Topic: Through slanted and awkwardly skewed eyes, I watch the empty bottle of beer come to rest on top of the counter and visually trace the outline of your hand that rests around “I want you to tell me something. ”  Your voice is stern and commands that I look up into your eyes.   Once I do, you stand up, pushing the stool aside with an unwelcome screech.   “I overheard you interject that asshole’s advances with the excuse that you’re a lesbian. ”  At this point, you have made it around the counter to my side, and I stand up, looking at you intently.   My weakened knees have forced me to back up against the wall.   “It’s been a while, so I want you to tell me, exactly how lesbian are you?”  Now you have closed the distance between us, save for a few inches, and the warmth emanating from your body stirs a certain unease in mine.   Your hands come to rest on either side of my head as you steady yourself with the I take in a deep, long breath, and take even more time to exhale; I know that if I speak unprepared, my voice will break under pressure.   My voice manages a tone indicative of the sheer lust that I feel.   “Not lesbian enough to say no if you wanted to fuck The imposing nature of your stance seems to lessen in severity once my response elicits a lustful smile on your countenance.   “I do, very You close the distance between us, brushing your chest against me, lulling my eyes shut.   Just as I am about to moan, you envelop my mouth with your own.   Removing your hands from the wall, you swiftly push me roughly against the wall, unbuttoning my shirt with ease, aided by the clarity of mind attained from your desire.   “And you’re going to fuck me As your lips part from mine to speak, I begin breathing heavily, turning my head to the side to rest my cheek against the wall as I try to compose myself.   My breath quickens as I feel my shirt and bra dropping to my feet.   One of your free hands grabs onto my jaw, jerking my face toward you so I can look you in the “Beg “Scott .

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   . “Beg A meek whimper arises from my throat.   “Please,” I whisper, much to your “Please what?”  Your groin grinds against “Fuck me, Scott.   Please fuck me,” I groan, inspired by the pressure of your With a sudden fury, we commence the unsheathing of our bodies and stumble into my bedroom.   You push me face-down onto the mattress, then roughly grip onto my hips as you pull my ass into the air and mount yourself on top of me, your dick immediately finding its way into the depths of my quivering pussy.   I unleash a muffled moan into the plush You pull out of me entirely, then roughly plummet back inside of me, making me scream into the mattress even more.   Engulfed in your desirous state, you indulge in a barrage of merciless penetrations, nearly paralyzing me through sheer intensity, but still extracting sounds of pleasure from deep inside of After your initial frenzy, you slow considerably, wrapping one arm around my waist and another within the length of my hair, pulling me up and holding me close against you.   As you unleash passionate kisses along my back and neck, I gasp softly for air, my body writhing in response.   The movements produce a rippling tightness against your cock, and I hear you moan as you sink your teeth into the flesh of my shoulder.   Encouraged, I brace my hands on the sides of your thighs and start sliding along the shaft of your dick, rivulets of juices trickling from my “Good girl,” you grunt breathlessly, running the coarse stubble on your chin across my sensitive Feverish from my overwhelming sensitivity, I breathe heavily a few seconds before fighting your hands off of me so that I can turn around to face you.   As I move to try to push you down and mount you, you put a hand around my throat and maneuver me down instead.   My feet rest flat on the bed, my knees bent and spread, and through the ruthless desperation for your cock, my lower body starts trembling.   Fully aware of my desperation, and although you yourself are seeking orgasmic release, you choose to prolong my arousal.   Your free hand clasps over my cunt, your middle finger wedging between my labia and slipping inside me.   Bucking violently, I end up choking myself against your unrelenting restraint, and you smile at me calmly, relishing in my torture.

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    You remove the middle finger and circle it lazily around the entrance of my twat, bracing my jaw as I try to roll my head to the Leaning over, you take my right nipple into your mouth, merely closing your lips around it for a few seconds before teasingly nipping at it with your teeth.   Upon receiving an appreciative moan in response, your teeth clamp down more harshly, causing my hips to roll upward in craving.   In addition to the current sensations you are lavishing upon my body, your index finger and thumb close in on my clit, and my entire body quakes beneath you.   “My, are you My eyes narrow on you in a sort of anger, craving the attention of your dick.   I want you in me so badly, and you are just torturing me and stating the obvious.   “I need your cock, Your hand curls slowly into the depths of my pussy, and upon removing it, you slap my face, the sting more severe since it is saturated in my juices.   “Please . . “Slut. ”  You turn your head to the side and spit onto my face, watching the fluid trail from my lips down to my neck.   “How badly do you want My tongue snakes out to lick up some of the saliva.   “I need You watch me for a few moments before speaking.   “Fine. ”  You reach behind my head and grab onto a chunk of hair, then lie back and roughly pull my head toward your erect dick.   You roughly slap it against my cheek, leaving a red mark, then rub it against my lips so I’ll take it in my mouth.

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    Pushing me down on top of it, you grin.   “Take Suppressing my initial gag reflex takes a few moments, but then I am willingly taking your cock into the depths of my throat, circling the tip with my tongue as I twist my neck back and forth to accommodate the act.   You throw your head back and groan, releasing my hair once you trust that I will continue to fuck your cock with my I steady myself with one hand while the other moves to cradle your balls as I voraciously work at your dick.   Once the tension in your body builds, you grab onto my hair and pull me off, stopping your impending orgasm.   You push me back down onto the bed, crawling on top of me, then plunge your cock into my pussy, much to my relief.   Your demeanor has taken a change at this point, and you don’t start thrusting right away, but instead nudge my cheek with your chin so I’ll look you in the “Scott,” I whisper softly as you gingerly kiss my “Sara,” you whisper back, trickling fingers against my scalp in A gentle rhythm of thrusting commences, the aggression diminishing into a languid yet intense passion.   Accompanied by increasingly strident groaning, your final thrusts bring forth simultaneous climaxes, and you become limp on top of me, resting your cheek on my breast.   “Scott . . . ”.

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