Love and Hate


In her room on the sixth floor, Priya kicked off her shoes, took off every piece of cloth on her body, and sat with her feet in a tub of cold water. She undid her soft, black hair to fall over her shoulders. The smooth hair falling on her breasts as she let it loose. She spread her legs and lay there rubbing herself gently. She was expecting Om any moment now. The knock on the door was familiar. She wondered if she should dress up before she opened the door. She knew who it was. Unashamedly, she then hurried to open the door for the man she has given her virginity, from whom she now hoped to collect payment in marriage. Through the peephole she saw Om with his usual smile. Everyday the smile seemed naughty and stirred her up. Today it seemed wicked. It still stirred her. “Om”, she said letting him in and closing the door behind him. He turned around in a flash, looked at her in amazement. She looked incredibly voluptuous for a twenty-two year old.

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   He had many women in the past, but none like Priya. Every inch of her was a sensation. She was the perfect work of the creator. She had a dream figure, breasts neither too big nor too small, waist that didn’t seem to exist at all, skin and hair so smooth that he found them as slippery as silk; and finally the lips of her vulva, as sensuous as the lips that the sun could see. He found her unusually flexible and cooperative. She was an ocean, an ocean of sex. However much he explored her, she was unending in her resources. Making her conscious of his swelling manhood, he drew her closer and slowly cupped her breast. “You have just come in Om. How would you like a drink?” She was teasing him. Om answered by closing her lips with his. She could sense the passion in him. She wanted him too, and wondered if he made love to his fiancée with the same passion. Om was kissing every inch of Priya, exploring her crests and troughs with his tongue. She started to unbutton his shirt and trousers.

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   He thought she was too slow, purposely of course, and did the rest of unbuttoning himself. She felt his manhood hot on her thighs as they were making up the time lost while he was undressing. They were now on the bed and rolling over each other, her supple body melting in his embrace. Om was all over priya. He squeezed one of her breasts and sucked the other. They began to grow hot and hot. He went down and touched her clean shaved pussy. She let out a gasp, “Om. ” He moved down a little, actually slipping down on her smooth skin. Carrying her on to the bed, Om started fingering her pussy knowing that she was a different woman once she was turned on; she slipped him back over her and stroked his cock while he fingered her. She told him his cock felt beautiful. He felt proud. He naughtily remarked it was a beautiful cock for a handsome pussy. She burst out laughing. She stopped laughing when she sensed his lips on her pussy.

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   Closing her eyes, she let out a deep moan. He put his tongue in, holding her pussy wide making her stretch her legs apart to accommodate more of him. Soon, she was feeling the rise, and finally exploded with loud moans. Once again, Om all over her, devouring her whole body, now wanted her to do it for him. He wanted her too badly now. He took his cock and guided it into her pussy. He pushed, first slowly then harder. The rhythm started to catch. The tension began to rise again. He felt they were perfectly synchronous. She started moving her legs in angles he couldn't comprehend. One moment he felt it tight and warm, the very next moment, loose and juicy. He wondered how she managed that. He was too hot care. With one last thrust, he came deep inside her.

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   She took him wholly and completely coming at the same time. Om was so passionate that it made her think again. She couldn’t tell the difference if he was making love or having sex. “I had to tell you something very important Om. ” Priya knew this was the time she could make him answer her questions. Once he is hard again, he wouldn't let her talk. “Are you going to tell me there is someone else in your life?” Om was careful in his relationship with her. He never let their talk get serious. He always had a joke or two to drift her from serious conversations. “Certainly Om, I am having a baby. ” She knew she had to say it now. “Are you saying it is my baby?” He knew what was coming. He cursed himself for not being safe. Priya, his greatest sexual asset, is now going to be a liability. “Yes Om, you have been the only man in my life.

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  ” She could see he was not happy. “That’s wonderful Priya. ” He hugged her warmly. Then moving his attention to her belly, he caressed her stomach with his hand, trying to figure out his next resort. “I hear you are going to get married Om”, Priya said curtly. She could feel the wetness again in her pussy when she remembered that this is his last chance. “Ah, that’s not a marriage. It is more like the merging of two businesses. I love you priya, and I will always love you irrespective of whether I am married or not. ”“Ah, does that mean you want me to bear your child out of wedlock, satisfy your desires whenever you wish and in turn you will pay me with your money?” “Priya, you know it is not like that”“I know and I understand. That is why I want you Om, forever” She didn’t want him to have the last laugh. She covered his lips with mine before what she just said could sink in his mind. The wetness in her pussy began to grow as his hands played on her. Om sensed it at once. He moved his lips on to her pussy again.

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   She pulled him over me and kissed him on his lips. “You already did that to me Om. It’s my turn now. ” She knew he was overwhelmed at the thought of having his cock in my mouth. She took him in my mouth and slowly licked the head of his cock. He felt ecstatic. Stroking her hair, he pushed her harder. Priya turned around and rode on him. She sat on his cock and slowly pushed down, his cock entering her pussy like a knife cutting through viscous jam. Then, she started moving faster. Her breasts began to bounce and he caught them with his both hands. Her enormous titties, looking swollen from what she had in her belly, rolling in great perfect circles while the deep wet inside of her slipped up and down his shaft so smoothly, so hotly. All the while, She thought of how it had felt in his fiancée’s mouth, how exciting that had been for him. She knew it was rising in him. He closed his eyes in pleasure.

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  Reaching for her secret draw underneath the cot, she took the black revolver out. Om opened his eyes when some thing cold touched his balls. He was terrified when he realized what it was. “You son of a bitch, you thought you could get away? You wanted me to be your whore. I ought to blow it off you, balls and all, right now! ”“Priya, please, for God’s sake –”The fear of death was creeping onto him. “You don’t care anything about me, and you don’t care anything about my baby. You don’t care if this baby is born a bastard, do you?”His member was flaccid now but she still held on to it, still kept the cold gun barrel pressed none too tightly against the bottom of his scrotum. He had been warm and slick with sweat from their lovemaking moments earlier, but now he felt chilled and began to shiver. He was sure she was going to shoot him. She got up slowly, “This baby isn't yours anymore you son of a bitch. I’m not yours anymore. You just go on and marry any fucking cunt. But don’t you ever come around my baby and me again. If you do, I’ll swear to God, I’ll shoot you. And now, Get Out!” She wouldn't let him rest in peace, ever.

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   She didn’t know how she could do it, but she was certain she would live only for it. She wanted him to run for his life, naked. He ran out, naked, and she began to laugh. He thought it was all over when it has only begun. She laughed all over again. Then, she couldn't bear it anymore. Dropping the gun she sat down on the floor, naked, and sobbed. The door was still open. She didn’t know that the opened door could change her life altogether. Part 2(The Plot): Heart broken, Priya couldn't sleep all night. In the wee hours finally, still unable to sleep, she took a pill and went to sleep, naked. The door was still open. When Priya woke up next morning, she was horror struck. She was not naked. She was wearing Om’s clothes – including the undergarments.

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   She searched the entire apartment; there was no trace of the revolver. She looked at the door, which was now closed. .
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