Penny By The Pool


"Hi Uncle, are you sure I am welcome here?" Penny asks in a soft voice. I've never heard that loud brat utter anything below 120 decibels and it surprises me, must be exhaustion from the journey. "Hello, Penny. Of course you are always welcome," I lie. Debbie smirks at me as if accusing me of fibbing then says to Penny, "better go to Emma's room to unpack. We've booked a table in the restaurant at half past six for a buffet dinner. "A few seconds later, I hear the squealing from Emma's bedroom. I dread for the days to come. Another 20 minutes, Penny and Emma emerge hand-in-hand. The little brat is still wearing that silly jacket. "Hey Penny, aren't you feeling a bit hot?" I asked, "Why don't you leave that jacket behind?"Penny turns a shade red and shakes her head. Debbie shoots me the stare that says, "Shut Up!" and I comply. We have a scrumptious meal and the kids just stuff themselves. They both need to be fattened up anyway. We get home after the meal and following a game of Cluedo, Debbie shows the kids one after the other to the bathroom. When they are done, Debbie locks herself inside the bathroom for a bit of peace and quiet, leaving me behind to tuck the two kids in bed.

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  "Good night girls. ""Good night, Dad. Please leave the light on. I shall switch it off later. " Emma gives me a hug and a big kiss before slipping in bed next to Penny. "Good night uncle. " Emma says in the same timid voice she's been talking to me all day and gathers the cover tightly around her. That is surprisingly easy and I turn to leave. The second I close the door I hear Emma's whisper. "Penny, show them to me again. "I wonder what they are up to. I check that Debbie is still in the bathroom and I press my ear to Emma's door. "Gosh, Penny you have grown a bust!"Instantly my ears are pricked and my cock begins to swell, but I can't quite make out Penny's reply. "When did they start to grow?"I press my ear harder against the door. "About seven months ago.

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  ""Didn't you say over the phone that your breasts hurt very much when they first started to grow?" In her excitement, Emma raises her voice. "Ssshhh, I don't want uncle to hear. It's so embarrassing. They hurt a little when they first started to puff up. But they are okay now. ""Wow, they are so beautiful. I hope that mine will grow soon. ""Don't worry. They started to swell when I was eleven and a half. Emma, you still have a bit to wait. " I didn't know Penny is 12 already and has reached puberty. "Penny, can I touch them?"My cock jumps! Damn, my daughter who is not quite nine yet is having a lesbian scene with Penny???!!!"Wow, they feel so warm and soft, Penny. "And I nearly creamed in my pants!"Penny, can I take a look at you down there? You said hair just started to appear. "I press my ear hard against the door until it hurts but it doesn’t hurt so much as my cock, that strains to break free from under my pants. All I can hear is Emma's giggle.

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  "Emma! Please, don't look at me there. It's so ugly. I want to sleep now, I'm so tired. "I hear a click as the strip of light goes out from under the door. "Good night, Penny. ""Good night, Emma. "I wait and wait and after hearing nothing for another five minutes, I open the door a crack and find them indeed asleep. I struggle if I would lift the quilt and take a peek at my niece's new breasts but finally let my hypocratic sense of decency take over. Instead, I take a long look at Penny, who is now sleeping so peacefully. She's actually a sweet little girl and not ugly as I said she was. I kiss Penny lightly on the cheek and return to my bedroom with a massive hard-on. I can't keep Penny out of my mind and I relieve myself by having very rough sex with Debbie that night. "Darling, you look after the kids today. I shall come back after work as soon as I can. " Debbie looks into my eyes in the morning and adds, "be nice to Penny, okay?"That morning, I try everything to con Penny to taking off her jacket without success.

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   I am so obsessed by my desire to check on my niece’s young breasts that I miss the obvious. "Emma, shall we take a break from this noisy PS2 game and take a dip in the pool instead?""Great idea, Dad!" Emma switches off the game machine and grabs Penny by the hand. The two girls disappear into Emma's room. I change into my swimming trunks and sit on a deck chair by the poolside with much anticipation. After a good 15 minutes, Emma drags a very reluctant Penny out to the pool area. The shy girl tiptoes awkwardly and with downcast eyes. Her arms are hung straight in front of her, trying desperately to hide her chest. She is short for her age, even for a Chinese girl. Penny is three years older but a mere two inches taller than my daughter. I know exactly how tall Penny is - 4'7" in her tennis shoes. The restaurant took her height measurement last night and charged her half price at kids' rate. She looks so fragile and she blushes when she sees me checking her out. Her calves though thin are quite shapely and they come in good proportion with her slim thighs and boyish hips. Her legs are pressed tightly together and there is no gap showing below her crotch. Well that shall be rectified in time when she becomes ready for sex.

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  Shit, what am I thinking? I really have a very dirty mind! I better not act like a sex maniac. "You girls can jump in first. But since neither of you can swim, you must stay at the shallow end while I go inside to fetch a few towels, okay?"They are already skidding towards the pool. I steal a backward glance at Penny before I disappear through the patio door. My niece is tiptoeing to the pool with her back to me. Her cute little butt bounces lively and seductively at me. Her long mane of jet-black hair is swaying down her back to around her waist. Now I really need to grab a towel to hide my erection!When I come out to the pool again, the two girls are splashing water and laughing at each other. I am glad to see that some of Penny's inhibitions have disappeared. I dive into the pool, swim under water and emerge between them. They immediately start splashing water at me and I retaliate, drenching them. They squeal and surrender. When my eyes are clear, I take a good look at Penny's swim-suited new breasts. What sweet puffiness! Two small swells are wrapped tightly under her blue bathing costumes with teddy bears prints. Her swimsuit must have been bought last year, as the costume looks too small for her young breasts.

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   I am mesmerised to see the two round shades of her small areolas showing through the wet lycra material! My cock twitches at the sight of the beautiful twin peaks. "Look uncle, you have a fat belly!" Penny catches me off-hand. No, I don't have a fat belly, have I? I always check my calories intakes and workout regularly. Although the six-pack abs-muscles have long disappeared, I surely don't have a fat belly. Well, it must have been just a bit of left over from last night's buffet. "No, I don't have a fat belly!""Yes, you have daddy. ""No, I don't. ""Yes, you have a fat belly Uncle. " Penny gigglesI feel strangely hurt by Penny's remark and try to tuck my stomach in until I realise that both girls are just kidding me. "Fat belly? You have a fat belly, Emma. . . and you Penny. . .

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  "I poke a finger at their tummies and they squeal loudly and start splashing water at me again. I dive under water and begin pulling at their legs. Emma loses her balance and sits on the bottom of the pool. She pulls a silly face at me under water before getting up again. Then it is Penny’s turn as she also lands on her bottom. As I am still holding a leg and pulling it open, I suddenly see a dark shadow emerge from under the slit at the bottom of her swimsuit between her crotch and her left leg. Her pubes has indeed started to grow. Fortunately, she doesn’t know my discrete inspection. She gets up laughing radiantly at me and my cock begins to swell. "Hey, you girls want me to take you to the deep end?""Yea. . . " they echo together. "Okay, grab hold of my arms and let's go. "I wrap my right arm round Emma's chest and try to do the same with Penny.

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   But my niece just holds of my left arm with both her hands to keep it far away from her chest. Damn, the kid is not stupid!As I tiptoe towards the deep end, I try my wicked way to slip my arm closer to Penny's chest but she resisted. Suddenly I become so wanton. "Emma, do you think you can manage the last few yards to end?""Of course, let me show you dad. "Emma takes a deep breath, untangles my arm and splashes her limbs about, moving towards the deep end. She gives me a look of triumph when she grabs the edge and I show her a thumb-up. "Penny, do you want to try?" I look into her eyes and can see that she's scared. Penny gives no reply but hyperventilates a few times in preparation for the dash. She let go of my arm but in her excitement, she thrashes her arms above her head, she chokes and begins to sink. I swear that I have only her safety in mind when I grab her with my left arm, but my arms slips from her waist and my palm ends up cupping a tiny soft breast. The unexpected contact sends an electric current from my palm all the way down my groin. I become so embarrassed that just as suddenly I release her breast. Without the support, Penny continues to sink when she tries desperately to paddle towards me. I wrap my strong arm behind her waist and pull her to me. Penny is so frightened that she practically jumps out of the water when she wraps her limbs tightly around me.

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   What she doesn't realise is that her young breasts are squashed on my face and that gives me an instant erection. Then she begins to slide down in front of me. Oh my god, her open crotch rubs over my chest, slides slowly down my tummy until her virgin pussy lips finally rest against the bulge in front of my swimming trunks. When I feel that her warm breasts are now resting softly just above my tummy, my cock jerks! Oh fuck, I am caught!There is a stunned look in her innocent face when she feels my erection through the thin layers of our swimming costumes. My face burns when I look her in the eyes. She knows!"Penny, I am so. . . " I try to apologise for my indiscretion but the words just choke at the back of my throat. Instead I say, "you girls better stay at the shallow end for the time being until you learn how to swim. "I grab Emma and lead the two girls back to the shallow end. Penny keeps her chest a very respectable distance from me all the while. "Don't go to the deep end. " I give the order as I walk out of the pool with a big tent in front of my swimming trunks. I have to lie flat on my tummy on the deck chair to hide my bulging erection.

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   I steal a glance at Penny to find that she is looking my way. My cock twitches under me as our eyes meet. Damn! I screw my eyes shut, trying desperately to shut Penny out of my mind. After a while, my shoulder begins to ache as the high noon sun is burning fiercely. The pool suddenly becomes so quiet. I open my eyes a crack and my heart nearly leaps out of my mouth. Penny is lying face down on a deck chair to my left. She has slipped off the shoulder straps of her swimsuit and is sunning her bareback. I look around, Emma is nowhere in sight. I flip over quietly and crane my neck but all I can see is the swell at the side of her new breast just below her right armpit, as she has both arms stretched above her head. How I wish that she would prop herself up and give me a glimpse of her new breasts. Well, there is no harm giving a little try. "Penny, you're going to get a sunburn if you stay this way any longer. " I say gently. Penny turns her face then smiles sexily at me through the slits of her half closed eyes.


   Very slowly she turns her back towards me and sits up, careful not to show anything. Oh, how I wish that I were sitting on the other side of her. Any second now, Penny is going to pull up the shoulder straps and hide her treasure. Please don't do this to me Penny, I pray!As if reading my mind, Penny suddenly turns and casually lays her back on the deck chair, offering me the magnificent sight of her gorgeous puffy new breasts. Strikingly pink and spiky nipples tip her petite ivory white twin mounds. I feel a sudden dryness in my throat and swallow hard. My eyes are bulged and I must have looked like a dirty old man to Penny. Penny smiles provocatively at me through her half closed eyes again then says. "Uncle, do you like my breasts?"I don't know what to say. "Penny, you are a big girl now. I. . . I think you need to cover yourself. .

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  . ""Don't be silly, Uncle. I knew you tried to take a look at them last night when you thought I was asleep and you had your wicked way just a short while back when you squeezed my tit. It still hurts. " She feigns anger and her small hands come up to massage her soft breasts. "I eh,. . . I. . . " my face is beetroot. "Don't worry, I won't tell auntie Debbie, because I really fancy you Uncle. "I am speechless!"Uncle, do you want to make love to me?""Don't be silly. Penny, you don't know what you are talking about.

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  ""I sure do, Uncle. " Penny takes a lingering look at the bulge in my swimming trunks then pulls a mischievous grin. "And I know what that's hidden in your swimming trunks. Anyway, I think it's time that I lose my cherry. I want to give it to you, Uncle!""No, eh. . . "Penny suddenly stands up, wriggles her swimsuit off her lithe body and throws it into the pool as she exclaims loudly, "Weee!"We watch her blue swimming costume skinks to the bottom at the deep end in silence. Then Penny twirled round in circle a few times, offering me an all round and unobstructed view of her fresh preteen body. My cock throbs at the sight of her new breasts jiggling on her slim torso. The tropical sunray is so strong that makes me squint my eyes, but I still cannot see her most private parts clearly. I can only make out this faint dark strip of fine hair that lines her young and uninitiated slit. "Come on, Uncle. See, I am not wearing anything and I am all embarrassed now that you're still wearing your trunks!" Penny squeals and breaks my trance.
    "Hey, what are you doing Penny?" I begin to worry that Emma may come out any second and catch us.

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      "Don't worry, uncle. Emma took a shower while you dozed off and is now sleeping in bed. ""What if she wakes up and decides to check on us?""No she won't. I slipped half a sleeping pill in her coke. Now she is sound asleep. She won't bother us, for a while. Oh, Uncle, I've been waiting for this for so long. It's now or never, Uncle!""What? What?" I am shivering all over with anticipations. "Come on, let me help you Uncle. "Penny rushes to me when she grabs my swimming trunks and pulls. They slip easily to my ankles and my hard cock pops up like a flagpole, the purple helmet gleaming under the sun. I suddenly become embarrassed and try to hide my cock from Penny. "I knew it," Penny giggles. "What?" Suddenly I become worried at what my nubile young niece may say about my manhood. "Do you know that your cock bends to the left? Gosh, Uncle you are so big!"Although I know that I am not big, my cock jumps to attention and pays this little slut a most respectable salute.

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      "You don't mind if I kiss it a little, do you Uncle?"And before I could put up pretence for anything, Penny wraps her sensual lips round the ridge of my knob and begins to suck. Hold back, man. Just hold back and don't shot in her mouth, yet! I want it buried inside her virgin pussy. "Mmm, your cock tastes nice! Can we try 69, Uncle?"As if possessed, I bend my back; twist my neck and lap hungrily at Penny's young pussy, paying particular attention to her clit that stands prominently at the top of her slit. "Oh, yeah. . . yes, yes, eat my pussy, Uncle. "I obey and for good measures, I dart the tip of my tongue through her puckered butt hole. "Oh My God, I'm Coming Uncle!" Penny squeals and shudders. I take the opportunity to cup her soft young breasts in my palms and feel their sensual warmth diffuse through my body. As I roll her pink nipples with my thumbs and forefingers, she jumps with orgasmic pleasure. "Yeah. . .

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       Yeah. . . ARRRHH!" that little slut is screaming at the top of her voice, in well over 120 decibels! Her scream echoes round the hillside of Magazine Gap Road at Midlevel, Hong Kong Island to all over the Victoria Harbour. "Oh, Uncle that was wonderful. Now please fuck me!""Are you sure you want to go all the way, Penny?"My heart is pounding madly as I am so scared. I've been married 13 years and I've never been unfaithful to Debbie. I was a virgin when I met Debbie at 25 but she wasn't. She later told me that I was her third lover. I've always felt a twinge that I was not her only one, that I would never have the chance to pop a cherry. However, I wouldn't dare to play around. Now, I stand to lose everything if I get caught with Penny. The court doesn't take too kindly to rape perpetrated by a trusted guardian. "Yes, Uncle I'm sure. I'm tired of being a virgin.

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       I want to be the first one to lose it in my class. At school, they say that I am short, that my mouth is too big and that I am ugly and nobody wants me. Is that true, Uncle?" Penny begins to cry. "Of course, not. Penny, you are a very beautiful girl!" and you have the loveliest pair of titties, I want to add. "Then please make love to me. I want you to pop my cherry, Uncle!" A timid but warm smile breaks from Penny's sensual lips. I discern joy in Penny's tear-streaked cheeks once again. "But. . . ""Don't worry, I haven't started my M. C. yet and I can't get pregnant. I want to feel your big cock in me, Uncle!" Penny says as if reading my mind again and that settles that.

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      "Oh Penny, you better lie down and spread your legs. I shall be very gentle but this is going to hurt a bit. . . ""Stop patronising me, Uncle. I know the score. "I grab hold of my hard cock and slide it along Penny's tiny slit. Her fine and soft pubic fluffs that decorate her virginal pussy graze sensually over the tip of my knob. My pre-cum is smeared and mixed with her nectar that is now flowing freely from the deep inside Penny. I crane my neck and kiss lightly on Penny's soft twin peaks that brings a soft moan from her. "Mmm. . . ""Are you ready, Penny?"She looks at me through that sensual half-closed slits of her eyes and gives a mere perceptible nod and I begin cautiously. I nudge my purple helmet against the opening of Penny's moist pussy petals and braced myself for that no man's land between my young niece's slim thighs.

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      I push and grit my teeth, as she feels so tight. But her slippery nectar helps me to easy my way in. I grab my shaft and bravely march forward. Suddenly, my knob gains entrance as I stretch and begin tore through Penny's hymen, bringing my young niece to the brink of womanhood. "Stop! Uncle, it hurts!" Penny's eyebrows furrow deeply as she grits her teeth and begs me to stop. I feel a sudden squeeze round my knob as her wounded pussy contracts to deny my advance. "Hold on, Penny. We are almost there. ""NO. It hurts, it hurts, Uncle. No, no, no. . . I don't want to do this anymore. " Penny weeps.

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      How can I retreat? I've also been waiting for this moment all my life, to pop a cherry. I give a sudden thrust at my hip and feel that my cock is buried to the hilt into Penny's tiny pussy. I hiss as I feel tightness all around me. "ARRRHHH. . . " Penny screams and her eyes roll as if she is about to pass out. A sudden pleasure surges through my groin and erupts through the tip of my knob. Penny's young pussy is so tiny there is no room to contain the full blast of my cum. I feel that her quim is already filled to the brim while I have only half unloaded my balls!"Oh, Penny! Oh, Penny. . . Penny!"Just as suddenly, the patio door is being slid open. "You son of the bitch. .

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      . " Debbie shouts and charges towards me in rage. I try to push Penny away, but her tight pussy squeezes and holds my pulsating cock in place that I cannot dislodge myself. Then Debbie is all over us. First she slaps me in the face then begins to push me violently. When she finds that Penny is still holding tightly onto me, she hit on her niece as well. "Uncle! Uncle!" Penny cries and tries to dodge the blows from Debbie whilst I try my best to shield my young lover. "Uncle, Uncle. . . " "What? What!" I ask in total confusion, as I open my eyes, and see a swim-suited Penny looking down at me. It's quiet all around once more. My back hurts from Debbie's attack. No, Debbie's not here. My back is sunburned and I must have dozed off for a long time.


      "You've been shouting my names, I thought you wanted something from me Uncle. "I am going to say yes, I want sex with you!I squint my eyes around and find to my relieve that I am indeed alone with Penny. "Uncle, can you teach me to swim? I want to beat Emma. ""Well, sure! But where's Emma, by the way?""She said she was tired, took a shower and went to take a nap. ""Right, right. "I prop myself up. Sniff, Sniff!!?? Oh, Shit!!!!"Penny, be a good girl and wait for me at the shallow end. I shan't be long. "I hurry away before my cum seeps through the swimming trunk. Thirteen years, I have never been unfaithful to my wife but this once and it was in my mind only. Damn, and I have a wet dream! First time in over 20 year, what?However, I go straight to Emma's room to check that she's indeed sound asleep. After cleansing myself, I walk out to the pool again but find that Penny is lying prone on a deck chair sunny her back. The sight of her lithe backside sends a quick pulse to my groin. No harm trying, right?"Hey, Penny you are going to get some ugly tan marks on your back. Eh.

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      . . why don't you slip off the shoulder straps if you are going to sunbathe over there?"Penny pulls a mischievous grin at me and says, "I don't think so, Uncle. "Shit, you little brat! The next few days is going to be Hell!- END -.
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