On The Nascar Circuit


Joe Bob drives an Oldsmobile for Major's Grease Fried Chicken, out of San Antonio. This seasonhe's ranked fifteenth, right behind Bobby Ray Nickel's Hot TamaleChevrolet. Tomorrow is qualifying day and we had just arrived atthe Seminole Motor Lodge, Joe Bob was in a mood, like always thenight before he drives. So me and the boys locked the race carand all our equipment up at the track garage and drove the truckback to the Lodge for a few beers and some music before turningin for the night. The bar was called The Pit Stop, very original, and it wasjumping. There were no seats and they were two deep at the barits self. Mack managed to score us each a couple of long necksand we leaned against the wall and listened to the red neck fourpiece band. The bar was noisy so we had to talk rather loudly tobe heard, mostly we discussed the other teams cars and theprospects of each in the up coming race. Suddenly, as I lookedbeyond our group I saw a vision, she was beautiful, morebeautiful than I could have ever dreamed possible on this earth. Blonde, blue eyed and statuesque, with a tan to die for. I blurtout, "God, she's the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. " Andnaturally the band chose that moment to end the set, so she andeveryone in the bar heard me. I turned bright red, then shelooked at me square in the eyes, smiled, winked and walked towhere her friends were waiting for her. They all seemed to begiggling at me. My team mates certainly were having a laugh at myexpense. I blushed even more as I realized 'she' was still staringat me.

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   Once the band started it's next set we managed to returnto deep discussions about tire pressures and wing configurations. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I could see by thesurprised look on my team mates faces something unusual washappening. I looked around and there she was only inches awaylooking deeply into my eyes. "Hi, I'm Dana, I hope that my friends didn't embarrass you. They don't mean to be sounfeeling. " I was surprised to hear my own voice answer, "Oh,that's alright, no problem. " She was still looking into my eyesand holding my arm, "I'd like to make it up to you, would youlike to dance?" As I swallowed, I must have nodded because sheled me out to the mini dance floor and began to move with thebeat. "You seem like a nice guy," she said over the music,"what's your name?" "Brad. " I heard myself say, "I'm with the pitcrew for Joe Bob Junior. " The song quickly changed to a slowdance and she was in my arms, we talked and danced for a whilethen she asked me if I wanted to go outside for some fresh air. Like I'd say no. Once we were out of the bar in the semi warmnight air Dana said she and her friends had come down toTallahassee to see the race and to get away from North Carolinawhere they went to college. After about an hour we knew moreabout each other than I did about my ex-wife. We came to a littlepark like area and sat down on a bench.

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   I had my arm around herand soon we were kissing with ever increasing passion. I wantedthis woman, what's more she seemed to want me. I said, "Do youfeel the way I do?" "Yes!" she panted. "Where can we go?" Iasked, "I share a room with two other guys from the team and oneof them is already asleep. " Dana said we couldn't use her room,they were staying at a hotel a little further away from the trackand they were also sharing. There was no possibility we couldrent a room, the town was sold out. There was no where to go, butwe were both beyond caring a point that was becoming unbearablenow that I had removed Dana's bra and was rubbing her swollennipples while she had managed to fondle my crotch to the pointthat I was afraid I'd mess my pants.
    We had to do something,"Wait," I said, "I have an idea. " Dana gasped, "anything, but Ihave to have you!" "Come on," I said, leading her to the parkinglot. The crew had a motor bike that it used to get around thetrack. I fired it up and Dana jumped on the back, putting herarms around me and a firm grip on my still swollen cock. I drovequickly to the track garage where I parked the bike and, while still kissing andfondling Dana managed to open the rollup door. There was theMajor Grease Fried Chicken race car, with only one seat and lotsof room inside between the rollcage. I hurriedly found some dropclothes and made a makeshift bed next to the driver's seat. Danaclimbed in with me and we tore each other's cloths off as soon aswe were naked our kisses and caresses became more impatient.

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      "Oh. . . ," Dana moaned, "suck my nipples. . . . hard!" "Ahh, more!"We sucked and fucked the early evening away, laying quietly forlong minutes only to move into new positions, once even trying todo it in the driver's own seat, with no luck, it was just toconfining. Dana was one of those women who could just cum and cumall night. About 1:00 am I said, " Tomorrow is a race day. I'vegot to get some sleep so I can do my job. " We did a quick cleanupthat is to say we removed the drop clothes and returned to ourhotels. The next day Dana was in the special observers area with herfriends, I had gotten them passes. So I could see her and talk toher when there was time. Strangely, Joe Bob took pole positionwith the fastest qualifying time he'd ever turned in, when hepulled into the pit that morning he seemed to be on a high.

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