Ruth at the Golf Course


“Lets go!” she said. The game proceeded fairly normally. I found myself staring at herbeautiful ass many times. “Wow!” I thought, “what id give to bone her!”I was in my late twenties, fair, short hair, 6’0or so, my build is a bit on the light side. When we got to the 7th hole, however, things changed. Sevenwas right dog leg, with marsh to the right. Directly straight about 150 meters,was a miniature forest, with large pines and small shrubs around the outskirts. Having won the last hole, I stepped up and hit my ball. I set myself up nicelyfor my chip shot. Ruth, however, drove hers into the forest. When we got to theverge of the forest, I said “see you in a bit” sarcastically. “Bye!” she said, and turned into the forest. I took my next shot,perfectly next to the hole, and putted out. I waited for Ruth. After 2 minutesI decided to go help her. Leaving my clubs on the verge of the green, I walkedoff to the forest.

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   I stepped in, avoiding the shrubbery. Small rays of light shone throughthe canopy. I looked around for Ruth. I could hear the sound of running water,and as I looked behind a thick, pine tree, I saw Ruth squatting there, pantsaround her ankles, and a small, golden river flowing form her magnificentpussy. I stood there, shocked, saying nothing. Ruth just looked up and smiledand continued to pee. Her pussy was well kept. A thin, racing stripe of brownpubic hair went up the middle. Ruth giggled, and sat back, here nice ass hitting the pine needles onthe ground. ”Do you like what you see?” she askedI just stood, flabbergasted. Ruth lifted her legs into the air, andpulled off her shoes, pants and panties. “Well?” she asked againI could feel my cock getting hard. Her pussy lips had opened a bit, andI could see the pink. “Oh fuck yes” I stammered. Ruth giggled again, she moved forward andknelt between my legs.

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   She undid the zip on my pants, and fished around for mycock. Out it came. All 8 inches. Ruth looked at it and smiled. Placing the headto her lips and massaging it. I just titled my head back and enjoyed. Sheslowly put more in, one inch at a time, until there was only half an inch left. She pulled it out and giggle again, moving the hairout of her face. My cock bobbed in the free air, a small spec of precum oozedout. She took to it again, this time with more pace. I looked down and she wasrubbing her perfect pussy, dropping a finger in every now and then. Her juicesoozed down to the forest floor, where her pee had almost all been absorbed. I could feel and orgasm approaching. “Time to take control!” I thought. I pushed Ruth off my cock; again let it free in the fresh air.


   She saton her ass again. Ruth proceeded to take off her top and her bra. Her tits hungthere, sagging a little. Her puffy, brown nipples were hard. I grabbed her byher ankles and lifted her back. She laid back and I had an even better view ofher stunning snatch. Her lips were swollen, and more of her cum dribbled downto her tight, puckered, asshole. She looked up, licking her lips and massagingher clit at the same time. I bent down, placing the head of my cock on herpussy lips. She made a thrusting motion up, as if to try and capture my cock. Ichanged my grip, and held her thighs, lifting her higher. ”Fuck me! Please just put it in! I can’t wait!“ Sheexclaimed. I pressed a little bit, and the head of my swollen, throbbing cock,entered her pussy, collecting some lubricant on the way. ”Mmmmmmm that’s it!” she moanedSlowly, I probed her deeper. Her experienced pussy had little troubleaccommodating me, but she was by no means loose.

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  Ruth continued to massage her nipples and squeeze her tits, looking atme hungrily licking her lips. I continued my decent into her pussy. Waves ofsmall orgasms shook her and she cried out. I pulled my cock out again, andteased her, placing it on the edge of her pussy. “You ready?” I asked. “Fuck me deep!” was her reply. With that, I rammed my cock deep in her. She bucked with delight. Ibrought the speed of the strokes up, and she moaned and cried even more. Ipulled her closer, and she was forced to user her arms to support her off theground. ”Fucking hell, I’m cumming!” she screamed. Her pussy contracted and expanded and her juices dribbled down to herasshole, and a few drops hit the ground. “Oh god!” she cried as I continued my assault. She shook her head, herlovely hair fanning out. I could feel orgasm approaching.

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  ”I’m gonna’ cum soon” I told her. “Fill me!” she exclaimed. Against her wishes, I withdrew, giving some time to breathe. She wasshocked and tried to break free. ”Change of position” I said, grinning. I let her down, and lay down on my back on the forest floor. The pine needlesand roots of the trees protruded into my back. Ruth knew exactly what was goingon. She stood over me, and began to lower herself. I reached up and grabbed hertits. They felt extraordinary! I flicked and squeezed her rock hard nipples. Meanwhile, she had grabbed my cock, and had the head again at the entrance ofher snatch. I expected her to go easy and slide down slowly, but she justforced down as hard and as fast as she could. Her face twisted up with pain and pleasure. All 8 inches of my rockhard cock was in her.

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  “Tickles my belly!” she laughed, then raised her self up. I put myhands on her soft ass, digging my fingers into her flesh. “Let’s go for a ride” I said, stupidly. Ruth grinned and with her cooperation, started lowering her down againonto my cock. Ruth bucked and cried out again. Her tits were shaking andslapping against her body. As we gained tempo, I repositioned my hands, andslid a finger into her tight asshole. Her screams became louder and greater. “OOOOOOOH!! Yeah! Fuck! Oh god, I’m…I’m. . cumming again!!” she cried,her body shaking with pleasure. Again, her juices flowed down my pole,splattering on my pubic hair and lower stomach. ”Quite the squirter, aren’t we!” I said. Ruth grinnedat me, and began to ride my cock again, with renew vigour. We continued and once again, I could feel my balls tingle.

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  ”I'm gona cum!” I exclaimed. “Again!?!” Ruth said surprised. “Where do you want it?” I said raisin her off my cock. It fell with a plopback onto my stomach. My hand, again, began to rub her anal region. “You want it in the ass, don’t you?” she said. I nodded. “Oh. . ok!” she said. I spread her ass cheeks, and she grabbed my cock once again. We restedher on my cock, and with a bit of weight, managed to slowly slide it in. Hertiny asshole, stretched out, and she winced in pain. We tried a few strokes,but it wasn’t working out. “Get off” I said.

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   Relieved, Ruth pulled out and stood up. “On all fours!” I commanded. Ruth obeyed. I mounted her, doggy style, and spread her ass cheeks again. My cockslid into her ass much easier this time, due to her being warmed up already. Again, she cried out. I slowly thrusted my pelvis in, and pulled her ass backwith my hands. Ruth began to rub her clit again. “Fucking horny bitch! You can’t stop poking yourself can you?!” Iexclaimed. I built momentum to a frenzy, and Ruth was orgasming wildly. ”I'm gona cum in your ass now!” I said to her. Ruthlifted her head back with pleasure. I grabbed her hair and began to poundagain. “Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh…god!!! Fuck me in my ass! Deep in thereZane! Go! Go! GO!” Ruth cried. As she shook with what must have been her 4thorgasm so far, I squirted my load deep in her ass.

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  ”FUCK!!!!” I screamed. I pulled out, and we both collapsed, laying, looking ateach other. Ruth smiled and said “that was intense”. We kissed and I ran myhands up and down her ass and thigh. I slipped a finger into her asshole, andfelt the warm and wetness of her and my own cum. We gathered our composure, and put our clothes back on. I stillcouldn’t help staring at her beautiful body. We went out, and played the 8thhole, constantly eyeing each other up. After the ninth I decided it was toomuch effort to continue, so we said our good byes. I kissed her, our tonguesmeeting, and squeezed one of her perfect tits. I broke away. “See ya around” I said, and turned to walkaway. “Hey!” Ruth said. I spun around and she gave me her card. “Call me, my husband is away on business often” she said and winked.


  She turned away and walked off to the 10th hole. I stayed and watchedher fine ass sway on her way down to the 10th tee. Once she haddisappeared from view, I turned and headed back to my car. Be brutal please :).
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