more. He smiled and didn't say a word, but reached over and opened the passenger door. She stood there like a deer caught in headlights and stared. "Come on, get in," he said. Gone was the nice "drive-up voice," this one sounded menacing, almost threatening. Raine went to turn, her instincts saying "just leave," when he spoke again,"I want to taste you. "She stopped. What did he say? Did she hear him right?She looked back and he gestured with his head 'come on. 'She turned and took a step towards him. Oh my God, how many lectures she had gone through: Raine you're seventeen. If you're going to be out late working, keep your head on straight. Never talk to strangers. Don't get in cars. These thoughts came with each step she took. She got in the car and he reached across and closed the door, his arm obviously brushing roughly acros her chest.

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  As the door closed she couldn't take it, she started to panic and went to bolt. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Calm down," he said. He held her tight and it started to hurt. "You're hurting me. "He gave no answer and started to drive as he held her. "I said you're hurting me. Stop and let me out!"He pulled quickly behind a factory around the corner from the parking lot and put the car in park, still holding her in the seat. He had put his clothes back on from their last encounter at the drive thru, but she could see he hadn't zipped his fly, and the head of his cock was sticking out. Raine was a virgin. She knew she had put herself in a very dangerous situation. Her mind was spinning. He grabbed her other shoulder and brought her to him. She tried to pull away, but he was persistant. He found her mouth with his, and as soon as he did, her resistance ebbed.

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  Her head was spinning. Oh God, she wanted to run. She wanted to swallow him whole. But most of all, she just wanted to feel him next to her. He lifted her top and started squeezing her, touching her. She found his lips again and again. He took her hand and stopped kissing her. He sat there, then he was opening the door and taking her with him. There she was, topless, outside, behind a factory with a complete stranger. He reached in the backseat and took out a blanket and laid it on the hood of the car. He unbuckled his pants and let them fall. Raine was again found herself greedily staring at his cock. He led her to the hood of the car and laid her upon it. She laid back, never taking her eyes from his cock. He pulled her pants down and with them, her panties.

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   He took off his shirt, and now they were both naked. He grabbed her ankles and spread them. He started at her foot and he started to lick her. First one ankle, then the other. Then her calf, her knee, her thigh. Then he would go down and start again. Raine's pussy was dripping and little shivers seemed to be pulsing inside her. he reached her inner thigh again, and this time he kept going. Licking gently, slowly, teasing. Her pussy was on fire, she had never felt anything like this in her life. She couldn't take it. She grabbed his head and thrust her pussy into it. "Please," she breathed,"please, please, I need you so bad. "He stopped and she opened her eyes and look at him. "What's your name?" he whispered.

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  "Raine," she said. He looked at her again and said,"Raine, I'm going to make you cum. ""Oooh," she moaned and bit her lips. "I'm licking your pussy, Raine," he said sexily as he gave it another lick. "What's your name," she asked, half moaning as his tongue brought unimaginable pleasure to her body. "Jason. ""Oh Jason," she sighed in ecstasy. He buried his head, licking her, nibbling. He took her clit in his lips and sucked. "Jason," she moaned as she came, her hips bucking up and down. Wave after wave of pleasure found their way from her head to her toes. "Oh Raine, you taste like heaven. "She lay there, drawing deep breaths, coming down from that incredible orgasm. When she felt him stand up, she looked and saw what he had in mind. His cock was pulsing.

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   He stooed between her legs. She started to close them, she didn't know if she should. But he spread them back and said,"Raine, I'm going to fuck you. ""But I. . . ""No buts. " With that, he climbed onto the hood and quickly positioned himself between her legs. Oh my God, she thought, and "Oh God" was all that came out. She felt the head of his dick touch her. She looked down and saw it, just like her fantasy the night before. He left it there, just the head touching her. Oh, it was delicious and electric and ice cream and a waterfall. It was her pussy and his dick. The head was resting in her entrance, and then it started.

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   He moved it in a little. Her pussy lips spread a little, they were slick and wet and he felt so wonderful there. A little more, and now he started to rock a bit. He was fucking her. Raine was being fucked, but just with the firts inch of his cock. She wanted more. She needed it. She pushed back. "Oh Jason please," she begged. It went in a little more. It was tight and hot and it burned, but she needed it. Then they both couldn't take it anymore and they pushed. Raine let out a cry. Oh it hurt. But as he pulled out and her juices flowed, he thrust in again, and it was easier within seconds.

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   She was past the pain and found herself thrusting back again and again. It was beautiful. It was great. Oh God, it felt so good. They fucked each other, his dick coated with her juices flowing. In and out, his balls slapping against her ass. Her clit was swollen and her body once again started to feel it, the wave of pure pleasure. "Oh God oh God, it feels so good. Please don't stop," she moaned, her head twisting from side to side, her nails biting into his back. He speeded up. They clutched and clawed, fucking with an intensity neither knew they had, and then they came. Wave after wave. He emptied into her, not slowing until he was dry. He collapsed on top of her, her breasts cushioning his head. He reached down and slowly rubbing her still swollen slit as they rested.

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  As she hugged him, she gazed above to the moon. It was full. .
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