Rachele's Naughty Surprise


Rachele and I always enjoy having sex with each other, but the risk of getting caught did something more for the both of us. So, our meetings at the diner got even more dangerous which made us even hotter for one another. We even fucked in a stall in the ladies restroom a couple of times! Finally, Rachele informed me that she wanted to take things up a notch. There is no way I could resist any idea that this 19 year old sex goddess had in mind. How could I say no to those bright aqua-blue eyes, that model-like face, that long, curly, strawberry blonde hair, and that slender young body of hers. She said we had to wait until the right time for what she had in mind. When I asked what exactly that was, she just grinned and said "You'll see," and then let out a girlish giggle. Finally, the night came when I found out what her little "surprise" was. I arrived a little after 1 a. m. The place was dead except for two old trucker guys, the cook in the back, and one other waitress. The manager was off for the night. Rachele looked great. Her hair was tied up in the back with a white ribbon with just a few locks loose and dangling in front of her face, and her skin had a perfect, almost golden tan. She smiled as I entered the restaurant; it was a glowing, beautiful smile accentuated by her high cheek bones and the sparkling lip-gloss she was wearing. As she came up to greet me I kissed her roughly, which took her by surprise and caused her already naturally rosy cheeks to blush even more.

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   We sat in one of the booths and made out. She kept looking back at the two truckers who were unabashedly watching her. I could tell she was really turned on having the eyes of complete strangers fixated upon her during this intimate moment with me. After awhile, the truckers paid and left. Now it was just Rachele and I and the other waitress in the front of the diner, and the cook in the back behind the partition. Rachele's lovely lips were against my ear and were saying in a seductive tone "I think tonight's the night, baby. "My heart began to race and a bulge grew in my pants. She got up and smiled back at me as she walked toward the other waitress, and I sat patiently as my hard-on grew in my pants. "Sharon, why don't you take a break. I'll handle any customers if they show up," Rachele said. "All right, thanks. I'll be back in 5," Sharon said as she approached the door. "Go ahead and take, like, 15," Rachele replied as she looked at me with a devilish smile. Sharon left and Rachele leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Wait here, I'll be right back. " She then headed into the ladies room.

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   She was only gone for about a minute, but it seemed like an eternity as my hormones raced with anticipation. To my surprise, when she returned she was naked except for her small waitress' apron which was tied around her slim waist! I looked over every inch of her perfect body. Her firm, petite breasts with her hard nipples sticking out, her toned stomach covered sporadically with a half dozen or so beauty marks, and her long, silky smooth legs were almost too much to take in all at once. But what really turned me on was the fact that all that separated me from her lovely pussy was that small apron. "What can I get for you tonight?" she asked with a seductive, pouty expression on her face. I was so shocked and turned on I couldn't even muster the words. "I have something good for you to eat, do you wanna know what it is?" she said as she placed her hands on her hips. Ogling her as she stood in that sexy pose, I blurted out "Yes, I want it. " "Oh, so you want it, huh," she said, and I could tell by the way her voice was shaking that she was really, really turned on. What she did next absolutely drove me crazy. She turned around, shaking her gorgeous little ass as she walked, and then once she was several steps away, she turned, facing me again. Then, while biting the side of her lower lip, she bent her right knee slightly and arched her back. Staring me right in the eyes and still biting down on her lip, she reached behind her back and undid the straps of her apron, holding it so that it still covered her pussy. "Well then. .

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  . come and get it," she said, and then dropped her apron. Everything was like slow motion as the apron slid down her tanned legs and fell to the floor, exposing her exquisite, shaved pussy. As I approached her I pulled my shirt off over my head and started unbuttoning my pants. Once to her, she took over the job, unzipping them and pulling them off along with my underwear in one swift, passionate movement. Once we were both completely naked, we stood for a second admiring each other's bodies. Then we were kissing and she was grabbing my prick and rubbing my balls with her soft hands. I slid my index finger into her pussy. She was already wet with excitement and my finger went in with ease. I then took it out and put it in her mouth and she licked and sucked her own juices off of my finger. Next, I decided to go for it and I jammed three of my fingers into my girlfriend's tight pussy. She let out a little high pitched moan and began tonguing me with more intensity. I moved my fingers in and out quickly, and now she was grabbing onto my shoulders to brace herself. Next thing I knew, I was lying on my back on the table and she was straddling my face. "Eat me, oh yeah, eat me," she said, almost out of breath.

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   I worked my tongue quickly, moving it inside and all around the opening of her vagina. I then did a little trick that she just loves. I shoved my tongue as far inside as possible, moved it around a bit until she started shaking, then took it out and started licking her clit. I then rubbed the rough stubble on my chin against her clit and she let out an approving "oooh. " As I continued eating her out, she arched back and grabbed my cock for a few good strokes, then let it go. Now she was shaking and rubbing up hard against my tongue and face and as she continued to lose control she was almost slamming her pussy up against my face. Her legs then clenched together and she pulled my hair hard as her pussy juices soaked my chin and lips. She came twice before finally getting up. She pulled me off of the table and then she laid down onto the nearby table. She was laying there on her back, the most gorgeous vision of female sexuality, her breasts heaving as she breathed quickly and she rubbed her inner thighs and pussy with her hands. I then noticed that the cook was staring at us from around the corner. Rachele realized the look of panic on my face and then looked over and saw him as well. "Let's keep going! Fuck me Jeff, fuck me right here," she said quickly with excitement. Onlooker or no onlooker, I wasn't about to stop. I took a hold of Rachele's ankles and pushed her legs back against her chest and stomach.

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   She's so flexible that her feet could almost go behind her head. I shoved my cock into her tight fuckhole and both of us groaned simultaneously. I took her with unrestrained passion, pushing into her with long, deep strokes. We were fucking away, the table shaking, the salt and pepper shakers falling off onto the floor. We had forgotten all about the cook, but I stopped in sudden shock as I heard the door open. I turned my head to see a group of three older men in business suits enter. The men could not believe what they were seeing. A fit muscular guy with his young, blond girl underneath him getting screwed is something you only dream about walking into a public place and seeing. "No, don't stop," she said, her voice a sexy moan. I continued fucking, and Rachele was now screaming as she came. The door opened again and I could hear Sharon saying "What's going on in. . . ," and then her voice trailed off. Rachele and I continued our show as our audience drew a little closer.

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   I hadn't even noticed, but there was also now a younger couple there watching us as well. Everyone was speachless, almost in a trance as they wathced. We then changed positions on the floor. I fucked her doggystyle, and by this point I could feel the whole room getting turned on by seeing us fuck like a couple of uninhibited animals. I grabbed onto her waist in order to quicken the pace of my thrusting. Rachele didn't stop moaning and screaming; sometimes it was hard to tell if she was genuinely more horny than usual or if she was just exaggerating. I then took my cock out, and my body dripping with sweat I said to her, "I want to fuck your ass. " She hesitated for a moment. After all, we had never had anal sex before. She stuck her ass out and wiggled it slightly, saying in a teasing tone "Think it'll fit. " "Yeah, it'll fit," I said as I squeezed the tip of my cock into her constricted asshole. "Think that'll make it," she said, really not sure this time. I slowly eased it in, and with a little squirming on her part, I filled up her asshole with my massive member. I then pushed it in and out. I could judge by her lack of movement that she wasn't quite sure about this at first.

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   I could hear one of the guys say under his breath, "God, that's hot. "Pretty soon, Rachele was getting into it. She was fucking back at me, and she was squeezing her nipples and rubbing her clit. The pace quickened, and even though my cock barely fit into her tiny ass, I managed to fuck faster and faster. By now our moans were mixed in with the moans and sighs of the people looking on. I could tell that the friction was almost too much for her, but she was so hot by that point that her orgasms were coming in successions much closer than she had ever experienced before. "Cum in my ass, Jeff!" she exclaimed, her voice vibrating from our fast fucking motions. I could feel my balls tightening up, my muscles were more and more tense, and after a few more quick strokes I came, and I started fucking her tight little ass faster as I lost control and shot my hot cum deep into her ass. We had both worked up quite a sweat, and Rachele was flushed from the incredible experience. Everyone else was blushing as well, partly from the awkwardness of the situation and partly from being so turned on. The customers all slowly filed out, not really knowing what to say. I could tell by her face that Rachele hadn't expected this large of a crowd. We got up off of the floor and Rachele fingered her sore asshole for a few seconds. Then we got dressed as Sharon and the cook went back to clean up. Pretty soon the next shift of workers arrived and we all went home.

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   I imagine that everyone who saw us there that night had an experience they will never forget. I know that Rachele and I never will. .
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