I shook my head slightly as she turned to me with the silly grin on her face. “You shouldn’t act like such a silly little girl, or I’ll treat you as one, Pet. Come here. ” She slowly walked over to me knowing the punishment she’d receive and continued to smile. It was obvious she enjoyed being spanked, frankly I didn’t care that it only heightened here arousal, I enjoyed it to much myself to stop. She stood in front of me, my eyes level with her breasts as I sat in the chair and could clearly see her erect nipples trying to poke a hole through the thin dress. I patted my thighs with my hands, and she knew exactly what to do. Janie lay across my lap, her butt raised in the air, the dress managing to cover only half of it, while the white cotton panties sticking out underneath covered the rest of her beautiful ass. I raised my hand slowly and kept my eyes on her firm little ass. Quickly I slapped my hand down hard on the left cheek of her ass, causing a short gasp to escape her lips before she could gain composure of herself. “One, thank you Master. ”Again I slapped my hand down on her ass, this time onto her right cheek, this time I only heard her deep breathing. “Two, thank you Master. ”I slapped my hand down, harder than the other two and right where her asshole is, slightly between her thighs, smiling at the soft moan that escaped her lips. “Th-three, thank you Master. ”Her arousal was obvious.


   There was a wet patch on her white panties, around her pussy. “That will do I think pet, now, will you be a good little girl and do as I say?”“Yes Master. ” She responded meekly. “Now sit in my lap pet. ” And she did exactly as she was told. Facing me, her legs around my waist and her tight little ass against my hardening cock. “Now be a good girl and moan for me. ” I commanded as I slid my hand down between us moving it underneath the white dress and against her cotton panties. I let three of my fingers lay flat against the wet patch on her panties, and could feel the juicy lips of her pussy aching to be stretched. She moaned softly and squirmed slightly, almost trying to grind her pussy into my fingers before she managed to control herself and sat still. Janie knew she’d cum when I let and her and not before. I let my fingers push against her pussy through the panties, her lips opening wide in a silent scream of pleasure, as I slowly pushed my fingers passed her pussy lips, the white cotton panties moving in with my fingers pulling the material tight against her clit and her ass. I moved the thumb on my finger, stretching it over to the small bump in her panties. I rubbed against her hard clit, rubbing with the cotton over the erect nub, causing my pet to moan and arch her back. “Please Master,” she gasped, “I want to feel you inside me.

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  ”She didn’t deserve to feel my cock inside her, at least not yet. I decided to let my finger slide from her pussy, my thumb also removed from her clit. Before she could protest I slid my hand inside the waist of her panties and down, to the position it was just in. My thumb touched here bare throbbing clit and she moaned for me. As she moaned I slid my three fingers slowly into her juicy pussy, causing her moan to heighten almost to a scream. I began moving my fingers at a slow pace, just working them in and out, curling them to rub against her g-spot as they slid inside her. She showed her appreciation by arching her back, her breasts being thrust out towards my face. I let my thumb rub in slow gentle circles around her clit, letting it slide over the top of her clit as my fingers rubbed against her g-spot. It wasn’t long before her breathing turned to short gasps, her eyes were closed over and a continuous moan was coming from her mouth. I knew she was going to cum very soon. I quickened my pace, my fingers pumping harder, faster and deeper into her wet pussy. Juices streamed from her pussy, covering my hand and soaking her panties. Her pussy clenched tightly around my fingers and I left them buried inside her, fingertips rubbing against her g-spot. I kept my thumb flicking against her clit as it throbbed and her orgasm exploded through her. Her eyes closed, an endless moan and her pussy clenching signalled it.

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   Her cum leaked from around my fingers, covering my hand and pooling in her completely soaked cotton white panties.
    She opened her eyes to a pleasant smile upon my face. “Beautiful pet, but I think I need some taking care of. ”She giggled and wiggled her ass against my obviously hard cock poking against her. Hopping off my lap, she knelt on the floor between my legs. Janie reached up, taking the zipper of my pants in her fingers and sliding it down, then reaching into my pants with the grin of a child in a candy store, she withdrew my cock. She shuffled forward; gripping my cock tight in her slender right hand and slowly began stroking up and down the shaft. She leant in, her mouth just inches from the head of my cock and let her tongue flick out and licked the tip of my cock as she continued jerking it. Her other hand slid inside my pants and cupped my balls, squeezing them softly and rubbing them between her thumb and forefinger. She started jerking my cock fast, squeezing it tight in her hand and I felt myself very near to cumming. She knew I was close, she could feel my balls tighten as they got ready to expel my juices. Janie clamped her mouth down on the head of my cock, taking the head into her mouth, her lips wrapped tight around it as she continue to jerk my cock. Her tongue flicked around the head of my cock as she sucked it into her mouth. This pushed me over the edge. My orgasm shot from my throbbing cock right up my spine, pleasure over riding every other sense.

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       Cum shot from the head of my cock deep into her throat and I felt her swallowing as much as she could. My cock throbbed as cum squirted from my cock and went down my pets’ throat. “Good pet. ” I patted her head softly and she smiled up at me. .

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