Motel Fun


   The car started making noises halfway home from their holiday in Florida. A whole group of friends had gone but only Michael and Lily had chosen to drive so the group could have a car on their holiday.
“Damn” Michael cursed “Sounds like something’s up with the engine. We’ll have to pull over somewhere and check it out”
“There’s a motel just ahead” Lily pointed out brushing a stray lock of hair from in front of her eyes.
As soon as he pulled in Michael went to check the engine.
“Looks like we need a mechanic but they’ll all be closed now”
“We’ll just have t stay here for the night then” Lily said. “I’ll go see about booking two rooms”
   She walked over to the reception her tight mini skirt ridding up her legs. Coming back 5 minutes later she said,
“There was only one room available so I booked it and figured we’d sort something out”
“Its ok, I’ll sleep on the floor” Michael said, removing their suitcases and locking his car and following her to their room.
“We got a couple of hours to kill before bed” Lily Said once they were inside, “Want to watch some crappy TV movies?”
“Why not” Michael replied, getting a bottle of vodka and cans of beer out of his suitcase.
    As they sat next to each other on the double bed drinking and watching some crappy will they/won’t they film they gradually moved closer to each other on the bed. At the end of the film when the two characters finally realised they were meant to be together and kissed Michael reached over and brushed the lock of hair out of Lily’s eyes before leaning in and gently kissing her on the mouth.
   As his tongue moved over her lips, she opened her mouth a fraction, seeing this as a positive signal he moved his tongue forward into her mouth. Lily moved her hands up to around his neck and opened her mouth wider to deepen the kiss.
   Michael moved his hand down her back, when he reached the bottom of her t-shirt he slid his hand underneath before moving his hand back up to undo the clasp of her bra, Lily smiled against his mouth, moving her hands to take off his t-shirt. They moved apart and both removed their own tops, Lily sliding the straps of her bra down her arms, removing it completely.
   Michael looked appreciatively at her 32D breasts before moving back to kissing her mouth.

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   His hands moved over her breasts before his fingers traced round her nipples making them into hard points. He slowly kissed his way from her mouth down over her neck to her breasts taking one nipple in his mouth, flicking lightly with his tongue and biting with his teeth cause Lily to moan loudly.
    Lily moved and pushed Michael onto his back. She kissed all over his chest as her hands unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them and his boxers down around his ankles. From the TV came the sound of moaning as a porn film had started to play. Lily kissed down and took Michaels hard cock in her mouth flicking the head with her tongue. She took his cock as far into her throat as was possible. Michael moaned and thrust his cock into her mouth faster until he came. Lily swallowed all his cum. With out a word Michael pushed Lily back over and removed her mini skirt. He licked over her pussy through her thong before removing it and running his tongue over he clit causing her to gasp and move herself down towards his face. Smiling Michael spread her legs wider and stuck his tongue into her pussy. He moved his tongue in a circle inside her before moving his tongue over her clit until she came hard moaning so loudly that he was sure people in neighbouring rooms must hear her.
“Wow” Lily breathed heavily, “That was amazing!”
“Yeh” Michael agreed, kissing up her body to her mouth. “You want to do more?”
   Lily opened her eyes wide; no guy had ever been this forward with her before.

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   She wanted sex really badly. It had been 3 months since she had had sex.
“Yeh, I want you” Lily said, pushing her hips up as his hand moved over her mound slipping a finger inside her.
Michael moved so he was lying on top of Lily, he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed only an inch in. Lily moaned “More”.
“Beg for it” Michael said.
“Fuck me hard and long” Lily begged
   Michael shoved his whole cock into her pussy pinning her hands down and fucking her hard. She moaned and pushed against him. She pushed his hands off her and rolled over so she was on top. Michael moved his hands to her breasts as she moved on top of him. She leaned down and kissed his mouth hard moving her tongue in his mouth. Michael pushed her back over removing his cock from her pussy, sliding down over her slit until his cock was at the entrance to her arse. Michael pushed slightly and Lily moaned in pain.
“Don’t worry” Lily assured Michael, “Carry on”
   Michael pushed in slowly and gently, listening if Lily was in too much pain. Pretty soon he was all the way inside and began thrusting slowly back and forth.

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   He moved his hand to her clit and moved his fingers in circles making her moan as he started to thrust harder and faster into her arse as his orgasm grew closer. Just before he came he withdrew from her arse and came over her breasts and stomach. Moving his head down he once again flicked her clit with his tongue making her climax, her hands digging into his back. They then held each other on the bed, kissing until they feel asleep.

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