My neighbor !


My Neighbor.
I am a forty six year old man who has just bought a new house in a rural neighborhood !
Just financially recovered from a bad divorce, I decided it was time to get out of the apartment I was stayin in and buy a house.
The Saturday that I was moving in, all the neighbors came to say hello, they were all very nice and invited me to their homes for dinner or beers.
Most of them were my age or older, but one couple that stopped by had brought there twenty six year old daughter with them, she was drop dead georgous, 5'6" 110 lbs with shoulder length black hair and a rock hard body! Her tits were fairly small but looked to be hard as the rest of her body.
There was no explanation why she was staying with them, they just introduced her as their daughter, Kyla, and that she was twenty six.
I thought I had seen her somewhere before, but couldnt figure out just where!
Several weeks later, I was working in the yard when I heard a "Hello" ! I turned around to see Kyla on her bicycle, she had on black spandex bike shorts and a white tube sports top.
Hey Kyla how are you? Mark I see you have a road bike hanging in your garage, do you ride?
I havent ridden in years, but need to get back at it.
I ride four times a week, you are welcome to join me if you think you can keep up, laughing as she rode away!
She had one of the best lookin asses I had ever seen, I knew that the chain on my bike was going to get lubricated soon.
I am forty six years old but still in very good shape, I work out at the gym farily reguarly and have maintained a good looking body.
I am 6'2" 200lbs and grey hair with dark skin and moustache.
I got the bike out of the garage and brought it back up into shape and rode several times solo just to get the feel of riding again, it felt really good!
Saturday morning I was working around the yard when Kyla walked up, Hi Mark how are you?
Great and you? Oh ok, just tired of having to stay with my parents, they are kinda old fashioned.
Why is that Kyla?
Well they will not let me lay out by the pool and sunbathe nude!
Blushing a bit, I reply that my pool is always available just help yourself!
Oh Mark, are you joking?
Not at all, I sunbathe nude myself. . .
Well I may take you up on the offer later, so do you want to go for a bike ride?
Sure, how far you going to go? Until you get tired and we have to turn around she said laughing!
I will meet you at the corner in fifteen minutes, miss smart ass!!!!
Fifteen minutes later we were peddling at a very brisk pace towards the base of the Rockies twenty five miles away, uphill.
Kyla took the lead and I was following her, with ease, about ten feet behind just staring at the finest ass I may have ever seen.


She would glance over shoulder and see if i was still behind her, about thirty minutes out she let go of her bars and sat up on her seat, I pulled along side and asked her if she was out of breath or what?
Nope not at all she said, just wanting to give you a break, so you wont croak of a heart attack !
We can rest when we get back to my house, lets get back at it, smart ass, she laughed and went to sprinting, with me right on her ass dreaming of how it was going to feel !
Can I take a shower she ask when we returned to my driveway? Sure the one at the pool house has extra towels and some shampoo that my daughter and her friends left!
Mark, I wont to put my bike in your garage so my "Old Fashioned" parents dont see it!!
Shit Kyla you are a grown woman, you should not have to hide from them!
Mark can I explain later, I need a shower!
So I put our bikes in the garage as she headed to the shower!
I went through the kitchen and grabed us both a beer and headed to the pool.
When she got out of the shower she had only wrapped a towel around her tits and it just barely covered her ass.
Damn she looked so, damn hot!
She popped open one of the beers and said, ok your turn, so I headed to the shower thinking about what she was thinking.
After my shower I also just wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back for my beer and lounge chair.
She was sitting there running her fingers through her hair as I returned to the shaded pool area.
Did you enjoy your shower she asked?
Yes I did but it would have been much better if we had showered together !!
Blushing, she replies, you are a perv you know! Laughing.
Nope, not a perv, just like what I see!
Being somewhat bolder, I told her that she was a drop dead gorgeous lady that I would love to get my lips and hands on her hard little body.
She had been turned sideway from me across the glass top cabana table until now, and Mark what would you do with your lips and hands, as she turned to face me?
I could nearly see her pussy throught the clear table but it was still covered by her towel.
Oh, do you really want me to tell you?
Please do, because for some reason I have become very wet!
Well lets see if this OLD MAN can get you any wetter than you allready are!!!!!!
I was staring at her covered snatch through the table, and she ask, do you like what you are staring at?
I am fairly sure that I do like it, but, I cannot see it with that damn towel covering it up!
Teasingly she asked if she should remove her towel and let me take a peek, taking the last drink from her beer, she reached up and removed the towel and threw it aside!!!
She had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, it was completly shaven with a small strip left just above her clit, and her tits 34 b's were standing perfectly straight up with dark nipples the size of large pencil erasers.
I was speechless, Like what you see mark?
Well yes I do Kyla!
Ok she says, I have shown you mine, now it is time to show me yours !!!
Let me get us another beer, then I will show you mine!
I stood up only with the towel wrapped around me and my semi erection, I could see her gasp a little.
My cock is ten inches long and very large in girth.
I went into the kitchen to get us another beer, and checked the doors to make sure they were all locked, and they were.
Returning to the patio, Kyla had reclined her lounge chair and was laying back with her hands behind her head with her pretty brown titties standing straight up.
As I handed her the beer, I leanded over and started to kiss her on her neck, her hand instantly went under my towel.
She grabed my cock and slowly started moving her hand back and forth, god what a big cock you have, do you mind if I remove your towel?
Once she had thrown the towel aside she leaned over and gave my cock a kiss on the head, I was now at full attention!
She started to lick around the head at a very slow pace, I could tell instantly that she had no intentions of this being an afternoon quickie, she was here for a full ride.

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She slowly started to wrap her lips around the head of my cock, moving it in and out of her mouth, but just the head.
She says there is only one thing I like better than giving a man head, thst is for him to lick my pussy until I squirt his face and chest!!!
I nearly blew a load right then and there, are you a squirter I asked?
I have been with many women in my life but have never experienced a squirter.
I had begun to believe that female squirting just a myth.
Was I ever proven wrong, I would be squirted two times in the next thirty minutes with the sweetest tasting pussy nectar you could possibly imagine.
By my new neighbors twenty six year old, live at home daughter.
Well Kyla, I must experience your squirting abilites as soon as possible!
She got up and lay back onto the glass top table and started to run her fingers through her now moist pussy slit.
In seconds, juices started flowing from her slit onto my table, I was totally mystified as she continued her sexy handy work.
She had never taken her left hand from my cock, she now pulls me forward, close enough to where I could easily stick my cock into her wet snatch.
She then told me that she did not want me to enter her, that she was going to rub my cock head on her pussy and clit and for me to just watch, and to pinch her nipples if I wanted to.
She slowly circled her clit with the head of my cock, and I could feel her heartbeat transfering through my cockhead, this was very stimulating. . . . . .

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Slowly she increased the speed of which she was circling her clit with my cockhead, she started to rub it up and down her clit until I heard her start to growl.
Mark, are you ready for me to squirt you all over your chest and face?
Yes I said, and at that time, she just froze, then tilted her head back and began to squirt, it was magnicifant, all over my chest and groin.
I leaned forward so it would hit me in my face, and had my first taste of Kyla's pussy nectar, it was very sweet and smelled of raw sex.
She squirted for thirty seconds, in burst, that sometimes hit the ceiling fan above the table, I had never seen anything like this, but knew I would see it many times in the future.
Kyla's eyes finally opened and she was smiling, so, OLD MAN what did you think of that???
That has to have been the wildest and most erotic sexual experience ever Kyla.
She just rolled off the table and ran to jump in the pool, leaving me standing there with the hardest cock, it was throbing and needing a place to unload.
I jumped into the pool head first and swam between her legs, I turned around and grasp her from behind grabbing a tit in both hands, my dick was between her legs and she was looking down at it in awe!
I have screwed several guys in my life, but none have had a cock anywhere near the size of yours Mark.
I want you to fuck me hard, and I mean hard, do you understand????
I began to rub her little pussy with the tips of my fingers and her head came around and our lips met, it was the first time we had kissed and her tongue was hard as my cock was.
Releasing from our passionate kiss, I began to rub her clit with just a small amount of pressure, she started moaning and said, lets go to the bedroom and do this right!
I carried her from the pool towards my bedroom with my mouth locked onto hers, her tongue was dancing.
Her pussy was wet and ready for my cock, she says that she is ready and that I have to, pull out of her so she may squirt.
Dont worry I will tell you when.
I started the tip of my cock into her tiny pussy slit and it was met with tight resistance, push, push she moans, it will stretch, and then the head started to slide in a inch at a time. Kyla was breathing heavy and wincing just a bit, so I stopped.
Are you ok Kyla?
Yes I am hurting just a bit but it is subsiding, I have never had anything inside of me as big as the end of a baseball bat, the big end she exclaimed. .

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She slowly started pushing her ass towards me and it starts inching in, inch by inch. About eight inches is all she can take, so she stops and her pussy muscles start to ripple from the head to the end of the eight inches that are buried in her.
Kyla has the hardest ass and tightest pussy, from riding her bike all the time.
She has muscle control that has no way of describing, it is so damn good, she just waves her muscles like ripples the entire length of my shaft.
I was just starting to move back and forth when she screamed at me to pull out, now!!!
As my cock head popped from her pussy, a stream of pussy juice followed it out and started squirting me all over, her ass was arched as high in the air as her back, and legs would allow.
I leaned my face into the spray of juices and tried to get as much as I could into my mouth, I wanted to swallow her sweet cum!!
She started growling and giggling at the same time, and she raised up, grabbed my cock and guided it back into her dripping pussy, that is going to happen many more times, she tells me, and it does!!!!
Damn, I never knew a woman had that much juice in them, the sheets of my bed were completley saturated after her first squirt!
After she had guided the head of my cock back into her tight slit she thrusted her hips hard, and took my full length, until it hit her womb, she held me there for just a few seconds and again screamed for me to pull out, same as before, but she squirted more this time, and I swallowed as much as I could.
I was in shock, just looking at her little pussy with cum gushing out of it, onto my bed.
Kyla's clit was bright red and she wanted me to put it between my teeth and grind it while she sucked my cock, within minutes of her mouth sucking on my cock, I started to cum, it felt like I cummed into her mouth for five minutes, and she swallowed every bit of it.
Damn what a woman I was thinking,as we were both laying back on the bed exhausted.
Kyla says she is going for a shower, and then sunbathing for an hour or two at the pool, do you want to join me?
May I wash your entire body, as I wish?
Sure she says.
I followed her to the pool house, watching her perfect ass and body!
If any man could create a cyber woman, it would be Kyla, she is stunningly beautiful.
She turned on the shower and pulled me inside with her, we began hugging and kissing like we would never see each other again!
I had never lost my hardon, so it was poking her in her crotch,so with one leg raised she reaches down and guides my cock into her hot pussy, jumps up and throws her legs around my ass and impales herself onto my cock!
Shitttttttttttttttttt did this feel good, I started bouncing her up and down the full length of my shaft!
She was shouting in my ear that she was cumming and to please not stop and do not pull out this time. I want you to shoot your load into me as hard as you can Mark!!!!!
I got into a fast rythym and kept this fucking action going for the next twenty minutes, Kyla was having an orgasm just about every two minutes and screaming continuosly that she is cumming!
I finally started blasting my hot cum deep into her pussy, her pussy was so tight that none of my cum leaked out around my shaft, until I pulled it from inside of her, and it gushed out all over the tile floor like a river!
We just held each other trying to regain our breath, until the shower water was completly cold!
Both of us head to the pool chairs exhausted for some sun and refreshments!
Rubbing lotion on her,I asked her about her relationship with her parents?
She became very distant about the subject not wanting to talk about it at all.
But I insisted she explain to me what was the problem and why she was living with them!
Mark I am twenty six and not proud at all about living with the folks, but I have no other choice at this time in my life!
I am, no I was, an athletic sports trainer working with professional athletes, but one sorry ass basketball player filed a mal practice law suit against me for a back injury he says I caused.

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I recently lost the law suit and have lost everything I owned including my liscense to practice in this state.
I have been in a very torn emotional state for the last two months, you are the first person other than my parents that I have talked to. Now that I have told you all of my problems you probably will have nothing to do with me!!!
Now I recognize you, you were on the news, I knew I had seen you somewhere before.
Kyla everyone knows that whole deal was total bullshit, dont kick yourself for what happened!
It is hard to believe how much power these pro atheletes have and their bullshit tactics to harm innocent people.
Mark do you really think that is truly happened to me? Yes I do, she got up and with tears running down her face she hugged and kissed me for ten minutes.
I wish my parents thought the same way as you did!
Are they blaming you for what happened Kyla?
Yes they are, they say I was running a sloppy bussiness and should have taken better care of my practice!
Lets go over there and get your belongings right now, I want you to move in with me!
Three months later I married the hottest woman on earth and have been traveling the globe since.
Kyla is now a partner in my company .
More later. . .

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