She decided it was time to take guitar lessons and she saw his card at the local music store. He sounded nice enough on the phone so when he asked her to come to his apartment for the lesson she didn’t think anything of it. She rang his doorbell and adjusted her skirt. When he answered, she was floored by what she saw. He was around 6 feet tall, tan, athletic, with dark hair and eyes. In a word, he was gorgeous. “Hi, I’m Alex,” the Italian god of a man said, “and you must be Amber. ” “Oh, um, yes…” she stammered, too stunned for words. “Come on in and we’ll get the lesson started. ” he spoke, but she barely heard him as she stared into his dark, mysterious eyes. He attempted to instruct her from the couch, but she wasn’t quite picking up on it. “I can’t press hard enough on the strings. ” she complained. “Here,” he said as he moved behind her and placed his strong hands over hers, “like this. ” “Oh, that’s better. ” she said as he strummed a few cords.

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   His chest was now pressed up against her back and she could feel his heart racing. She leaned into him slightly and said “I just don’t think I have any rhythm. ” “Sure you do,” he replied “move you body with beat. ” He was now moving his body against hers and she wasn’t sure she could handle the seduction anymore. She put the guitar down and turned to face him. He looked into her eyes and they both knew what was coming next. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. She practically melted in his arms. What had come over her? She was engaged and she was sure that he couldn’t be single, but right now, nothing mattered but pleasure. She unbuttoned his green stripped shirt slowly. She was teasing him and he loved it. She felt his hands move under her shirt slowly making their way to her soft breasts. His shirt was now unbuttoned and thrown to the floor. She marveled at his sculpted chest as she moved on to undoing his belt buckle. By now he had already taken most of her clothing off, but he was still having trouble with her bra.

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   “Let me help. ” she said as she quickly unfastened her silky bra and threw it to the floor. While she freed herself from her remaining confining undergarments he slid out of his pants revealing a large bulge in his boxers. “My goodness. ” she said as she stroked his pulsating member. He was bigger than she had imagined. She helped him out of his boxers and kneeled before him on the floor. She could barely fit him in her mouth but she was determined to please him so very slowly she took in all 9 inches of his beautiful cock. He threw his head back in ecstasy as she slowly sucked and licked him. Just as he was about to cum she stopped what she was doing and kissed her way up his chest and mounted him. He seemed pleased that she was doing most of the work so there were no objections from him about the sudden change in activities. She rode him slowly at first, leaning down every now and then to lick his neck or suck on his earlobe. As she started gaining speed he grabbed her waist and flung her to the bed. “It’s your turn” he said with a smile. He started at her neck and kissed his way down her body, teasing every inch of her with his tongue.

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   As he reached her clit he plunged two fingers into her very moist cunt. She groaned with pleasure as he worked his way through her senses. She was on the verge of orgasm when he stopped and slid his manhood back into her and began thrusting with great zeal. She dragged her nails down his back as he bit her neck tenderly. She was crying out in shear bliss as he quickened his pace, “Harder…yes…oh my god!” she moaned. Just at that moment they both exploded with a passionate scream. He collapsed onto her and kissed her gently on the forehead. He rolled to her side and as he gasped for breath he asked “Same time next week?”

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