My Bisexual Life Chapter 2


Chapter 2- Continuing saga of my true bisexual life at a very young age!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Gary. In chapter 1 I left off with Sarah, my cousin and her boyfriend Jim.
When I woke up, both Sarah and Jim were licking and kissing my nude body. It was a very nice way to wake up!!!!!!!!! Jim was sucking my cock and Sarah was kissing my face and lips. Her breathe still smelled like cum, which to this day I like very much.
Sarah then kissed down my belly to join Jim who was sucking my hard cock.  They both kissed one another with my cock between them, a very erotic sight, their spit dripping down my shaft.
Jim had his body turned on the bed, his cock facing me, so hard and sexy looking.  I opened my mouth and sucked on the head, tasting his precum.   Damn it was so fucking sweet!!! I turned more toward his body and tried to swallow the whole thing but he was much too long and I had very little expierence at sucking cock.
I ran my hand over his strong belly and chest, down his back to his ass and onto his hard thighs.  I just couldn't get enough of touching him as I sucked his cock. I would take his cock and rub it all over my face and then lick his belly, suck his nipples then go back and suck his cock.
Sarah was laying there, watching us suck each other, as she masterbated. I could hear her cumming, hear her telling us how fucking nasty we were, sucking each others cocks.
Sarah then pulled us apart, had Jim lay flat on his back as she straddled his face, grinding her wet cunt, all over his mouth.

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   She pulled me up to suck her beautiful tits, screaming at me to suck them hard, bite her nipples and spit all over them. Then she guided my head over Jim's cock and held it there while he face fucked me.  
I sucked him as deep as I could and Sarah kept forcing my head down to get him further in my mouth.  The more I gagged the harder she pushed, till my spit was flowing out of my mouth, all over his balls and puddling on the bed sheets.
Sarah then pushed me away and sat on his cock, facing me, his cock deep in her cunt.   She pulled my head to her cock filled cunt and had me lick her cunt and his cock as he fucked her. This was so fucking awesome, his shaft tasted of her wet cunt and his cum, too!!
I could feel his hard cock shaft get harder with every thrust. Then it started to pulse and I knew he was cumming deep inside her. Sarah was cumming at the same time, her body so fucking tense.  She was screaming as she came, her cunt clasping at Jim's cock.  She finally laid back on his chest, his cock still in her and his hands running up and down her sweaty belly, to her tits and back down her beautiful body.
I reached for his cock and pulled it out of her. As I did this his cum flowed out, covering his ball with all that delicious cum. I sucked his cock in my mouth and cleaned their combined juices off it, then sucked as much as I could out of her cunt. My god did it taste good!!!! I savored every drop I could draw out of her!!!! 
Sarah moved off his body as I continued to suck his cum off his balls and legs.

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   Sarah joined me, on her hands and knees, both of us fighting for the remainder of his cum. Then her and I kissed, swapping it back and forth, then sallowing what we had in our mouths.
I jumped up on the bed and shoved my cock into Sarah, doggy style, fucking her as hard and as fast as I could.  As I did this, Jim crawled under her and licked my cock and her cunt. As I felt this, I came. I came hard!!!!!!!!! Sarah came again too and as she was cumming, she pushed my cock out.  My cock ended in Jim's mouth as I continued to cum. I left it there and felt his mouth sucking all my cream out. I collapsed on the bed and watched as Sarah kissed Jim, again swapping cum, my cum, with him.  WOWWW!!
After that, I would fuck Sarah anytime I wanted and even Jim and I would get together and suck each other at his house. He even told his younger brother Tom, who was 14 at the time, how well I sucked cock. I would suck Jim while Tom watched, then suck Tom while Jim watched. I loved it, even sucking them together, both their hard cocks in my mouth at the same time.
One time as I was sucking Jim, Tom was kneeling next to us, jacking off, when i asked him to tell me when he was cumming, so I could move back and watch him shoot his load on Jim's cock and balls.   That was so fucking hot!!! Tom cumming all over his brothers hard cock, balls and belly.

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   Then I would lick and suck it up, making Jim cum too, in my mouth. Their cum combined, had the best fucking flavor. Then I would lick their bodies clean, not missing an inch.
Tom liked me to lick his ass too. I loved grabbing his strong ass cheeks, spreading them so I could jam my tongue into his ass hole.  Then I would finger his ass as I laid under him, sucking his cock till he filled my mouth with his hot cum. His hot cock stayed hard and I just kept sucking it till I couldn't suck any more.
I took Tom to Sarah's one day and he got his first fuck with a girl. He fucked the hell out of her. I got to suck his cum out of her each time he planted a load in her.  I even sucked his ass as he fucked her.  I ate her cunt as Tom fucked her ass, sucked his balls as he fucked her ass, too. Cleaned his cock and her ass after he shot his load in it. There is nothing I wouldn't do, to give everyone I came in contact, with a good fucking time.  
I still remember as if it yesterday, Sarah's, Jim's and Tom's beautiful bodies.

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   The hours and days and months and even years that I could hold them, suck and fuck them. Sometimes today, I look at young boys at the local pools and see Jim and Tom, their strong, smooth, tanned, muscular bodies and remember the times we had.
To be continued,