Maryse - Part 2


“Anna sweetheart!” I called out. “Breakfast is ready!”No response. Perhaps the water was still running and she couldn’t hear me. I made my way over to the stairs and called up again. After waiting for an answer, I tilted my head and listened. There was a distinct, continuous, low-pitched sound, like an energetic lawn mower, emanating from behind the bedroom door. Curious, I climbed the stairs and stopped outside our bedroom. I pushed the door open gently, and saw my beautiful young bridge lying on the bed, squirming every which way, clearly oblivious to her surroundings, with her nightgown bunched up around her waist and a lipstick-shaped sleek silver vibrator pressed against her clit. My cock immediately jumped to attention and my mouth started watering. I inched towards the bed, my wife unaware of my presence, and sat down beside her. The shifting of the bed caught Anna by surprise, and she looked up with a start. When she saw the excited expression on my face, she grinned, and pulled me on top of her. “Sorry baby, I just feel so alive with the sea so close!” was her excuse, though I needed no explanation. “Anna-angel, you are by far the most beautiful woman in the world, and I want to watch you cum until your head spins. ” I may have been an expert in Sicilian love poetry, but I certainly wasn’t very eloquent when it came to my own romantic life!I put my hand on hers, and helped guide the vibrator up and down, a sawing motion in her slit, rubbing over her hot clit. Anna let out a shaky breath, and drew my hand and the vibrator away.

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   “Enough of that,” she stated, licking her lips seductively. Anna lifted up her arms and I pulled her nightgown off, up and over her head, one sleeve catching on her middle finger. Anna giggled and flung the nightgown across the room, where it landed in an undignified heap. I looked down and examined my treasure: beautiful curls, a wild mane of black bouncing down to her shoulders, her eyes like chocolate fondue, her smooth, white skin, unblemished porcelain decorating her lean, immaculate curves. I bent over and kissed her belly. She was in no mood for dawdling. She grabbed my hair and ran her fingers through it, subtly nudging my face lower. Her hair down below matched the color of that on her head, but she kept it trimmed, a neat, sweet triangle beckoning my tongue. I licked her tentatively at first, but she was already blazing hot from the vibrator. I knelt on the floor next to the bed to get a better angle, pulling her towards me, her head sliding off the pillow. I put my hands on her waist, and inched them around her body to the small of her back, then her ass. I started licking her with long, hard, flat licks as my hands massaged her perfectly round, firm buttocks. Anna began to move her pelvis back and forth, in time to my licking, and her breathing quickened. I let one hand roam up to her left breast, fondling her nipple, squeezing hard once as I slid my tongue inside her. She let out an appreciative squeal, and motioned for me to come back up onto the bed. 

  I stood, and slid my pajama bottoms off, then unbuttoned my top, letting it fall off my shoulders to the floor. Naked before my Anna, my cock was parallel to the floor and rising steadily in anticipation. Anna looked up at me, then turned over onto her hands and knees. She pushed her ass into the air and swayed sexily from side to side, looking at me seductively over her shoulder. My eyes fixed on her glorious ass, I moved toward her. I started biting her supple ass flesh, while my hands moved over her body, giving attention to every part of her. I put my cock in the crack of her ass and moved slowly across it, feeling myself growing ever harder. Julie moaned softly and whispered “I want you inside me…”Examining her exquisite flower, I parted her lips with my thumb and forefinger and guided the head of my cock to her entrance. I felt her wetness with my thumb first, and slid it in slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time, while my cock waited impatiently for its turn. I felt like I could push my thumb right through the walls of her ass with my bowling-ball grip, finger-nails digging in fiercely. I removed my thumb slowly, and replaced it with my throbbing cock, triple the thickness of my thumb, and more than double its length. Anna gasped as I pushed it in slowly, reaching around to tug at my balls a bit. She bit her lower lip, closed her eyes, and grunted “Fuck me baby! I want to you to fuck me… Don’t ever stop fucking me… Oh god that’s good, mmmmm…” I was pushing into her with long, smooth, firm strokes, my entire length penetrating her depths, her warmth and tightness clinging to my cock, accepting it as it entered and pulling back at it as it exited. Anna’s knees began to give out, and her legs collapsed flat onto the bed, my manhood still inhabiting her sweet pussy. She let her arms out to the sides and turned her head sideways, her cheek pressed to the sheets.

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   I continued thrusting into her, faster and harder, with my thighs pressed against her ass and my hands grasping her breasts. Our bodies were intertwined like one, all limbs and skin, her lightness and delicateness contrasting with my darker, tanned roughness. Suddenly, Anna spread her legs wide and got back up on her knees, pushing me backward. She swung one leg high up over my head. I felt a unique swiveling motion around my dick, like a smooth, wet and warm twist-off cap, only I remained intact. Anna pushed me onto my back and mounted me, never letting me slip out of her. “This is how I want you baby,” she informed me, as she impaled herself vertically on my shaft. She was up on her toes now, squatting above me, engaged in a sumo wrestler’s stance, though casting a far less imposing silhouette. She threw her head back, her hair flying leftward and rightward, riding my cock for all it was worth. I watched her, fascinated by her passion, as my pleasure mounted. I felt her legs start to spasm, and I knew she was cumming. “Oh God, oh Jason, oh fuck!!!” Anna screamed, evidently listing things most important to her in order, her beautiful innocent face lit up with her orgasm. She grinded her pussy into my crotch, juices flowing freely down her thighs, mixing and mingling with our sweat. I felt her cunt grip my cock tightly, like a hand squeezing a bike brake, as my cum started shooting deep inside her. I clenched my fists, my muscles all tensed, and my head jerked back as I came, again and again, into my angel.

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   Anna’s toes curled as she milked her orgasm, tremors overwhelming her body. Spent, she collapsed on top of me, her arms around me, my cock still inside her, our fluids still streaming, and I closed my eyes. “Merci,” Anna whispered in my ear. “C’etait magnifique!”My throat grew dry. I cautiously opened my eyes. I was not in Italy. I could see the rattling overhead fan, whip-whip-whipping away, doing its best to cool us in our stuffy hotel room. The blue light of the TV continued flickering, casting strange shadows above the bed. I lay on my back with a sweet, sexy woman curled up on top of me, my manhood thrust up her sweet pussy, the smell of sex lingering in the air. Maryse. If you'd like to hear more, message me or comment. All feedback and requests are welcomed. .

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