Part Two: Amy's Violation


     Amy stared at John, Tom and Rob in horror.   "No!  You can't ass fuck me!  Your dicks are huge!  You'll kill me!"  Naturally, this outraged protest earned her a slap across the face from Rob.   "No worries, dear Amy, we'll start from smallest to largest this time. " said John reassuringly but this was far from comforting as Tom's cock was only 2" shorter than John's 9" cock and 1" shorter than Rob's 8" cock and both Tom and Rob were 2" thick and John was 2. 5" thick.   This would be 10 times worse than the rape of her virgin pussy.   Amy started to back away from them looking around wildly for any escape.   "Looks like we'll have to tie her down again," said Rob.   "So it seems," agreed John.
            They started to carry her over to the couch and rug but Amy started kicking and screaming, desperate not to experience this new pain.   John slapped her twice across the face, hard, and Amy quieted and he said, "If you don't behave Amy I'll take your ass first and then you'll be sorry!"  Amy bowed her head and went meekly to the rug where they told her to kneel on her hands and knees.   She did so and as Tom strapped her wrists and elbows down she noticed that the rug was bolted to the floor.   Rob and John pulled her legs apart and strapped her ankles down.   She was now positioned so that her ass stuck up in the air and she rested on her forearms and her forehead could rest on the floor if she let it and her nipples grazed the rug, which had a slightly scratchy texture, and it stimulated her breasts until they were hard little nubs.
            Rob was again checking the camera's position so that it caught the whole rug scene on it.   Meanwhile Tom was selecting a lube from the tables and called over his shoulder, "Amy, did you recently take a dump?"  Blushing furiously she said, "Not since last night.

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  "  As it had been a good 7 hours since then Tom said to Rob and John, "guess we better give her an enema then. "  "Yes, but we'll leave her tied up until she needs to empty herself," said Rob, "shall we film it?"  "Yeah, dump out the portable toilet so that it's empty for the film. "  Amy knew what they meant by this, as the portable toilet's base was clear plastic so what went in could be seen from the outside.   Tom readied the enema equipment while Rob emptied the toilet out the door leading outside with the code pad lock and Amy cursed silently that she couldn't see it from her position.   Tom brought over the enema equipment and the lube and Rob came back with the porta-potty and then went and hit record on the camera.
            Rob and Tom sat on the couch to watch and John knelt behind and beside her and started to insert a thin tube into her anus.   Amy tensed and strained away from it but couldn't do much, bound as she was, and her tensing made it a little painful.   Once John felt it was in deep enough he flipped a switch that started a pump, causing warm water to flow through the tube and into her rectum from a full bucket.   When about half a gallon of water was in her rectum she started to squirm uncontrollably at the unbearable full feeling and felt her abdomen bulge some because of the water.   John flipped the switch off and slowly, agonizingly pulled the tube out of her ass.   As soon as it was out Tom, Rob and John quickly unstrapped her and sat her on the porta-potty where, unable to hold back any longer, Amy let it all out.   Water mixed with excrement gushed out into the toilet for about a minute, then Amy peed and Tom handed her a wet cloth and Amy wiped herself.   Then they got her to kneel on her hands and knees again and they strapped her down the way she'd been before and during the enema.   They quickly moved the enema equipment and toilet out of the camera's view and came back with the jar of lube.
            Tom knelt behind her this time and reached between her legs and started finger her clit and pussy while John and Rob sat on the couch, their cocks in their hands, stroking.

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    While Tom fingered her clit with one hand he lubed up his cock with the other and put a little dollop on his finger and started to apply it to her butt hole.   Amy tensed but when that was all he did she went back to enjoying the fingering.   When Tom felt her relax again her plunged his finger inside her anus and started to finger fuck her ass and Amy gave a little cry at the unexpected pain but Tom's fingering of her clit quickly overtook the brief pain.   Then, just as Amy was about to cum Tom pulled his hand away from her pussy and his finger from her ass.   Amy moaned in frustration and became nervous about what would come next, causing her to tense up slightly.
            Tom positioned his lubed up cock on her butt hole and Amy tensed a little more, "Relax, Amy, or it will really hurt," he warned but before she could fully relax he grabbed her hips and pushed in hard, burying a good 3" at once.   Amy screamed and strained up and away from him but to no avail, she was bound to tightly for much movement.   "Get it out!  You're tearing me apart!  Pleeease!"  Amy cried out knowing he wouldn't listen.   Just as the pain started to subside Tom plunged in another 2" and she screamed again and gave a little buck, lodging him in the last 2" causing her to cry out again and a few tears squeezed out of her eyes, running down her face.  
After another minute when the pain had mostly subsided Tom started thrusting in and out and Amy started crying again because of the pain, making her feel like he was tearing her in half, his 2" thick cock being hard for a virgin ass to take.   Tom continued to finger her clit while he fucked her ass faster and faster causing her to rock back and forth on the rug, arousing her nipples.   Sensation burst over Amy in waves as the combined torture of her clit, nipples and ass made her explode into orgasm.   The clenching of her tight anus was too much for Tom and his hot cum gushed into her ass, filling her up.   Amy's sphincter was clenched so tightly around Tom's cock that he had to wait a minute before he could pull it out, once he did he went off the camera to clean up and Rob took his place.
Rob waited for Amy's orgasm to die out then lubed himself up and spread her ass cheeks and positioned his cock for entry.

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    Though Tom hadn't been gentle in his taking, Rob was even less so and plunged half his cock (4") in before pausing and Amy gave a loud cry at the pain, the only thing she could be grateful for was that Rob was no thicker than Tom even though he was an inch longer.
      Rob slammed the rest of his cock in hard and Amy screamed and sobbed loudly.   Rob started fucking her ass immediately, not giving her any reprieve, hard and fast, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks, and reached around and stuck a finger up her pussy and finger fucked her making sure he stroked her G-spot every time.   Amy gasped through her sobbing and very soon she felt her sobs of pain turn into sobs of orgasm and she started to push her ass up to meet her thrusts.   As her anus squeezed Rob's cock he gave one final thrust and she could feel the heat of his cum filling her ass up.   When he pulled out and went to clean off his cock Tom and John came and unstrapped her ankles and pulled her legs straight but still spread so that it lowered her ass considerably and restrapped her legs.
    John stood off to the side and lubed his 9" cock up and Rob came and got underneath her, his cock touching her pussy lips and Tom came and knelt in front of her, his cock jutting out towards her lips.   John spread her ass cheeks and positioned his cock over her anus and started to push in.   Amy cried out at the new pain for John was a half-inch thicker than Rob and Tom and while it seemed a minimal amount it made a difference in such a tight hole.   John gave 3 small thrusts (3" at a time) until he was buried to the hilt in her ass.   Suddenly she felt Rob plunge his cock into her soaking pussy in one hard thrust and she gave a little moan at this second invasion and then John started to fuck her ass and as he plunged back in Rob started to fuck her pussy.   John was slapping her ass cheeks and Rob held her hips so she couldn't avoid the blows.   Amy, lost in the intense pleasure-pain sensation, screamed "Ohhhhh!  I'm cummmming!  Ohhhh God!"  And when she opened her mouth to breath heavily Tom thrust his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth, Amy immediately closed her lips around his cock and started sucking him off.   Amy couldn't take it anymore and she came again and again and again and suddenly John and Rob plunged home at the same time and shot their hot cum deep into her ass and pussy filling them and then Tom came in her mouth and she swallowed all she could.
    They pulled out of her orifices and Rob went to stop the recording while John went to clean off and Tom came to release her -- or so Amy had thought.

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        But Tom merely restrapped her so she was back on her knees with her ass in the air again.   "Aren't we finished for now?"  Amy asked politely.   "We are," said Tom cryptically, "but you're not. "  Amy was about to ask what he meant when she heard the outside door being opened and John yelled, "Wolf!  Brutus!  Here boys!"  followed by a piercing whistle.   Dogs?  Amy thought.   No, they can't mean to do that to me!  No sooner had she thought it when two black Great Danes bounded inside looking around eagerly.   Amy heard Rob stick in a fresh recording tape.   Oh God!  Not this!  Anything but this!  Amy's mind screamed but her voice was frozen.
    To Be Continued. . .   

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