Rescue Me


I was in the middle of an awesome sex dream when all of a sudden it's interrupted. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP "Engine 61, Truck 61, Battalion 8. Structure Fire, 21853 La Palma, reports of smoke showing. "  I jump out of bed, my hard on still semi hard from my dream. I throw on my turnouts and climb into my seat on the truck.   I start to wake up and recognize the address.   It's an apartment complex that we usually get called out for a medical aid on OD's.   We arrive on scene to see 2 upstairs end units full engulfed.   We meet with the families who are in the courtyard who tell us that no one's in the burning units, but that they don't see their next door neighbor.   Me and another firefighter mask up, and make our way up to the second floor.   We force open the door to the unit next to the involved 2 end units, and thick smoke rolls out, but no flame and not that much heat.   Upon searching the unit, I find you passed out, but still breathing, in your room like you were moving towards the door.   Me and my captain pick you up and carry you outside to a waiting ambulance.   I notice you've stopped breathing, so I give you 2 rescue breaths.   I notice you still have a pulse, which is good.   I turn you over to the medics and they take you to the hospital.

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    By this time, all residents are present and accounted for, so we head up to the roof to start ventilation operations.
Couple days later, as I'm coming off shift about to head home, I see a gorgeous blonde in a light sundress standing by the door to the apparatus room.   With the light behind you, I can slightly see thru the thin material.   I notice it's you, the woman I rescued a couple days back.   I also notice the dress seems to be all that you're wearing, aside from your heels.   You extend your hand and thank me for rescuing you.   "Just doin' my job, sweetie," I tell you.   You lean up and kiss me, telling me it's for the lifesaving kiss I gave you on that night. Seductively, you whisper in my ear that you wanted to thank me in a more personal way, and that you have no gag reflex. Then you wink at me. You grab my hand and drag me to your car. I toss my stuff into my truck, and then climb into your car.   As we head off to the hotel you're staying in while they fix your apartment, you reach over and grab my thigh.   You smile at me and push the pedal to the floor.   We fly into the parking lot and screech to a halt.

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    We climb out and head into the lobby.   Once in the elevator, you push me against the wall and give me a deep kiss, our tongues wrapping around each other.   I grab your ass cheeks in each hand and my suspicions are confirmed.   You've decided to show up in just a tiny sundress.   You moan as you feel me getting hard, my bulge pushing against your leg.   You hit the stop button and drop to your knees.   You unzip my pants and pull out my cock.   You lightly lick the underside of my shaft from my balls to my head.   Then you stuff my hard penis into your mouth and part way down your throat.   I moan and grab the back of your head as you suck on my dick.   You reach down and play with yourself while you suck and stroke me. You moan and shake as you cum.   I pull your head all the way down onto my cock and tell you I'm going to cum.   You fondle my nuts as they tighten and I dump a load of cum down your open throat. I feel you sucking everything that's left, out of my dick.

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    You stand up I give you a deep kiss, tasting my own cum as our tongues entwine. You start the elevator again and we continue the ride up, you with your back to me.   As it rises, so does my cock again, as I reach between your naked thighs and rub your swollen clit while I rub your tit and pinch your nipples.   You lean your head back and we kiss.   The doors open and you lead me down the hallway, me with my cock hanging out of my uniform and you with one of your tits hanging out of your dress.   As you fumble with the keycard, I slide your dress up around your waist and plow into your dripping pussy.  You drop the key card and moan as I fuck you against the door, in the hallway. You spread your legs a bit and bend all the way over to pick up the key, and you look up between your legs and watch my cock sliding in and out of you.   You manage to unlock the door and we pull apart and fall into the room, slamming the door.   I pull your dress off you as you rip my uniform off me.   I pick you up and you wrap your legs around me.   You slide back onto my hard on as I walk over to the bed.   I throw you onto the bed and you bite your lower lip.   I climb over you and stick my big cock back into your tight wet pussy.   You spread your legs out wide and I grab your thighs and pull you against me with each thrust.

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   I lay on my back and you straddle me.   You tease me with your twat, gently lowering onto me, threatening each time to pull off, but taking more of me into you with each bounce.   You finally take my entire cock and kiss me deeply.   Then you sit straight up and grind your hips around in a circle, making yourself gush all over me.  I rub your clit as a couple more orgasms wash over you. You climb off and get on your knees.   I lube up my finger with your pussy juices and gently ease a finger into your pert little ass.   I'm then able to get a second finger inside you and you cum again.   I stick my cock into your pussy to get it all wet and slippery and then I push the head against your tight asshole.   Slowly, the head pops in.   I stop as you whimper quietly, but then you start to push back against my cock, pushing it deeper inside you.   You gasp as you feel my balls hit your clit and my cock go all the way in.   we sit there like that for a couple seconds then you start to rock back n forth, making me slide in and out of your ass.   I grab your hips and thrust in and out of you.   You cum over and over as you rub your clit.

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   I spank you on the ass and you moan out.   I grab your hair and pull you onto my cock with each thrust I give you. You finally quake once more, this one bigger than all the rest.   As you cum, I dump my load deep into your ass, filling it with cock n cum.   Slowly, I pull out and we collapse onto the bed, panting and sweating.   Neither of care that we're laying in a puddle of your cum.   After a couple drinks and 2 rounds of room service, you take me back to the station. As I climb out of your car, you give me your number and ask me to call you.   You then tell me since I know where you live to feel free to stop by anytime.   You blow me a kiss then peel out of the parking lot.

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