My friend watches our home movie


I’ve been with my girlfriend for over six years now and we’ve been “living in sin” for the last two of those.   Phillipa is a 35 year-old diminutive beauty with small pert breasts that she likes me to come over as often as I please. Quite often if we don’t have the time or energy for making love, or if we're just overly horny and want a quick release, I’ll take my cock out of my pants as she shows off her breasts to me and lets me jack myself off over them. Sometimes she lays flat on the bed or the lounge - sometimes she’ll sit in a chair, which gives her small breasts more shape and allows my cock better access to them. She takes off her top (she rarely wears a bra) and lets me rub my cock over her tits as I jack off over her gorgeous body, running my hands over her breasts and through her hair. Although this happens mostly at home in the bedroom or lounge room, we've also done it in the car, the back yard and even once in the shadows on the footpath while we were walking the dog around the block one night – fuck that was horny. It was her idea. We had just turned the corner and the dog had run on ahead. Pip turned to me, taking her singlet top off and said “Hey, no one can see us here - quick”. She knelt down in front of me and I pulled down my shorts and started to masturbate as fast as possible. A car drove by but the occupants didn’t see us. Pip looked up at me naughtily. She played with her little boobs for me and whispered how much she wanted to see my jizz spurting over them, right here on the footpath. That pushed me over the edge. I told her I was going to come, so she pushed her tits out to catch it all, her eyes imploring me to spurt my cream over her boobs. She's the first girl I've gone out with who genuinely loves to see my spunk land on her tits.

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   Sometimes instead of jacking myself off she’ll take me in her mouth - which also often means she’s horny enough to want to come as well. She drenches her fingers with saliva then plays quickly with her clit, bringing herself rapidly to orgasm as she lets me fuck her mouth as hard and fast as I like…the faster I fuck her sweet mouth the louder she moans. Then when she comes there’s no way I can hold back any longer.   I pump my cock and come all over her face and neck and tits as she finishes her orgasm. To be honest with you, I can think of nothing hornier than the girl you love having an orgasm while your cock is fucking her mouth. Last year we went on holiday to Japan and took advantage of the duty free shopping by buying ourselves a nifty little digital camera with all the bells and whistles. We spent most of our vacation in Tokyo, but we did spend one weekend out in the country at a fancy hotel by a lake. It was here on a lazy Sunday afternoon that Pip suggested we try out our newly acquired camera - and make a sexy home movie with it. I needed little encouragement and I asked what she had in mind. Pip said she’d like to give me a blowjob while I hold the camera, making it a “point of view” shot. I should mention here that we had talked in the past about the possibility of bringing another man into our sex lives. Both Pip and I had always fantasised about her taking another man in her mouth but I suppose we hadn’t had the courage to do anything about it so far. But here was the chance for me to at least see what it might be like, by filming sucking my cock with my face out of shot (even though it would still be my cock!) Plus, the thought of filming my sexy girl whilst she pleasured me was getting me hard already.   I asked her once again if she was sure she wanted to do this. “Yes” she said.

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   Then smiling at me she added she wanted me to finish by coming all over her face and tits. “I think I can manage that” I smirked back. With no further ado I kissed Pip deeply, turned away, stripped naked and headed for the bathroom with the camera. Thanks to a large skylight the bathroom was nice and bright and perfect for making our movie. My cock was already three quarters hard in anticipation. A minute or so later as I was still sussing out the workings of the camera, Pip appeared at the doorway, wearing just a thin Japanese robe - untied and open. Her breasts nearly exposed but not quite. Her auburn hair was out and caught the light. Never had she looked so ravishing. “Wow. You look so fucking hot” I said and I fumbled the camera switch to ‘on’ and hit ‘record’. I turned the viewfinder round to face me and I settled in for the ride. Pip smiled at me and I watched thru the viewscreen as she lingered in the doorway, her robe still only just covering those exquisite little tits. I followed as Philippa slowly, sexily slipped off her robe and ran her hands over her petite boobs and ran her nails along her thin waste and firm stomach. I could feel myself hardening like a steel rod as she slithered over to me.

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   Then ever so slowly she knelt before me, all the while staring up into the lens of the camera. She kissed my stomach once, twice - then noticing, licked at a large glistening glob of pre-come  and smeared it over my cock head. She then rubbed my cock over her tits, using the pre-jizz as a lube -  I saw her nipple catch on the sticky liquid. Then, still staring down the barrel of the camera, she took me between her lips and deep into her mouth. “Fuck” I uttered involuntarily. She smiled and started working my cock with expert precision. A moment or two later, I noticed Pip looking to her left as she again rubbed her tits all over my eager rod. I looked to see what it was she was looking at – a large wall mirror that I hadn’t even noticed  - right beside me.   Pip was stealing glances at herself as she devoured my cock. It was then I realised that I too had a great side-on view in the mirror. So as Pip kept working at my cock I started filming from side via the mirror. The fact that it was now really like filming Pip sucking another man’s cock started to get me incredibly horny. I zoomed in on her pretty face as she worked the cock with her mouth and hand using her saliva on the shaft like lube. Her rhythm and technique are flawless……I know that Philippa has sucked a lot of cock in her time. she’s not secretive about her past, and she just loves sucking cock! She gave her first blowjob at age thirteen and hasn’t looked back…she is something of an expert I can assure you.

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   She once made me come - from flaccid to spurting my jizz - in less than ninety seconds!Through the view screen I could tell Pip was starting to get a bit horny as she watched herself swallowing me in the mirror. She’s blown me a few times in the past in front of a mirror and its always gotten her horny – it appears she loves the sight of my cock in her mouth too! Pip by now was working herself into a bit of a frenzy on my cock and was going at it like a mad woman - her mouth moving at rapid fire speed up and down my pole. Then much to my delight, she stopped briefly.   As she stared down the barrel of the camera she licked her fingers, leaving trails of saliva dripping from them. Urgently her moistened hand snaked down to her pussy and she started to circle her clitoris with her middle finger. It was obvious that she was getting very turned on performing for the camera. She continued to look up into the lens seductively as she worked my cock with one hand and now her clit with the other. I was now more thrusting into her mouth than she was working it, but she kept her lips tight around me.   Faster she worked her clit and faster I pounded into her mouth. Then I heard one of her little high-pitched moans  - a tell tale sign she's going to come soon. I thrust a half dozen more times into her beautiful mouth, then pulled my cock out and hanging onto the camera for dear life pumped furiously with my other hand as Pip moaned louder. As I looked about to come she pushed her tiny tits up towards my gaping cock hole ready to receive my load…her hand vibrated frantically as she growled out her own heavy orgasm and licked at my flying gobs of come. Both our orgasms seemed to last an eternity.   Streams of cum had landed over Pip’s little boobs and her left shoulder. I nearly collapsed as my knees shook beneath me and I struggled to keep the camera on target.

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   Quivering, Pip inhaled deeply to get her breath back and rubbed my jizz into her neck and tits, never losing eye contact with the lens. Pip then licked the last remnants of come off my cockhead as she smiled sluttily at the camera and then, rubbing the last of my jizz into her tits, waved the camera goodbye. As soon as we’d gotten our strength back we watched the footage back through the viewfinder.   It was fucking amazing to watch  - like the best porn movie ever coz it was super sexy AND it starred my beautiful lady. I found watching all that cum splash over my lover from an “anonymous” cock really turned me on. When I told Pip this she felt my cock under the towel which I had wrapped around myself – only to find I was as hard as a rock again. She casually suggested I jack off over her tits again… what an afternoon!As if all this wasn't horny enough, the DVD which I then made from the Japan footage got us into a different sexy situation altogether. After I’d made the dvd, I’d watched it a few times and had come quickly and heavily each time. Damned sexy stuff… I’d burnt Pip a copy too which she would take with her when she took off interstate with work. A few months later an old friend, Pierre, arrived from out of town.   He's been my best pal for nearly fifteen years and has known Pip for as long as I’ve been with her. When I’d told Pierre (when I'd first met Pip) how great she was at giving head, he'd been kinda jealous…because (like most men I know!) there’s nothing Pierre likes better than a good blowjob. Every girlfriend he has had has commented on how much he loves getting his dick sucked and most of the porn he owns is blowjob or oral cumshot related. So, when I told Pierre during our fairly big night out that I'd made a dvd of her sucking me off as she made herself come and then finished it off by letting me jizz all over her, he not surprisingly (Pierre is a bit of a deviant) asked me immediately if he could watch it. I said "No way, man, its private".

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   He just laughed. Later that night (or earlier the next morning) after quite a few drinks, Pierre and I took an ecstasy tablet each. Sure enough, an hour later I started to get all horny. Bugger this. I told Pierre I was going to go home to see Phillipa. “Why?” Asked Pierre. “You going home to get a Pip special”?  “I hope so”, I replied. I was actually planning to maybe ask her if I could wank over her tits  - without fully waking her up. Even when she's half asleep she doesn't usually mind me doing this - she finds it sexy that I find her so horny. And sometimes I’ve woken up in the wee hours to discover her sucking my cock for all its worth and not stopping til she’d milk me dry. In the cab on the way home Pierre complained how it wasn't fair that I was getting to go home to Phillipa but he had nothing. “Bad luck“, I said  But by the time we arrived home he had somehow managed to talk me into letting him watch our little movie!  I said he would have to watch it on my computer in the study where it would be quieter and wouldn’t wake Pip up.   Funnily enough, by the time we got home and inside, the idea of my best mate watching Phillippa in action in this movie was making me very fucking horny indeed. We went straight in to the study, I fished out the DVD and loaded it into my computer. Pierre stood eagerly in front of the computer as I sat next to him in my office chair and got the DVD going.

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   The first shot of Pip lit up and so did Pierre’s eyes. As Phillippa stripped on screen I could see Pierre’s pants noticeably bulge, and his hand slowly moved upwards and rubbed his hardening cock. By the time Phillippa had my cock in her mouth on screen, Pierre had his own rock hard cock in his hands. Fuck, it was such a turn on watching how horny my mate was getting watching this action. As it was shot from my point of view, I could see Pierre imagining Phillipa’s gorgeous mouth wrapped around his own piece of man granite (which seemed to be about the same shape and size as mine). This was getting too hot - I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Unzipping my jeans, I pulled out my throbbing hard on and started stroking myself.   I alternated from watching Pierre jacking himself off, to watching Phillippa engulf my cock with much enthusiasm on the computer screen. After a minute or so I made eye contact with Pierre and I could tell he was about to come. This made me damned horny and I could feel my load starting to swell in my balls when suddenly a small cough sounded behind us. ‘Ahem”- it was Phillippa, standing completely nude in the study doorway. Shit! I thought, how long has she been standing there - watching her lover and his best friend masturbate over footage of her being a wanton slut with a cock?She stepped inside the door. "Well. Why watch that when you can have the real thing?" She walked slowly into the room and motioned for me to get up out of the office chair. I did and she sat in my place, her face at cock height! Pierre couldn't believe what was happening before his very eyes.

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   Pre-come ran down his pulsating cock shaft. He looked at me and I shrugged gently and smiled. He looked back to Phillipa who was already eyeing off his wet rod. She then looked up into Pierre’s eyes, then back down at his cock again. She licked her lips and ran a hand over her tits. Pierre needed no more prompting and was moving in towards her pouting mouth like a magnet.   I was doing my best to hold off from coming right then as he slid his cock sensually between her full wet lips with a massive groan. I could tell Pierre was doing his best not to come, but he was so horny he could only managed to slide his thick shaft a dozen times between Phillipa's soft lips before he grimaced and, keeping his cock close to her face, let out stream after stream of thick ropey cum over my beautiful lover's face, then the final spurts onto her luscious little tits. This was way too much for me to bear and I groaned as I leaned in to Pip and spewed forth a massive dose of hot jizm all over the sperm lines Pierre had just created. Spurt! Right across her mouth and cheek. Spurt! Over her neck and into her hair. Spurt - a big shot right across both tits. Godamnit, what a sight! We both stood in front of her, wet and still erect. Spoonfuls of come dripped off her as she licked and sucked us both clean - first Pierre’s dick then mine. After a minute or two of her sucking us dry, we both slowly softened.

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   Satisfied that her work here was done, Pip smiled up at us. She stood up and kissed us both goodnight through a cum splattered mouth. As she left the room Pierre and I smiled wetly at each other. I patted him on the back to reassure him all was well, then I headed off into our bedroom. I helped wipe all the rest of our jizz off Phillipa’s face and neck and tits with several tissues. I thanked her, she told me it was her pleasure and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. .

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