Seduced by circumstances


She was right on time on Friday evening and the plan was to check out a few properties that evening. After a checking out a couple of listings it was already dark and I suggested that we rent a movie and pick up some food and wine. I deliberately picked up an R rated movie I had already seen. Then we headed back to my house. I knew her house was a long drive from my place and the fact that she accepted my plan meant she wasn't looking forward to going back soon. I also picked up some sparkling wine which I knew had a high alcohol content. As we made ourselves comfortable in my den I poured her a big glass of wine. After some time I could see that she was not really used to this much alcohol and her speech started to slur a bit. I asked her about her boy-friend and she told me that she was not sleeping with him although they planned to get married. She was saving herself for the first night. That revelation was highly erotic to my mind and I decided to take advantage of the situation. I carefully steered the conversation to sex and made some comments on the sexual scenes which were playing in the movie. She responded to my comments which told me she was not feeling uncomfortable with me. I snuggled closer to her as we got more drunk and put my arms around her while watching the movie. After some time my fingers started playing with her shoulders and I kept trailing downwards to her breasts. She brushed my hand away in the beginning but I persisted.

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   After sometime she let me have my way. I fondled her tits for a long time and then took her hand and led her towards my bedroom. I lay her on the bed and plonked myself next to her. Tried kissing her but she did not respond back. I took off her top and started sucking on her nipple. That sent a wave through her and she clung to me desperately. I could see that she did not have much experience. Afer stripping both her and myself I lay next to her and started running my hand and lips on her body. I wanted to enter her badly but knew the foreplay was important. I had a raging hard on and she could feel it digging into her buttocks. After sometime I could take it no more and mounted her and put my cock at the mouth of her vagina. As soon as I started pushing into her she clamped down and complained of pain. I couldn't go much farther because she was not opening her legs. I told her that I would be gentle. That calmed her a bit but she still would not open up enough.

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   I went to bathroom and got a bottle of Vaseline lotion to lubricate her vagina as well as my cock. The next time I tried to enter her was much easier and I heard her gasp in pain as I detected some resistance from her hymen. She was not lying about her virginity. I was worried she might bleed into the bed sheet and stain the mattress so I got a thick towel and put it under her. The next time I thrust into her was much better but I was still not 100% penetrated since she was in pain. This time I could not hold myself back and increased my thrusts as much as I could and emptied myself in her. I knew she still hadn't come so I brought her to a climax with my hand. After the first incident we met a number of time for quick fuck sessions and each time the experience was better than before. She started getting sentimental about our relationship but I knew that this had to come to a hard stop since my family was due back from vacations and there was no future in the relationship. She eventually married her boyfriend and we talked on phone a couple of times but we cannot repeat our experience as we have our commitments. .

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