Roommates Share Everything


John and I are best friends. We grew up together and even got an apartment together when were moved out of our parents houses. This said, John is an asshole. He’s loud, obnoxious, bigoted, and judgmental (hey, I’m bad but come on). He can be funny most of the time and is a pretty good friend but it’s only because of Heather. Heather is a good person and she and John have been dating for close to seven years. Her cheery nature can grate on me after a while but then I check out her killer body and that more than makes up for it. Heather is about 5’4, 44DD, and an amazing ass. She has been the center of quite a few massipitory fantasies of mine, and with a body like that I’m sure I’m not the only one.     With John and I being friends for so long, he does tell me very privet things about their sex life that I probably shouldn’t know. What I find funny is that he offers this information so freely, that I believe he gets off on it. To each their own.     As usual, there was drinking going on at the apartment. It was Oktoberfest, or Easter, or Tuesday, hell I don’t know. All I do know was that my friends were over and I had a beer in my hand, life was good. I was a little bummed out that my girlfriend Sara wasn’t there, she had a work thing that ran late.

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   The reason I was so put out by this was because I was feeling pretty frisky tonight. This in large part had to do with the very low cut sweater Heather was wearing that showed off her majestic breasts very well. John knew this and was beaming with pride, so much so he drank himself in to a stupor.     A little after midnight, the gang left and I was left alone with Heather and John, who had now passed out on the couch. “can you give me a hand, will?” asked Heather who was trying to get John up. I moved over to them, flung an arm over my shoulder and dragged him back to his room. We dropped him on the bed and Heather moved down on to the floor to take off his shoes. “I’ll just leave you with that. ” I said, getting more than an eye full of the sweater encased tits. I’m not sure if Heather noticed but she smiled sweetly at me and wished me a goodnight.     I left the room and walked down the hall, stopping first to grab one last beer for the kitchen.   When I got to my room, I closed the door and crashed down in to my desk chair. I used the end to the desk to pop the cap on the beer and started up my computer. Heather’s massive tits and well defined ass danced in my head. Looked like another night of broadband porn for me.

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       When I got on to the net, I stared with a few sites I like to check for updates on. Some had updated their contents but just as I started to get going I heard a light knock on my bedroom door. “hey, will? You up?” Heather asked lightly though the door. “just a sec. ” I stuffed my hard on back in to my pants and shut the laptop.     More than likely, John had started to puke and Heather just needed another hand to clean up. I took a breath and hoped my cock wasn’t too noticeable. I opened the door and my jaw must have broken through the floor and in to my neighbors place. There was Heather, leaning on my doorframe, her hair was askew and she was dressed in a purple and black silk nighty with a matching robe that hung from her shoulders. The robe and the nighty barely covered half of her ass and I was nearly as low cut as the sweater. This was an outfit to get fucked in. “H. . Heather?”“hi Will. ” she said in a sensual tone as she stepped in to my room.

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  “john ok?”“he’s out like a light and will be till the morning. ”“oh. ” I said feeling a lump in my throat and my dick straining against my jeans. Heather closed the door and leaned back against it, running her fingers along the fabric. “do you like my outfit? Was going to wear it for John tonight but he decided to get drunk instead. How selfish?”“indeed” I said, just now noticing that I had been backed in to my room. “are you feeling ok?”“nothing a good, hard fucking won’t fix. How bout you?”  Heather never spoke like this but I was not in much of a position to complain. “can I tell you a secret, Will? And promise not to get mad. ” Heather shoved me down on to the bed. “ I have wanted to fuck you since the moment I laid eyes on you. You have no idea how many times I wished it was you fucking me and not that boring fucker in the other room but now, I have you and god, it feels good.     Heather’s hand rubbed my cock through my pants. She unzipped my fly and my dick sprung out. Her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.


  “just as I thought, I picked the wrong dick to fuck. ” with that, Heather took me in her mouth and began to give me the blow job of a lifetime. My eyes rolled in to the back of my head as Heather gave me a sloppy wet blow job. She coated my cock with saliva and then pulled off of it. She started to jack me off as she reached for the straps of the gown. “ don’t think I didn’t see you checking out my tits every time you got the chance. ”“you knew?”“of course, you weren’t very slick about it, besides I was always flattered. ”“well, I have wanted to fuck your tits forever. ” “well, killer, here’s your chance. ”    Heather slid the straps of the gown down and out popped her beasts. They were even bigger than I originally thought. Heather leaned forward , wrapped me up in them, and stared stroking. Her tits were so warm and soft. She spit in to them to keep it slick but her skin was almost so soft it didn’t need it. I let out a sigh with was followed by a series of moans from Heather, who was having a grand old time tit fucking me.

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  “how’s it feel?”“fucking fantastic but what about John?”“fuck him if he can’t take a joke.
    ” she said with a devilish grin.     The tit job lasted a few more moments until I was sure I was going to blow. Just before I could, Heather pulled back and gripped my cock hard. “not yet. I want to feel this bad boy inside me. ”     She stood up and pulled down her back panties to reveal her bald snatch. I shifted back on the bed as he pulled my pants and boxers off. I pulled my tee shirt off as Heather crawled up me, licking my chest as she came. We kissed for a moment then she slid down on my dick. A gasp escaped her lips as she started to rock back and forth. “god, it’s so fucking big. Ughh! Fuck me. ” she rose and fell on me. My hands went to her ass and guided her strides.

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       I kneaded the flesh and buried my head in her tits, taking each one in my mouth. This only served to turn her on further.     With her still on me, I spun her and mounted on top of her. I started to thrust harder and harder. Small yelps came from her as those massive tits I had wanted for so long swayed back and forth. I grabbed both of them and mashed them in my palms. “fuck me!! Fuck me harder!!” she screamed . I grinned“you want it harder?” I asked , placing a hand on her throat, lightly squeezing. Heather’s eye’s went wide and a huge smile crossed her lips. I knew she was a freak just waiting to come out and here was my chance.     I withdrew, my cock covered in her fluids, and smiled. I turned her over and stared back in to her. Thrusting harder than before, I reached around and started teasing her nipples. Heather bit her bottom lip and moaned. She placed her head back on my chest , we kissed .

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      “I… thought you…you were going to fuck me HARDER!” she moaned with a devilish smile. “you want hard? Fine then. ”    She had this coming. I shoved her forward on to the bed. She landed with a bounce and looked back at me through the sea of hair that now covered her face. I could still see that smile. I pulled my cock out of her and lined up. “here it comes. ” With that I buried me dick in her ass. “FUCK!!!!” Heather screamed. She shoved her head in to my pillow and screamed in to it. I continued to fuck her with reckless abandon.   Her ass was so tight I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Sensing this, Heather clenched her cheeks nearly crushing my dick.     I took two handfuls of her ass and fired off my load, deep in to her ass.

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        When the last jet was fired, I collapsed on to the bed, pulling my dick out of Heather’s ass. She hadn’t moved , her face was still in the pillow and she was slightly shaking. I began to worry that I might have gone too far, that she might be hurt. This feeling passed when she turned her head to look at me, that smile still in place. “umm, god damn you’re a good fuck. ”“you’re not so bad yourself. ”“I don’t think I can move. ”  we started laugh as she moved a hand over my chest and started to drift lower. “you know, John won’t be up till morning. ” Heather grabbed my cock, “ ready for another round?”“you bet!” it’s going to be a long.

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