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The room was only lit by several candles which surrounded the bed and the dresser. She was laying down on the bed, in a silk black teddy and some black stockings which I told her long ago I thought was so hot. She looked more gorgeous here than any picture I have ever seen of her. She was beautiful. She had shoulder length brown hair that was very curly. She was tall with beautiful long legs and beautiful skin. I walked around the bed and took off all my clothes but my boxer shorts. She didn't say a word and neither did I. She was fidgeting a little which was ok, I knew she was extremely nervous and I was too but I tried my best to keep it to myself and not show it. I got down at the end of the bed. I gave one of her toes a light peck and she flinched. It shocked her a little. I gave the next one and the next and so one. All her toes. Then, I gave her a foot massage to calm her down as I kept kissing her toes. After that, I ran my hands up her calfs and felt her smooth soft skin.

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   I kissed her ankle on one of her legs and slowly started kissing, little by little, all the way up her leg. Not missing an inch as I ran my way up her leg. I felt her tighten her muscles and then extract as she felt my kisses. She breathed in deep breathes to express to me her enjoyment of all of this. Finally, I got all the way up, between her legs. I kissed the bottom of her silk panties and she jumped a little. Her enjoyment and pleasure excited me and I felt myself grow in my boxers. I took off her panties slowly down her legs until they were completely off. I noticed she completely shaved everything down there. It was something I told her long ago that I thought was really sexy on a girl. I was impressed she actually remembered me telling her that. I could see every detail of her glorious cunt in the candle lit room. I got closer and she tightened up a little as she felt me breathe on her between her legs. She knew what I was about to. I started by just gently kissing her on the lips and slowly ran my tongue afterwards on them.

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   I heard her moan softly. I then stuck out my tongue and flicked it softly between the lips a little and I felt that she was slowly getting wet from the excitement. She tasted incredible. I wanted to taste all of her. I wanted her to orgasm in erotic pleasure as I serviced her the way I knew she wanted. I started flicking my tongue faster and harder and she started to wiggle her hands and legs around me. She jumped a little again as I stuck my tongue as far in her as possible. I sucked at the incredible juices that was flowing out onto my tongue and in my mouth. I grew harder and moaned with her as I forced myself to get as far inside her with my tongue as possible. I gripped the sides of her legs as she gripped at the headboard. She moaned louder and almost screamed as she orgasmed for me for the first time. I ran my tongue inside her to clean her and taste it as it flowed out for me. I sat up and left her on the bed by herself as I went and got a few ice cubes that I had brought in. I never told her about this part but I was fairly certain she was going to enjoy this. I stuck one of the cubes in my mouth and got between her legs again.

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   I started to eat her out again and she was shocked my the cold sensation. I wasn't sure if she liked it or was getting cold. I stuck the ice cube between her lips and finally pushed the ice cube inside her with my tongue. She jumped and squirmed around as she tried to push it out. I kept it in with my tongue as I licked it the water and juices that was flowing out of her. It didn't take long the ice cube to melt completely and I was there to lick up every last drop. I got another ice cube and with my hand ran it around her chest underneath her teddy. She was loving it, we were both getting so hot and I wanted her so badly. Her lips were beautiful and I couldn't stand it much longer. I gave her a kiss and stuck my tongue in her mouth. We both kissed each other passionately. This moment, this night was the most incredible experience in my life. I have never wanted to be with someone as badly in my life before tonight. I wanted this to be the most incredible night of both of our lives, a night that will never be forgotten. I sat up and ripped off the silk teddy that she was wearing.


   I flicked my tongue at her nipples and sucked on them. They were hard now and erect. I bit the nipple a little, just enough to be a little painful and she jumped again in enjoyment. I cupped the other breast as I continued to caress the other breast with my mouth and tongue. I sucked away as if I were an infant looking for milk. She was moaning and squirming in pleasure. I kissed around her face, her soft smooth skin drove me wild. I kissed her ear lobe, gently nibbling and licking. I don't know how much longer I could take this. I had to be inside her. My feelings for her, how beautiful she was, the pleasure I got from pleasing her, it was all driving me crazy at the moment. I got up and took off my boxers and then got back on top of her. She could feel my hard dick between her legs. She smiled because she knew what was about to finally happen, we were finally going to truely be as one. After all this time of chatting with each other.

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   I placed the tip of my penis between her legs, right on the tip of her vagina. rubbing it gently up and down between her swollen lips. She craving it at this point. The sensation was driving me crazy as well. I finally started to stick it in. The blind fold was still searpating us but I could tell she was loving every minute of it. I stuck it in as far as I could. We were finally as one, our boides are connected. I ripped off the blind fold. She looked right into my eyes and I into hers. "I have wanted you for so long" she cried out to me. "I finally have you, we are finally here" "Yes sweetheart, we are. " I told her. "Please, fuck me, make love to me. Please" she begged me. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   We never lost contact to each others eyes as I started going in out. Slowly and softly. She was taking deep breaths and exhaling. The feeling as so erotic and so incredible. I have never felt so connected to someone before. She was mine. The girl of my dreams. She was the one I could bond wiht more than anyone and on top of that, she was incredibly gorgeous. Her body was work of art. I was attracted to everything about her. And now, after all this time, she was mine. We were one. I started to go faster, in and out, pounding faster. Just then, she grabbed me and rolled us over. Still looking into each others eyes.

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   She got on top of me, sitting on me and started to grind me as hard as she could. It was incredible. "Don't stop" I asked her. "Please, Oh God, please don't stop. " I ran my hands around her stomach and her chest. Her soft silky skin was still so radient but now hot and sweaty. Sweat ran down my forehead. As she went in and out of me, up and down, her breats jumped and giggled in a way that drove me crazy. I pushed with force to make a harder contact in between strides. Seeing her on top of me. In pure ecstasy, she was beautiful. I grabbed her and brought her as close to me as possible. I couldn't get close enough to her. My arms around her chest, her hot sweaty chest was pressed against mine. I kissed her as hard as I could.

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   Sticking my tongue down her throat. I felt her moan again, loudly. She convusled a little and I knew she was going to orgasam again. She clinched on to my shoulders and dug into my skin. I didn't feel the pain from the fact that I was so focused on her. She gave out a loud yell as she came and I felt her body tremble on top of me. She closed her eyes and sat there a second, not moving. She opened them and looked into my eyes. She was the most amazingly beautiful woman I had ever met. She bent her head down and whispered in my ear "Cum for me darling, cum inside of me". She grinded me harder and pounded me faster. She was moaning loudly and the whole room felt like it was shaking from the wild erotic sex we were having. Then finally, I pounded her as fast as I could. Took in a deep breathe and then after one final thrust I cam. I shot a huge load up inside her.

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   Shooting deep and I thrusted a couple more times and more loads shot inside her. Her body gave way and just layed there, on top of me. Sweat dripping from all over both of our bodies. We had finally made love, the way that will forever be remembered. After we took a hot shower together we laid naked in bed just holding each other for hours. Every now and then I would get on top of her and make love to her again. We made love many times that night and I will never forget the night I met and made love to the most amazing woman I had ever met. Please let me know what you think. I love writing and reading sex stories. I just don't know if I do a good job at writing them. Have a great day. .
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