Reunion pt 1


“Simply stunning!” You hear a voice call from above. You look up but see no one. “Who… Who’s there?” You call out visibly frightened and trying to cover yourself in the crystal waters of the lake. “There is no need to try to cover up. I have already seen everything and if I wanted to do anything forceful to you, I assure you I have had ample opportunity. And please believe me, you would not have been able to stop me. ”“Who are you?” You ask again not bothering to try to hide yourself from the voice’s gaze any longer, “and what do you want from me?”“As to the first question, well I am who I am and as to the second, well I should think that would be rather obvious. You are after all a beautiful woman standing naked in a lake. What man wouldn’t want to hold you in his arms and make you feel things you have doubtless only dreamt of. ”“If that is truly what you want then show yourself! I tire of these games”“Such a pity, for the games are what makes it all the more enjoyable… Very well…” I appear floating towards you from out of the trees and drop the phony accent. “Recognize me now my Love?”“Why you…. I’ll get you for that…. You scared the life out of me!”“And for that m’dear I do apologize but I was traveling through the forest and saw you through the bramble, so I followed you to the lake, and when you stripped down to nothing I couldn’t help myself. ”“Well are you going to join me or are you just going to watch?”“I thought I would just watch for a while, it has been entirely too long, and I fear I may have forgotten what best gives you the pleasure I so long to deliver unto you. ”“You want to watch do you? And just what would you like to see?” You ask slyly as you slowly stroke your breasts tweaking each nipple until it becomes unbelievably firm, good enough to eat. “Was it this? Or perhaps this?” You call out as your fingers reach down to stroke your pussy lips parting them with one finger while another stroke your clit.

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   Looking up you can see that I have stopped hovering and have landed on the shore not far from where you are swimming. “An excellent start my Love but I have a few new spells that I think will be fun for you to experience as well. ” I dive into the water and quickly swim out to you, wrapping you tightly in my arms. “Gods but I’ve missed you. If only I hadn’t been away training so damned hard. But I have a feeling that all that training is about to pay off. ”I cast out the levitation spell and lift you from the waters. Holding you tightly to me you can feel my hardness pressing against your leg. You start writhing against rubbing your soft nether lips against my leg in a desperate attempt to alleviate the pressures that have been building in you since I first revealed myself to you. “Not Yet Dearest. There is still much I have left to show and do to you, before we proceed on to that. ”I start to slowly chant under my breath weaving my hands in distinct patterns as you hold tightly to my neck kissing my chest and licking at my neck and ears. I release the spell into the waters of the lake causing them to turn into a soft gelatin like substance. “You know you really shouldn’t tease me like that while I’m casting m’dear you never know what might have happened if I had mispronounced a syllable. ”I lower us onto the now semi-solid lakes surface; the texture and resilience are fascinating to you as you slowly try to walk on it.

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   “I don’t think so. ” I say as I tackle you into the slippery substance. “One more part of this spell to try out. I think you will enjoy this as well. ” I roll you onto your stomach and enact the second part of the spell attuning it specifically to you. The gelatin starts vibrating underneath you causing you to writhe in pleasure. But to your great dismay, the pleasure only builds to almost the climax point but then stops and backs off until you have cooled down. The vibrations focus in on your tits and pussy and particularly around your clit. “Let Me CUM!!!” You scream out in desire. “Just a moment Dear One, now is the time for me to have some fun with you. ” I roll you over once again this time onto your back as I decrease my own density to less than that of the gelatin, allowing myself to slide mostly underneath the surface, leaving only my hands and head above it. I pull you towards me, slowly kissing and sucking my way up your delicious legs. I spend some time lavishing around on your inner thighs, until once again you are writhing. “Oh Good Goddess!” You moan. “Please just do it, stop teasing me and please just do it!” You beg me.

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  “Hmmmm and how about this my Love?” I draw you even closer to me pulling your pussy into my mouth. My tongue flicks and deep drives itself, over and over again. After a half hour of solid licking and gently sucking on your extended lips, I find the hard of your clit with my teeth and nip and suck it as my finger drives deeply into you, hooking slightly to rub against the interior wall. Another joins it, the two fingers working sometimes in concert and sometimes separately as I continue to suck your clit. You thrash as sweat escapes every pore of your body as you scream out to the Gods and Goddess of lust and desire, feeling my mouth consume you.
    Your eyes flutter as you fall into a sudden dream, the power of your cumming too much for you to remain conscious. I rise up from the lake and lift you gently to the shore. Casting another spell I return the lake to pure water and leave you sleeping gently on the shores. When you awaken, you think you must have dreamed the whole episode, and yet there is a wonderful tingling in your pussy and you reach down to find a small bit of the gelatin still vibrating madly against you. “That was no dream then. But where did he go?” You ask yourself quietly. I am now hiding in the trees nearby, watching over you and making sure that nothing happened while you were so peacefully resting. I come out of the trees walking now, no longer wanting to expend any energy on the flight mode I so prefer. There are so many more pleasurable things to use that energy on I think to myself as I walk silently through the forest shadowing your every move. That night you are lying in bed thinking back on the wonderful experiences of the day and you feel yourself starting to get very aroused.


       You masturbate yourself to a terrific orgasm and promptly fall asleep. You dream of the day in all its glory and you awaken at the point that you feel asleep earlier, just as the massive orgasm struck. Yet for some reason it seems to be happening again. You look down and notice an odd lump in the outline of the sheets covering you, and quickly pull them off revealing me naked and once again sucking your cunt to a glorious orgasm. “You didn’t think that was it did you?” I asked as I took a breath before diving back between your legs. You cum once more and then drag me up your body to lie down on top of you. I kiss you with all the pent up passion of months away from you, and slide back down to take your nipples into my mouth and suck and nibble on them before sliding back up to bite at your neck and ear lobes. You once again feel my hard cock throbbing against your leg, and this time refuse to let me escape. You wiggle your hips and legs until you feel me slide into you. We both groan in delight as your hot, wet cunt grips my rock hard cock and draws it deeper within. I pump my hips and you swivel yours. We both know it won’t be long and we seek to slow down and make it last longer, but neither of us can resist speeding up. Both of us groan with pleasure as we both climax at the same instant. We collapse together in your bed, my arms wrapping around you as we both fall asleep exhausted after the passionate exchange. We awaken a few hours later, still wrapped in each others arms, knowing that we must soon separate but that it wont be for long.

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       And that a whole new set of memories has been forged to keep us until we can once again meet and enjoy each other’s company and bodies. “Fare thee Well Dear One, until the next time. ”“And to thee, Next Time it is my turn to revenge. ”“We shall see m’dear, we shall see” I say as I vanish into mist leaving behind no trace save for a single rose on the pillow still glistening with dew. .
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