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Topic: Lyn and JonSteve and I loved to go out to clubs so we drove to Atlanta and found a club that we had enjoyed before. YOU could do almost anything if the others agreed and did not object. I was wearing my low cut lace body suit that was a thong on the bottom and snapped at the crotch. I wore a wrap around skirt and low sandals. Anyway, we went in and I saw the most beautiful Asian couple. The girl had long waist length black hair and the guy was really cute. The thing I noticed was that the girl was realy flat, no chest at all and the guy had a huge bulge in his pants. Bigger than any I had ever seen. I pointed this out to Steve and he asked what I wanted to do about it. I kissed him and said, "I think you know. "
He smiled and said, "Okay. " We had some drinks and I opened my vest so that it was obvious I had a lot of chest, something that was easy to see anyway but with the sheer vest open it was show off time. I watched the Asian couple and soon she left for the ladies room, I followed her. She had been looking at me a lot and so was her date. He had whispered in her ear a few times while looking at Steve and I and so I knew there was interest. I went in and adjusted my body suit top to expose the top of my nipples.

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   The left the vest open. She came out of the stall and I was right there. "Hi" I said smiling and making sure she was close to me. "Hello. " she said. "I am Teresa" I told her. "Lyn" she said and she reached out her hand. Instead I hungged her tight. She could not keep her eyes off my chest as I made sure to move so that it swayed. "Do you like staring at my chest?" I asked. "I wasn't, I mean, I was not. " "Yes you were. " I said. "Wanna se more?" I said and pulled down the body suit and let my tits out. "See? Do you like them.

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  " "They are huge. " she said nervous "Here, touch them. " I said taking her hands and moving them to my chest. As they made contact I shivered and she saw my eyes close. "Do this. " I said and I carressed my tits barely touching the nipples teasing them making them hard. She did as I had done and was licking her lips. "Now carress them. " I told her and as she did I reached up and undid her blouse and pulled it open. She had on no bra since her tits were barely more then nipples. I pinched them and they did get hard and were so dark against her flawless olive skin. I kissed her and she froze but I kept on till my tongue was in her mouth and she responded.
"I want to make love to you and your date. " I said. "He wants to have you too" she said shyly, "and so do I.

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  " "Good, my husband loves asian women. " I took off the body suit and pulled on the vest and only buttoned two buttons. Now I had no panties on and so was ready for play. "My date has a huge thing. " she said. "I know" I told her, "I wanna suck it. " "Oh, it is too big. " she said. "No dear, nothing is to big for me. " "I cannot take it all between my legs. " she said. "My husband will take care of that for you dear. Let's go. " I took her around the waist and we walked out together. The guys were talking and smiled as we walked up.

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I gave Lyn to Steve and walked to Jon and kissed him deep. I felt a really huge bulge grow even more as I did so. Soon I massaged a still growing cock and it came over the top of his belt and still grew. "My god, how big is it?" I asked him. "Well, 14 inches. " Sure enough it was now way over the top of his pants waist and if it had not been inside his shirt would have been visible to everyone. "I have to suck that. " I told Steve and moved to sit in the booth and so did Steve with Lyn. "No one can suck that" Lyn said. "Teresa can. " steve told her and he began caressing her legs above her skirt making her move her legs apart. "Feel this Lyn. " he said moving her hand to his thick 9 inch bulge and she almost cried out. "I cannot take that in me, it is too thick. " she said.

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   "Oh, yu will take it all tonight," I told her and she began massaging Steve through his pants. Jon was now fully exposed sine I had pulled open his pants. He not only had a long slinder cock but huge bals too and I was massaing them. "Lean back Dear" I told him and he did and I moed my head to the head of his cock and began slowly moving my mouth down the shaft, each time I went further and further down the shaft. Jon was moaning and caressing my hair and gentley touching my neck I moved so that I got a better angle and then it slipped down my throat, all of it and I felt it all the way down past any placce any cock had ever been. I began going up and down all the way each time licking the head and massaging the huge balls.
Jon was moving his hips now and telling me he was close. I kissed him and told him, "Then fill my tummy. " He did as I told him and his huge balls filled me throat. Lyn was being kissed by Steve and he had fingers in her pussy and she had an orgasm. "I think we need a room. " Steve said and we all agreed. We left and found a hotel across the street. Steve and Lyn got the room and we went in. I stripped off my clothes and Jon and bent over and offerered him my ass.

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   "Fuck my ass first. " I demanded. He looked at me and di as I begged making me go nuts till Ihad two orgasms. Steve and Lyn were naked on the bed and she kept saying that his cock will not fit. "Get on the edge" I said and he did. Then we sat Lyn down on the head of his cock and it streached it out and she cried out in pain. "Now we loosen it up" I said and got down and began eating her pussy. We began moving her slowly down Steve's shaft and a few times complained but soon it was all in her and Steve picked her up and laid her on her back and began really fucking her good. "Now more for me" I said and laid down and spread my legs, "Fuck my cunt" I said and he sank into me again and was ramming me hard.
The night had just began.

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