Nurse Kelly Under The Sun


And now she was racing through the desert with five hundred thousand in cash to throw at the unsuspecting dealers of Sin City. She was not stupid enough to think that she would not be captured for her crime, so it seemed only right to ride out into the heat for one last taste of freedom before the law slapped her into a 4 foot by 4 foot cell. Having kicked off her orthopedic shoes and ripped off her white stockings, nothing remained of her tired nurses uniform but the tight white dress that she actually found appealing. Her feline form had fit snuggly in the white cotton outfit and she had always relished the view of her tight ass swaying beneath the fabric of the short skirt. She knew that she was most likely responsible for more than one piece of guaze being mistakenly abandoned inside the body of a patient before he was stiched up and put back out into the world, unaware of the new addition to his insides. She also knew she was a distraction in the operating room, and so did all the Doctors in residence. She was certain one or two of them had attended to a patient while simultaneously remembering the feel of Nurse Kelly's sweet pussy making a meal of their rigid cock in the supply closet. She felt wetness nosing its way out of her soft, supple opening as she fondly remembered one Doctor who had bound her hands and feetwith suction tubing and clamps and had brought her to visions of God with his endless knowledge of the female anatomy. She felt only pity for any woman who did not know the benefits of screwing her Gynecologist! Now, Nurse Kelly drove like a bat out of hellthrough serrated edges of oily heat, bare feetoperating the pedals of the fine red BMW Roadster that was Fred's only trace of spontenaity. She edged the car up to an easy 150 and felt the hum of tires on the baking pavement. Lost in a daydream of roulettewheels spinning like tops and cards being shuffled through the stealthy hands of broad shouldered dealers who knew a thing or two about shouldering broads, she was oblivious to the sight of the speed trap that lay in wait behind the red rock several miles ahead. Officer Hillis was nodding off behind the wheel of his cruiser, sweltering in the oppressive heat of a midday Nevada scorcher, when the red BMW blew by him at speeds only Fighter Pilots could sustain. "HOLY CRAP!" he thought as he brought his idling engine intogear and raced onto the freeway in persuit of the devil behind the wheel of the expensive automobile. Hillis moved to radio his position and then brought the mic back to its resting postion in the console. Having been on traffic duty for nearly two weeks after his screw up at the scene of a vicious gangland style slaying, Hillis was ready for some action. He decidedto pursue this hot rod for awhile before making his position known.

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   Instead, he rang out his sirens and made chase while the getting was good. Nurse Kelly's daydreams came crashing into her lap as she suddenly became aware of the cop behind her. She eased off the accelerator while at the same time whipping her hand toward her bag, concealing the gun and the money on the passengers seat. She licked her lips and wondered if this would be a routine traffic stop or the beginning of her long road to Justice. She knew that the longer the cop persued her, the more time he would have to radio his position, and her tag numbers, back to the station. If the word was out already that she was more than just a Sunday speeder, that she was in fact a fugitive, then she would have to act quickly. She brought the car to a stop on the side of the road next to a bill board that boasted the "Best Breats In The West" were to be found at Uncle Cluckers Chicken Shack off state route 3. Hillis's keen cop vision took notice of a pair of deeply tanned breasts peeking out slyly from the vixen's starched white nurses uniform as he approached her vehicle. The next thing he noticed was the way the sun glinted off each polished toe of her bare feet. "This one is real trouble", he thought as he leaned against the panting Roadster. "Step out of the car lady, and let's have ourselves a little chat about speed limits in Nevada. " "Yes, of course Officer", she stammered, "but I'd like to reach for my shoes if you don't mind. I'm sure the pavement is murder on a day like today. God, it must be at least a hundred in the shade and I can only imagine the feel of the asphalt out here under the. .

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  . . " "Cut the crap lady, and don't try anything funny, if you think for one minute about pulling anything out of your bag of tricks but a pair of shoes I'll blow you away and then call for backup. " His voice cut through her with razor-sharp edginess that was not unlike the low growl of a hungry lion. She reached for her shoes, slipped them on quickly and exited thevehicle. He made her nervous, not only because of what he might already know about her, but also because his authoritative tone was arousing in her a desire to be punished. She glanced at him furtively as he assessed her up and down. Officer Hillis was on the verge of an anger so white hot that it outmatched the suns violent rays.
    Not only was this woman pushing the limits of speed and daring, but she was driving barefoot and had not even bothered to wear her seatbelt! He couldn't stand carelessness and foolhardy driving and he intended to hold this lady accountable for all the law would allow. He would've admitted later that she was the finest piece of ass that he had ever had the pleasure of encountering in just this situation, but at the moment all he could think of was her reckless disregard for the traffic laws and her own safety. He let his gaze swing over the contents of the vehicle, lingering a little long on the contents of her purse that had been artfully concealed but then had shifted a bit after her trembling exit from the car. "I realize that I must have been going prettyfast. I don't know how I could've let my attentionslip like that but I really didn't know I was going so fast until it was too late. I'm really very sorryofficer. " "Turn around and face the car, Sweetheart.

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      ", he barked and she instantly obeyed. Hillis grabbed her arms and held them behind her back as he patted her down roughly. He didn't attempt to follow the rules for the patdown because he already knew what he wasdealing with. He grasped her breasts in his thick hands on his way down her body and then brought his hands aggressively up her thighs until he palmed the wet triangle of her panties. Kelly gasped in disbelief, but did not protest for two reasons. One, because the feel of his hands groping her was intense under the hot sun. And two, because she realized there might be a possibility of fucking her way rightout of a mighty ticket. Hillis let his hands linger for a moment on her panties before ripping them squarly from her wet mound. He forced her skirt up with one hand while he tore at his fly with the other. He dove into her wet pussy with ease and fucked her hard against the hot metal. Kelly watched as Uncle Clucker's Dancing Chicken movedin and out of her vision as Hillis's thrusts brought her hard against the BMW over and over. She was crying out now in need, begging him to fuck her harder and harder. They were both saturated with sweat and panting loudly. "You're a naughty little bitch", Hillis spat as he fucked her. "You're gonnna remember my cock every time you think about getting behind thewheel and not wearing your safety belt.

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      " Kellypromised over and over in a husky voice that she would always wear her seatbelt and that she would remember to be a good girl. "That's right," crooned Hillis in her ear, "because if you don't I'll have to fuck you some more. " Kelly felt her cheeks flush at the mention offucking Officer Hillis again and she became aware of the hot sensation of orgasm stretching across her belly. She spread her legs wider to allow him closer access to her G-Spot and as he hit her again and againin that most sensitive spot she came with a shudder and a cry that was certainly loud enough to frighten Uncle Clucker's grease stained patrons. But Hillis was unrelenting. He spun her around and dove between her legs, his tongue lapping up all the sweet come from Kelly's pussy. She rode his face, arching her back and dragging her hands through his hair, begging him to stop and encouraging him on all at once. As he was bringing her closer and closer to yet another flaming orgasm, he spun her around, pushed her up against the car and she prepared herself to be entered again. Instead, she felt her arms being jerked behind her back and the cool feel of steel as he clamped the tight handcuffs around her supplewrists. Dazed, Kelly heard Officer Hillis announcing her right to remain silent. "But, But. . . . Wait.

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      . . . Are you arresting me? Or is this part of the game?" Officer Hillis used the back of his hand to wipe his prisoner's juices from his face. He leaned in close and whispered in Kelly's ear, "No games, sweetheart. You and I are gonna take a little ride. " "But why?", Kelly demanded as hot tears began to well up her eyes. Hillis turned her around to face him and with a knowing smile asked, "Is that a concealed weapon in your bag, or are you just glad to see me?".
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