Penpals: Part One


Dear Landri, It sounds as though your mum really cares about you, I know mine loves me, but she and I could never have the kind of talk you and your mum had!!! Oh, just another tidbit of info on the spanking, here in England it's almost like a normal part of foreplay!!! I just happened to be going to the loo at three AM, and I heard poppa giving mum some hard ones on her bare bum!!! Believe me, she was loving every second of it, cuz I could hear her moaning, and it wasn't from the pain!!!{hehehehehehehehe} When I came back out of the loo, the spanking had stopped and poppa was fucking {can I use that word in an e-mail???} mum like there was no tomorrow!!! I stood in the hallway for five minutes or so getting all worked up listening to mum get the fucking of her life!!! I'd never heard them cum before, but mum acts bloody slutty begging for poppa to give it to her harder!!! After she came, she took daddy into her mouth and sucked him off!!! I practically ran to my room where I wanked myself off in about five seconds!!! You talk about a wet pussy, I was dripping like a hatter!!! I know you think we Brits are a little daft, but sometimes when I do myself, I'll take two of those springy clothes pins and clip them to my nipples!!! At first it hurts like the dickens, but the longer I rub my clit the more the pain turns to pleasure, kinda all mixed together, it's hard to explain, but when I do it that way I cum a gusher!!! Gotta go now, and you're right, it is foggy in London town!!Love ya, Maggie Dear Mags, That clothes pin trick sounded brutal, are you nuts, girl, I much prefer Roy's warm mouth and lips!!! I hafta tell ya about the other night!!! Roy and I were parked and making out, and he was trying to get my bra off, but couldn't undo the clasp!!! Men are just so helpless!!! He was getting more and more frustrated and I though he was gonna rip it off me, but finally he begged me to help him!!! I teased him a little, but I was sure glad I took it off for him, cuz he sucked my nipples so hard I had an orgasm without him touching my pussy!!! I didn't even know I could do that, but it was wonderful, like almost being out of control, kinda self induced, almost like if you cum in your sleep, it just happens, bang, out of the blue!!! That was something, you getting to hear your folks fucking {yes, Virginia, you can use that word in an e-mail!!!}, I've never done that, but my dad drives a truck and is gone a lot, and my mom has a vibrator she uses when he's away, I know, cuz I've heard her using it, because I think my mom is very sexual, and needs a lot of orgasms to keep her happy!!! You know how it is late at night when everything is so quiet you can almost hear a pin drop, well, that vibrator sounds almost like a buzzer on an alarm clock at two in the morning!!! One time she had it on for over and hour straight!!! She must have had it inside of her, cuz once I tried it when she was gone, and believe me, two minutes with that little hummer on your clit and it's over, climax city, baby!!! It's time for me to go to work, so I'll seeya!!! Landri Dear Landri, You mum must have had the extra long lasting batteries in her vibe, but let me tell ya, hon, those little plastic shakers can be an absolute life saver!!! I picked one up in Soho last summer and use it at least two or three times a week!!! In fact, it came in a kit with two of them, a bigger one to do your clit and fuck yourself with, and a really small one that you can put inside you and just leave it there!!! Just the other day I put it in just before supper!!! I had a orgasm right at the table with my whole family around, it was hard to just sit there and have this huge explosion going off in your cunt while at the same time passing the pudding to mum!!! My hand was shaking like a leaf but she never even noticed!!! Andy took me to the cinema last week end, and of course I had my little "jewel" in my cunt!!! I kept stiffening up when I'd cum, and the poor dear kept asking me if I was cold or something, and I'd say, no, hon, in fact I'm a little on the warm side!!! In the car afterwards he was begging me to wank him off, but I turned the tables on him and pulled out my big vibe!!! He thought right away he was going to get to use it on my cunt, but I made him take down his trousers and take it up his little bum hole!!! He squealed like a little oinker, but his pecker got really hard and spurted all over with my hummer up his ass!!! I don't mind getting my bum smacked a little bit, but I'm afraid that I really have a lot of domination in me, and any man that has me will have to pay the price!!! I felt so powerful when I fucked Andy's ass with my vibe, and seeing him being made to crawl for me, it was heaven!!! When I got home late that night, while slipping up the stairs to my room, I could see a light through the crack in mum's bedroom!!! I was going to reach in and shut it off, but she was laying on the bed with her vibe stuck inside of her pussy!!! She has big boobs, and had a nipple in her mouth while she fucked herself!!! I still had my little hummer in my pussy, so I got incredibly hot watching mum do herself!!! When she finally got off, I was right there with her, feeling my chest up under my sweater, and having a big one in my wet cunt!!! Is that crazy or what, having a simultaneous orgasm with my mum!!! Okay, that's it for now, this is Maggie signing off, bye!!!THE END
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