God, was she pretty.   Long, brown hair, and the prettiest smile.   Miranda was all mine.
It was our first date, and I was waiting in Miranda's parent's living room.   Her dad kept on giving me hard stares, and her mom kept on sighing.   The silence was painfully long.   Finally, Miranda came down the stairs, wearing a very short mini-skirt.
"Hey, Miranda, ready to leave?"
"Yep. " She replied, pushing her hair behind her ear.   I loved it when she did that.
"Ok, cool. " 
We drove off in my Chrysler, heading towards a very fancy restaurant.   I was driving, not paying any attention to Miranda whatsoever.   Suddenly, she said, "Dylan, pull over. "  I thought she needed to pee or something, so I did.   She got out of the car, and motioned for me to follow.

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    Now I was confused.  
Miranda ran inside an old vacant church, and I followed.
"Miranda, where are we going?"
"You'll see. " Was the reply.
She stopped and suddenly turned into a pew.   Yet again, I followed.   She patted the seat nest to her, and I sat down.  
The next thing that happened was all a blur.  
She unstrapped her tank top, and let it fall, revealing a lovely pair of C cup breasts.   She also undid her mini-skirt, revealing a pair of cotton panties.   Then, she started kissing me, a gentle, soft kiss.   We've kissed a lot of times before, but what was coming, was a time of a lifetime.  
Miranda reached down inside my shorts and grabbed my cock, stroking it.   So I reached down and pulled her cotton panties off.  
She giggled, and pulled my shorts down.

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    She retrieved my cock and slid it easily in her mouth.   Miranda then, with extreme intencity, started sucking it.   I felt myself being ready to cum.  
"Miranda," I said, "I'm going to cum. "
She took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me with big eyes.   "Let it on out, baby!"  So, I did, and she swallowed it.  
Then, she stood up and started frenching me, and I slid my cock inside her.   She moaned and laughed, at the same time, and so I pulled it out slightly, and shoved it back in.  
"Fuck me hard, babe. " She shrieked.
I did, and she wimpered.   Though, she loved it.   
I felt myself about to cum again, so I did, and she giggled.
It was our first time having sex.

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