Revenge, Chap. 2


I listened with no emotion. She cried and beg me to forgive her. I was pissed inside and I knew I wanted to get back at this slut. I told her if she wanted me to forgive her to go into the bathroom and strip and get in the tub. She asked what for, so I slap the bitch. "Now move bitch". She did like she was told. Once I got into the bathroom I told her to kneel down in the tub, relucently she did. I told her to close her eyes and open her mouth, then I slap her. I wanted to make sure the cunt got the message. I then pulled my dick from my pant and proceeded to piss all over the worthless cunt. I made sure I gave her a good golden shower. Once is was done I told her that I was leaving. I would be back the next day and I better not find her in the house. I went a local bar and tossed down a few black russians. I was still pissed and I needed to find a way to pay her back.

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   Bingo! The idea came to me after my fourth drink. Janet had a mother that was real good looking and a fine younger sister. I knew if I played my cards right I could bang her mother and then the second part of getting into sister's pants wouln't be any trouble. Next morning I went back to the house to get what I would need, pictuers and a couple of videos that I had made with my little sex toy. They were very graphic, she liked sex and lots of it. Next I called her mother Sue, told her I need to speak to her. Janet hadn't spoken to her yet, this was even better than I thought. I drove over with a big hard on. My revenge was going to begin. Sue welcomed me in and asked what could she do for me. "Sue, Let me get to the point . I threw Janet out yesterday because she was fucking someone else while I was away on business. " Sue was shocked and started to cry, "What can I do"? I told her that I knew Bob and her were well known in town and the pictures and videos that I had of their little slut daughter sucking my dick, taking it up the ass and getting fucked every which possible would be very comprising to Bob's business. "What can I do?" was all she could say. I told that I wanted her to her on her fucking knees and started to suck my dick for starters.

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   She protested and told me to get out. I said fine but look at these ten pictures of Janet, then tell me you want them out on the town. She started to cry some more, I knew I had her. I told her to go upstairs in the bedroom and to strip. I followed and sat on the bed. I watched her begin to peel off her blouse, her eyes pleading with me to not go through with this. I just enjoyed the show. She was down to panties and bra. A fine figure of a women, who kept herself in shape with a morning exercise routine. She was going to get some exercise today. I told her to take the bra off first. I wanted to see those 36's.
    Real fine. She tried to cover herself but I just slap her hands away. At this point I wanted her on the bed.

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       She laid down and I told her to strip her panties off and spread her legs. She said she couldn't. I show her a small pen camera that I used in my business and told her fine that Bob would probably enjoy looking at his wife with no clothes on. Again with the crying, "How could you, How could you". Shut up and spread your legs I want to see if your cunt is as pretty as your daughter's. She submitted, She had no choice. I took great pleasure watching her humilation. I made her spread the lips to her cunt, I inserted a finger, she was wet. I told her to finger fuck herself while I watch and took some great pictures. I then got up walked over to where her face was and drop my pants. "You know what to do with now, bitch. Suck it and suck it good ". She was a born cocksucker. She licked and sucked real hard. I would occasionally stop her so I could get a good picture of my dick sticking in her mouth.

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       She kept lapping at my balls and sucking my dick and I was enjoying this to the max. I told to get ready the fun was just about to pop. I pulled my dick out and shot my load all over her face. I felt great and she looked well cummed on. I made her lay there while I took a few more pictures for my collection. See in Chap. 3.