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Now, I'm not a work-a-holic, but I have been known to take some overtime here and there.   Especially when I know Dawn is going to be working that day too.   Saturday's are the best, our department is barren and security just sits around and eats donuts all day.   Dawn and I have been flirting since she came up to our department to start working.   She's a sexy little blonde, with a round firm ass, that just stands up even if she is wearing sandals.   About 5'2 cute little tits and glasses that make her look way more innocent then what she is.   She's married, but I knew within the first two weeks of working with her that that kind of thing didn't matter to her at all.
 After months of flirting, talking, dirty texting came the greatest opportunity.   Saturday overtime.   I showed up to work, and you would expect people to be dressed like they didn't want to be there, but not Dawn.   A sweet little low cut shirt, her hair done up, lipstick own, and tight jeans that just showed off that round butt that I've jerked off so many times at home over.   The first thing she said to me; "Today is going to be really fun isn't it?" made me know she had stayed up a little longer last thinking the way I think.
 We got to work, and about an hour into the day and e-mail from her popped into my inbox.   "Can you help me in the copy room?"
I quickly made my way to the other side of the office to find her in the copy room waiting for me.   "What seems to be the problem?" I asked her.   She leaned into the copier sticking her naughty ass out; "It seems to be jammed, somebody must have stuffed too much paper in here".

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    I quickly replied "You must hate that" as I pressed up next to her.   "No, I can never be stuffed too much" she cooed as she bumped her hip into mine.   Catching her eyes, and turning her too me, I kissed her hard.   Letting our arms wrap each other, and bring us closer I pushed my tongue past her lips.   The soft moan as my hand found it's way to her ass, made my cock flinch and let me know I was in for a very good day of Overtime.
 She was quickly on her knees, wrestling my cock from my pants.   Her tongue gliding over my smooth swollen balls.   Talking into my cock "I love that you shave, it drives me wild, it's just an invitation to keep my mouth down here" as she wrapped her metallic pink lips around the head of my cock.   Helping me grow even larger as she took me down her throat.   She began to work my cock with her mouth like I had never felt.   Making every motion feel as though I was cumming.   Her spit running down my shaft to my balls was cool and soothing, but her hot tongue tracing the trail made me almost blow my load all over her face.   I knew I had to get the attention back on her.
Lifting her up by her chin and leaning her against the copier I began to slide her jeans off, expecting a cute pair off panties, I was surprised and happy to be met by only her sweet bare ass.   "You really did come prepare to work didn't you Dawn.

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  "  "I sure did baby, I knew this was our day. "  The smell of her wet pussy made me salivate as I got her completely out of her jeans, and spread her legs.   Taking another good wiff of her appetizing mound I pushed my face into her ass and began tongueing her tightly sealed lips.   The moans coming from Dawn as I licked up and down her sweet gash did not prepare me from the sheer sounds of joy that were to follow as I wrapped my lips around her swollen clit.   Feeling her legs quiver and knowing my sexy co-worker had orgasmed, I let my tongue explore to see how naughty this girl was.   As my hot breath reached her delicate ass, I felt her hands reach back and her lean over more exposing her tight pink dirty spot.   Touching my tongue to her naughty asshole sent shivers up her spine and more fluid down her creamy things.   "Please, fuck me, I need your hard cock inside of me. "  She begged me.
 Standing and lining my swollen cock up with her waiting love canal, I swatted the cheeks of Dawn's ass.   Pushing in slowly, knowing that I was on the road to owning this sweet pussy and ass.   Sure she was married, but I knew from now on she would never be able to cum while fucking her dead beat husband, not the way I was going to make her cum.   I began slowly pumping, building my sexy little vixen toward her third orgasm of hot overtime session.   As her pussy quivered around my throbbing cock, I began to fuck her faster, harder.   She came again, and again, and this is when I went for it all.

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    Pulling from her pussy to her puckered ass, I pushed in as gently as I could.   Until my smooth swollen balls were receiving a hot wet kiss from her pussy lips.   Grabbing tightly to her waste I began to work in and out.   Building as she reached between her legs to strum her pussy.   Just as she let out another fantastic orgasmic cry, I let go of the hardest load I ever have.   Filling her ass her with my hot sticky goo.   "Oh my god, you are the greatest man to work with. "  "Well Dawn, hopefully we can work even harder next time. "
 To this day, Dawn and I still work overtime, but those stories are for another day. . . .
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