On The Trail (Part One)


Taking a deep draw, I exhale the smoke into the crisp, afternoon air and, as my companion clicks her horse to continue along the trail, I give my horse a nudge to follow on behind. A little niggle in the back of my mind admonishes my previous fears. I should have tried horse-riding before. I can`t help thinking that my companion has chosen my steed with care. King, a big bay, was gentle and willing and, more importantly, very forgiving in not jerking and shying when I tried maneouvres that experienced riders knew were impossible. The trail widened and, hurrying King`s gait a little I drew alongside my companion. She smiled again, perhaps at my inexperience with the horse. . . . but then, perhaps just pleased to have my company out here in the early-Summer sunshine. "How do you like it so far", she asked. "It`s great". The words almost jolted out of my lungs with the constant motion of my ass bouncing against the saddle. But I meant every word. The sights and sounds of the forest, the shadowed mystery.

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   Rocky outcrops and gullies with their secret delights and the bubbling of streams making their hurried path towards the distant Pacific. The slight breeze across the valley, even the motion of the horse beneath me which I was kinda getting used to by now. And yes, I was enjoying the company of my curvy companion. Her mane of blonde and her subtly sexy giggle and twinkle in her eye each time our eyes met. Just as I imagined her lovely thighs, now embracing her horse`s flanks, embracing mine. . . . . she clicked her horse once more and broke out into a canter along the tree-lined trail. By the time I`d controlled my horse and aimed King down the trail she was out of sight. "Damn! Where`d she go?"Flickering my finished cigarette into a rain-water puddle I set off behind her at a trot trying to listen for the sound of her horse`s hooves. Rounding a bend amidst the trees I entered a clearing - the beauty of which was equally as breath-taking as that of my missing companion. A waterfall cascaded down a sheer rock-face shrouding the pool into which it descended in a fine mist of water-vapour. .

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    . the sunlight making it look most exquisite. One of the sights of Oregon that I shall always remember. Taking in the spendour, my eyes sought out an indication of where my lovely trail-guide had gone. Where had that cheeky lass gone?Some distance up the trail I saw her horse, the saddle empty, standing quietly, it`s reins secured to the branch of a fallen tree. But where was my cuddly companion?I reined King to stop alongside her abandoned steed and looked about the clearing. Had she fallen off? No. . . . . her horse is secured to the branch. Had she hidden among the trees? Where was she? Suddenly something small and light hit me on the back and I whirled the horse around expecting to see her impish grin. Nothing.

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       Then, as my eyes searched the adjacent trees, I saw a pine cone arcing through the air towards me. Haha! My Sweetheart! I know where you`re hiding! Behind the fallen tree. Quickly, albeit untidily, I dismount and quickly fasten King`s reins to one of the trunks branches. As silently as I could, I tiptoe, my breathing seeming to be almost as loud as the horses as I move around the bulk of the fallen tree to find my hidden companion. Slowly, lest a footfall might give me away. Where is she?. has the endless list of models and escort agencies in Brussels!

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