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One warm evening in the late spring before our final exams, the first we’d be taking since turning eighteen, when I was round at my half-Japanese girlfriend Lucy's after school, she was about to pull my trousers down to give me a blowjob when her mum walked in. Lucy managed to pretend to be doing something else, so we weren't caught, but we decided that it was too risky to fuck whilst her parent were home, so we decided to go for a walk. The sun had gone down, but there was still some light, though it was fading fast. Still in school uniform, although it was now untucked and untidy, we walked hand in hand along paths and roads, slowly wandering around her village. As it got darker, we drew closer together, her hand around my waist, and mine slipping up under her white shirt to stroke the warm soft flesh of her waist. Her head snuggled on to my shoulder, and soon we stopped walking and just kissed passionately where we were, Lucy pushing my back up against a tree, her warm little hands exploring my skin as frantically as mine explored hers. Kissing her silky hair on top of her head, I could feel her fingers undoing my flies and freeing my semi-erect cock. A light breeze started, and she knelt down in front of me, warming my dick in her hands, and then her mouth. Just watching her take me in her mouth whilst looking up at me with her beautiful big brown oriental eyes would probably normally have made me cum straight away, let alone the fantastic feeling of her hot wet tongue swirling over my head, but a combination of the fear that we might get caught and the cool breeze helped me regain my senses and force the orgasm down. In so doing, I noticed where we were. "Lucy!" I said. "We're in a graveyard!"She paused, and looked around. "Oh yeah. Cool. Can we have sex here then? I've always wanted to be fucked over a grave. ""Really? You're full of surprises darling, you know that.

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   I love your little perversions. ""Good," and she resumed sucking me off while I played with her hair. When I could feel the pressure building up again a few minutes later, I had to push her right away so that I didn't come too early in the evening. Picking up her light body I walked along with my dick still hanging out and my trousers almost falling down, until I found an old grave made like a big stone box covered in ivy, and lay Lucy on it. I leant on my elbows between her legs which I spread a bit wider, and lifted her dark green skirt. A small wet patch had developed on her knickers over her vagina, and sucking on it I could taste her vaginal juices through the fabric. I pulled them down to her knees and kissed teasingly along the edge of her pubic hair that she had recently forced back by waxing. The risk of being caught in the graveyard was making her impatient though, and fingers grabbed my hair and pulled my face deep into her black hairs, and I slipped my tongue into the familiar taste of her hot pussy. While I licked and sucked at her juices, she unbuttoned her shirt so that when I was pulled back up it was to have my lips pressed to her nipples, her bra as often happened having been "forgotten" in the rush of getting dressed in the morning - easy to do when you have breasts as small as hers I guess. Because her knickers were still around her knees she'd had to bring them up with me, so now they were either side of my chest. One hand still holding my head to her breasts, I felt the other pulling at my cock, urging it to get hard again. She allowed me to raise my head a bit to see her in the twilight, and began rubbing the head of my dick in the slick slit amongst her hairs, which she was keeping out of the way with her free hand. Not trying to resist, I let her pull me inside her, and began to thrust. Her hands moved to hold my buttocks and I pushed myself up further, using one of mine to caress her breasts now I couldn't kiss them. Despite having been going out with her for months now, I was still amazed at the way she threw herself into this public sex.

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   With no concern for the risk of someone hearing she moaned and called out to me to fuck her harder. I obeyed, grinding into her, until finally I came. I was still ejaculating inside her when I noticed light coming from a side door of the church. Next I saw the shape of a man, preceded by the light from a torch, heading straight towards us. Panicking, we scrambled to our feet and just managed to get our pants back up before the light of the torch swept over us and there was a yell. I grabbed Lucy's hand and ran, stumbling in the dark over gravestones, her shirt still wide open and flapping in the wind of our flight. Luckily our pursuer was not very fast or determined, and once we were over the wall and pounding down the track he seemed to give up. We rounded a corner and stopped to kiss against a wall, catch our breath and tidy up our clothes before heading back. ***It was grey, rainy day, late in the morning. We'd had our last exam at 9, and gone back to Lucy's house afterwards. We were now in her parents’ bedroom, still in school uniform, having a good cuddle. She wore white socks up to her knees, a green skirt coming to about half way down her thigh showing her slender legs, a white shirt (the last time she'd ever have to wear it, unless universities decided to bring in uniforms as a nasty surprise), untucked, and a green and yellow tie. As we kissed I moved my hand from her shoulders, down, caressing her back, to massage her firm little butt. She pushed her body more strongly against mine so her breasts squashed against my chest beneath our shirts. "Shall we celebrate?" she asked.

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  "Yeah," I replied. "What do you want to do?""Well, I'm in the mood for a bit of buggery, and I wouldn't mind experimenting with bondage. . . ""Hmm. Sounds intriguing," I replied, and began to unbutton her shirt. About half-way up I slipped my hands around the back and undid her bra. Then I took her tie off and just as she finished unbuttoning my shirt I grabbed her hands and tied them together with it. Then I got her on her front and then to face the headboard of the bed. I tied her hands to one of the brass poles of the headboard and then continued undressing myself. I pulled Lucy's skirt off her and pulled her knickers down around her knees. Suddenly I realised I'd forgotten something. "Hang on darling, I need to fetch something," I told her and ran down the stairs, being careful not to show my bits to passers by outside. I returned a minute later with a bottle of sunflower oil. I lay down on the bed beside her and began to nibble her nipples through her shirt while I played with my balls and dick to get an erection, then moved down to lick her pussy a bit.

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   Then, when her nipples were hard and I had a really stiff one, I knelt up behind her. I poured some oil on to her arse and spread it around her hole, and then smeared some on my penis. "Count to ten," I told her, readying myself to penetrate. "Alright, one, two, three," she began slowly, tense with anticipation, the excitement showing in her voice as she neared the end. "Four, five, six, seven, eight. . . Aaaaaoooooohh!!!" She yelled as I rammed my cock through her sphincter and deep up her hot anal cavity. I leant over her and kissed her hair. I stayed like this for a few seconds, holding her breasts under her shirt, circling her nipples with my fingers and giving her breasts the occasional squeeze. "Did you like my little surprise?" I whispered. "Umhmm," she replied. I gave her breasts one last caress before kneeling up again, holding on to her shirt. I pulled out of her and then entered again, a little more gently. For a minute or so I continued sliding my dick in and out of her tight hole, her sphincter giving my cock a really tight massage.

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   As the friction brought me nearer to orgasm I pulled harder on her shirt, until the buttons popped off and it started to rip down the seams. Lucy was moaning with pleasure now, her hands gripping the brass pole so hard her knuckles had gone white, and she was sweating like mad, soaking her shirt. Finally, I ripped most of the shirt off, leaving only her sleeves. Getting close to ejaculation, I stopped and rested my head on her back. I lay there for a while, allowing my cock to calm down a bit, and took it out of her to let it cool from her hot insides. While I waited I moved one hand down to her pussy and started slowly stroking her, so she continued moaning softly. I put the other hand in her mouth and let her lick my fingers, feeling the increased pressure of her teeth every time I stroked. A couple of minutes rest and I was ready to go again. I got back into position, and entered her again, my dick becoming fully stiff as soon as it hit the warm softness inside. I began my rhythm again gently, her moans becoming louder. I started going faster, digging my fingers into her hips and buttocks. She slumped her head and chest forwards on to the bed, her moans becoming muffled by the pillow. I came right out and rammed home again hard, and she began to yell through the pillow. I went faster and harder and began to grunt with the pleasure. She lifted her head up from the pillow and began to scream and shout: "Ooh! Jack! Jack! Harder! Uuh! Aah"I was going as fast as I could, my cock forcing through the tight valve, plunging into the pit of soft heat and then ripping out again only to return.

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   Her yells were at their loudest now, and her body convulsed with her orgasm, as I rammed by cock up her ass one last time, ejaculating right from the entrance and squirting semen in six hard spurts to fill her hole until it dribbled out through the tight seal between my dick and her sphincter. I fell on top of her and undid her hands. I clasped her from behind and withdrew from her. Then we fell asleep. .

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