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As I continue to this, you breathing becomes more labored and you awaken, and let our a little gasp. I am getting more and more aroused, and my penis stiffens, and presses against your lower back. Sensing this, you open your eyes, and turn around, and tell me: "Love me. . . take me. ” I oblige, slowly sliding off your dress, revealing your full bosom and your well toned abdomen. I passionately kiss your lips, which are inviting and warm, and I relish the feel of your warm breath against my cheek. Your eyes look directly into mine, and I become transfixed by the beauty of your stare. I am taken out of my trancelike state by your lips once again, as you kiss me vigorously, and slowly pull off my golf shirt. I avert my attention to your soft, slender and sexy neck, and begin licking and kissing it slowly moving down, down to your ample and welcoming breasts. I marvel at how your chest moves as your breathing becomes more rapid. I slowly but surely undo your bra strap from the back, and in one fluid motion, slide it off, revealing two melon sized beauties. I take one in my hands, and begin to slowly knead it, and watch with pleasure and you moan ever so slightly, and begin to lick you lips. I then proceed to gently suck on the nipple of this breast, taking time to observe and revel at your pleasure. I alternate between sucking and licking the breast, and after a few minutes, I move onto the next breast, repeating the same actions.

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   All the while, as a break from playing with your bosom, I return to your luscious lips and give you kiss after kiss. By now, you are breathing much more rapidly, and you are gasping from time to time. Your eyes are half closed and you seem to be in a trance of pleasure. I notice your hand slowly moving down, and then I hear the sound of a zipper being undone, and I feel you fondling my already hard member. I turn my attention away from your breasts and slowly run my tongue down the midline of your abdomen, and eventually reach my destination, hidden under a cover of soft blue silk. I grasp the edge of these panties with my teeth, and I slowly pull them down, until I reach your knees, ankles and eventually your feet. Now, I prepare to tackle my next task. I bury my face in your soft and inviting mound of black pubic hair, and you spread you legs ever so slightly to afford me better access to your triangle of passion. I gently spread the lips of your vagina, and begin by inserting my two fingers into your pink and moist opening. My thumb, in the meantime, is occupied, vigorously rubbing your clitoris. At first contact, you let out a small gasp, and you arch your back ever so slightly. Your breathing quickens, and your grip on my penis tightens for a moment, and then you let go, letting your hands move to a new destination, your breasts, which you being to fondle and play with. After a few minutes, you begin to moan, and your body begins to undulate. A few more minutes of my manual stimulation and your moans become much louder, and your pelvis begins to rock, pressing itself against my fingers, giving me an opportunity to vigorously insert and exit them in a rhythmic fashion. Suddenly, you let out a small cry, and your hands grab my fingers, forcing them into your vagina and onto your clitoris.

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   Your body convulses, and your breathing reaches a climactic rapidity. Just as suddenly, you collapse, let out a sigh, and smile. I move up and we embrace repeatedly. After a few minutes, I decide to move back down to pleasure you some more, but before I get a chance, you sit up, and move between my legs, proceeding to slowly remove my pants and my underwear. Within minutes I am completely naked, with my penis is standing erect. You attention shifts to my chest, which you begin to shower with kisses, as you slowly move down. I close my eyes, and within minutes, I feel your soft lips encircle the head of my member, followed by the shaft. I can feel your lips sliding up and down, up and down along my penis and now it is my turn to breathe more rapidly, and sign in pleasure. From time to time, you take a break from orally pleasuring my member and turn your attention to my testicles, taking each one in your mouth and slowly sucking on them. I can feel my moisture, my fluids in your mouth as you do this. You return regularly to my swollen member, attacking it with new voracity after each testicular segway. After a while, I begin to feel an orgasmic urge coming on, and I warn you as I have always done, to relent as I am about to come. But, this time you pay no heed to my warning, and I begin to fall into the throes of pleasure, I gasp, my member begins to convulse, and I feel my hot liquid squirt free from within it, into your mouth. For the first time, and without hesitation, you receive all of my load and then eagerly swallow it down, much to my surprise. I collapse momentarily, and you move up and embrace me passionately and repeatedly for many minutes.

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   Following our embrace, I pick you up and place you back on the bed. My attention returns to your palace of passion, and I move in between your legs, and use my fingers to once again, separate your labia, which are now moister than they were before. I hungrily thrust my tongue into your vaginal opening, making sure that with each thrust, I spend a significant portion of my time prodding your engorged clitoris with my tongue. You gasp and moan in pleasure and your love juices cover my face as I bury myself into your beautiful black bush. Your hands reach down and rest on the back of my head, and you urge me on, saying "lick me honey, lick me. " After some time, your body begins to moves in a rhythmic fashion, and your hands push my face deeper into your hairy mound. Suddenly, you let out a cry, and your pelvis begins to rub against my face in a cyclic manner. Your breathing becomes more rapid and you moan in pleasure. You force my face into your clitoris and vagina and hold it there as you buck against it, smothering my nose, my eyes and my mouth in your juices. I drink some of it in, and revel in its semi salty taste. After what seemed like an eternity, you collapse and we embrace once again. By now, my penis has become erect once more, and you move your hand down to verify its turgidity. Once satisfied, you grab a condom and slide it over my erect organ, slowly and smoothly. You then lie down on your back, spread your legs in a missionary position, and guide my penis into your wet and waiting vagina. You moan and I sigh as I enter you for the first time on our train trip.

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   We look each other in the eyes, and kiss, as I slowly and rhythmically begin to move in and out of your vagina. Throughout my rhythmic pumping, we continue to stare at one another, telling each other how much we love one another. After some time, I push your legs towards your chest, thereby affording me greater penetration. You moan as you feel my penis push deeper with each pump and you take your fingers and begin to play with your clitoris. We continue to keep eye contact, and I can sense the desire and pleasure in your eyes. After some time, your breathing becomes more rapid, you moan and scream ever so slightly and you begin to push more vigorously with your hips. I realize that you are about to come, and I begin to thrust myself into your more vigorously, bringing you to a glorious climax, as you reach this climax, you drop your legs, and grab my buttocks, digging your nails into my skin, holding me against you as you scream in pleasure. Within a few minutes you are done, and I withdraw, giving you some time to regain your composure. I lay down beside you, and we look into each others eyes, and begin to passionately embrace, once again. You then straddle me, and slowly guide my penis into your vagina. You tell me: "now it's my turn to do the work baby. ". You begin to bounce up and down on my small pole, and I watch and marvel as your breasts jiggle and oscillate with every motion you make. I marvel at the feel of your buttocks, firm yet soft, smacking against my upper thighs. I momentarily play with your bouncing breasts, but soon turn my attention to your butt, placing my hands on each cheek, and reveling as your hips pump up and down, bringing us both great pleasure.

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   I maintain a firm grasp of your buttocks, and you lean over and we begin to kiss, which by this point is akin to mouth to mouth resuscitation, as our mutual and heavy breathing is exchanged with each passionate embrace. You run your nails down my chest; you kiss my neck and on occasion use your fingers to stimulate yourself, all the while carrying on with your rhythmic vertical motion over my erect penis. Within a few more moments, you come once more, and begin to grind your hips against mine, pushing my penis as far as it will go into your vagina. You lean back, let out a cry of pleasure, and begin to bounce up and down with great fervor as you become engaged in the throes of your orgasm. While in the throes of your orgasm, I sense my own orgasm coming, and quickly change positions, placing you on your back once more, taking over the duties of pumping in and out of your vagina. You continue to scream in pleasure, and within minutes I join you, as I feel my penis convulse and its hot juices flow into the condom. I begin to thrust myself harder and harder, ramming myself into your vagina with blistering force and speed. We look into each others eyes and sense the passion and pleasure we are both feeling. You help me along, grabbing my buttocks, and forcing me against you, as we both continue to come for many minutes. Before long, we are exasperated, and we collapsed in each others arms and kiss. I keep my penis within your for a few moments, before finally withdrawing. We both let out sighs. It is now 9 in the evening, we have been in the throes of passion for almost 4 hours. You curl up beside me, in my arms, and we talk for another three hours, feeling very satisfied. I kiss you goodnight, and we fall asleep in each others arms.

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