Mrs. James....Part 2...So good!!


Continuing my great story of having sex with my older neighbor,Mrs. James,turns into day and night love fest. After my first days encounter with this hot,do anything I want to her ,66yr old,hottie,I was thinking of what would be fun the next day. Upon finishing work that day around noon,I called her up to see if she was ready for some more great sex,and told her I really wanted her to suck my big cock that she said she loved so much. She told me to hurry up,because she had already masturbated 2 times that morning,thinking of doing just that,and how bad she wanted me to fuck her perfect,little,butt!. Arriving in about 15 minutes,I had already started stroking my nice 7. 5" cock,thru my shorts,and was pretty hard. As I entered her enclosed garage,the door shut,and as I stepped out of my truck,out she came into the garage. My goodness!! She was wearing only a see-thru bustierre,clearly showing me her great tits,and a short mini-skirt,(no thong today!!),which showed off that wonderful ass, that I love. We kissed each other hard,and telling each other how bad we missed each other,I began to squeeze that ass into my hard cock. She grabbed my cock,rubbed it a moment,and said:"You just don't know how bad I want your big cock in my mouth,my ass,and my little pussy!!"As I pulled my clothes off right there,my cock now sticking straight out,she asked:"Do you have anymore of your sex drug??. . . I really liked it,and it gets me so fucking turned on. . .

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  "I grabbed my pipe,loaded it up with a big hit,and she eagerly took a hit. Then,I did one for myself(big hit of course!),and in about a minute,the love energy was flowing. She kissed me again,and led me into the house,as I held on to those great,little butt cheeks with my hands. Once inside her living room,she dropped to her knees,looked up at me,and asked:"What would you like first baby?" I answered:'Let me stick it in between those titties,and you start sucking me off. " Off came the bustierre,and those firm titties were squeezed together for my hard cock. As I pumped it up and down,she began sucking the head of my cock each time. It was great!. Doing it so well,I told her after a few minutes,I wanted her to do something else for me. She said:"Whatever you want. . . I'll do it!!" I said:"Now I want you to lick my tight butthole,and stroke me too. " She said:"Yes. . .

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  please. . let me eat your ass out baby!!" My cock was throbbing!! I turned over on all fours,and she began to give me the best rimjob and stroke,that I've ever had!! Her soft tongue was fucking my butthole,and her hand felt so good sliding up and down my cock! What a woman! After about 10 minutes of this unbelievable pleasure,I was about to come. I then stood up,and said:"I'm going to come baby. . . . where do you want it. . . as my cock was throbbing hard" She squeezed it softley,and said:"You know I always want it in my tight,little,butthole first baby. . . . do you want to stick that big cock in my ass baby??"Catching my breath,I said:"You know I love your perfect ass.

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  . . I love the feel of my cock in your butt. . . as she bent over the end of the couch,she spread those great,tight cheeks,showing me that love hole,and said:"Fuck my butt baby. . . . come on. . stick it in my little hole. . . I know you want to come in my ass baby.

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  . . come on. . . " I grabbed her round hips,and slammed my raging hard on into that ass. It was perfect as always! We both were screaming in pleasure,and she even took another hit of the love drug,which made her get more wild!  "Fuck it baby. . . . Fuck my ass!!. . It feels so good. . .

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  . . God I love you in my ass!!  In a few minutes,I was fucking that ass,as hard as I could,and it was great. I was just about to come,when I said:"Now suck me off baby. . . I want to blow in your mouth!!" I pulled my hard cock out of that ass,and she couldn't wait to put it in her mouth. Her soft lips,and viselike grip of her mouth,on my cock made me grab her head,and I began fucking her mouth. It only took about 30 seconds,then BAM!!! She deep-throated my cock,and I came so hard. . . . it was wonderful!. She didn't stop until she saw no more come. Raising her head up,she said:"Man!! I love your cock!! It feels and taste so good,you know I want more of it baby!!" I kissed her and said:'Let me catch my breath,we can take a few more hits of the love drug,and I promise you,I'm GOING to eat your pussy,and that perfect asshole ,then fuck you like you've never been fucked in your life,and I won't stop making you come,until you can't take no more.

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  . . is that a deal?" Kissing me again,she said:"You know I'm falling for you baby. . . . your the perfect man. . . and I'll always do what you want. " Then she surprised me by saying:"Just so you know,my older sister(Jean),who you met last year is coming to see me next week,and you know she's been divorced for over 15 years now,and I told her everything we've been doing. . . . and she wants to join in with us,is that okay??" My mouth began to water! Jean was still pretty hot  at 71,had HUGE tits,and a big,round ass,that I would love to fuck too.

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   I answered :"Of course!. . . More pussy. . . more ass. . are you okay with it?"She said:"I want it for you. . . and by the way. . . .

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  she loves sucking cock too,loves to be titty fucked,and she's NEVER had anal sex,but I told her she'll fall in love with it,once you get a hold of her!!" We kissed long and hard,took another hit,and off to her bedroom we went for more pleasure. . . Does life get much better than this??? More next week on the fun times with older sis!!!!!!!!!!! .