My Chinese Babe


This is honestly my 1st story online within here. Thus, I do hope it works out to sound good, or at least semi-good. Please tell me your opinions to my writing.
Here is a true story from about 2 years ago, when I had a Chinese lady, from Peking. She was 27 years old & I was then 35 years of age. She stood only on her toes however upto 5 feet even. I'm 8 inches taller than her.
I had met her upon the InterNet in one of the chat areas. We became true friends first. After a while, when it was starting to come into mid-Fall of 2005. Her name was Soo-ling. She was here in Canada perking-up on her English to learn it better so that she could obtain a better job when back home in Peking. After about almost 1 year of chatting with her online off and on I asked her if she would like to come over to visit me where I lived, face-to-face. It took her several days to think about a yes or a no about visiting, as there are other places here in Canada, not to mention America that are literal both Historical Landmarks & actually 3 of the 7 Major biggest & Best places to see that have been in existance for literally thousands of years. I live about 10 Blocks away from Niagara Falls itself and when the winds are right in blowing, I can actually hear it flowing. One of God's most spectacular creations within this entire world is Niagara Falls, Canada.

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She was over in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada & she told me that she would come here flying into Toronto and then take a bus down to the Falls, as its a 2 hour drive around Lake Ontario to here, from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Here is just PART of 1 thing that happened on her last day before she had to fly back to Vancouver, BC. We were in that last evening together going to head out to have dinner at a resteraunt in whatever part of the city, yet that was still undecieded. Yet we both had realized that both of us needed a shower and it was yet to be done. I was drastically in love with her and she knew it full well. I told her I was heading toward the shower I needed, as I was rather "sweaty" from our earlier fun in the apartment mixed with our literal walk to see the Falls itself.
I had thought I was going to get the shower quick and fast, then we could go out and obtain dinner. But I obtained a rather big surprise from her. I was in the bathroom already just about to get into the shower. She snuck into the bathroom and jumped me from behind.
I at that time didn't have any carpets in my bathroom. When she jumped me, she hit me hard and I literally fell to the ground spiralling down to the ground in a 180-degree.

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