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my wife looked around the room , "yes their are a lotlooking at me , how many would you like me to fuckme ?" maybe i should let all of them fuck me wouldyou like that ?" she asked with a wicked grin . . " the number is not important one or twenty or noneits what you want anything as long as its for yourselfand no one else is ok, i mean that , anything " . we got a drink and made our way to a table and sat downand as i sat back sipping my drink i watched the eyesstill looking up and down my wife with lust , and she seemed to be enjoying the attention in away , but thelook on her face showed that she hadnt seen anyonethat she felt attracted too. as i looked around again a guy sat at a table on his owncaught my eye , he was 30ish , he was giving my wife a smile and as i turned to point him out i realised she hadalready seen him and he was returning her smile. "i see he has caught your eye" i said , " yes i dont knowwhy but feel attracted to him you dont mind do you ?"sheasked , "no i dont mind its exciting because i can see bythe way you are looking at him he`s turning you on isnthe ? " yes he is making my pussy tingle like mad" . "remember what i said whatever you want to do is okjust be sure its what you want " would you like anotherdrink while you decide i asked , " yes please that would benice she replied . as i stood at the bar waiting for our drinks i noticed anotherexchange of smiles between my wife and the man who at thispoint was sat only a few feet from where i stood. i was tingling and my cock was throbbing , not only from the way he waslooking at my wife , but most of all by they way my sexywife was looking at him , the looks on both of their facessaid it all . i stood deep in thought when a voice brought me backto reality , it was him speaking to me , " sorry , i said i was in a dream did you say something ? ". yes i said i hope you dont mind me saying you are a luckyman, thats a very sexy lady you are with" . "no i dont mind i think i am lucky to have her in my life"and anounced to him with pride that the sexy lady i am withis my wife . he started to apologise if he spoke out of turnand i stopped him say its ok , "are you here alone" i askedyes he said , then join us if you like i know my wife wontmind . with that he was on his feet saying thankyou i would loveto meet your wife, as we walked towards our table i couldsee the excitment in my wifes face . as we sat down i said i hope you dont i asked this guy to join us as he is sat alone . no i dont mind she said her voicetrembling with excitment .

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  hi my name is carl he said , iam alan and this is lynn i replied. carl was telling me how sexy you look i told lynn, stunning carladded with a look of desire glinting in his eyes. lynn could only smile as her intence excitment gripped her. are you are ok i asked lynn ? she just nodded yes, you look a bit hot would you like to move to somewere a little lesscrowded lynn ? carl asked , lynn nodded yes . lets go to a private room i suggested , yes please lynn managedto say . could you give me a hand carl ? as lynn seems a bit faint. we both helped lynn to her feet and supported her tremblingbody and escorted her to a room and lay her on the large bed. what do you think is wrong carl asked, i think its a build up ofsexual excitment i replied . stop teasing lynn suddenly saidmanaging to find her voice again , you know what it is . yes but i want to hear you say what you want from yourown lips i said , go on lynn ask . ok she said , the excruciating excitment and yearning desiregiving her the courage to say, i want carl to fuck me .
    well carl would you like too ?. oh yes i have never wantedto fuck a woman as much as you he replied looking at lynn,then it sems we all want the same thing i said as i removedlynns wet knickers as he removed his towel. what a wonderful sight lay before my eyes , lynn spread herlegs wide exposing her wet dripping hole , juices flowing fromher tasty pussy. i turned to move out of the way as carl turned around and steppedtowards lynn supporting a very erect cock about 8 inches longand very thick , wow i thought thats big.

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      carl moved forwards and moved between lynns legs, and slowlymoved his swollen shaft close to my wifes oozing opening. i watched as he nudged her enterance with his swollen mushroomhead , i look on amazed as lynns pussy opened up for him , hersoft petals of flesh unfolding like a flower. now i look on as he slides engorged shaft into her stretching herwet elastic hole to its limits , he has fully impaled her now onhis hard throbbing pole and starts to move in and out of herskewered flesh his cock glistening with her juices as the light catches his long thrusts. lynns drenched pussy walls are gripping , clasping him as he plunges into her liquid centre , like a starving animal shepushes herself up to meet his rigid desire. i can see that lynn and carls excitment is now building as bothof their unencumbered sensations near their peak. i find myself encouraging them both now , and then lynn held out her hand for me to hold , i held tight as she exploded into aunstoppable uncontroled orgasam as carl pumped his thickhot cum deep into her filling her hot streched hole . i look on now as carl pulls out leaving her gapping hole drippingwith their combined liquids . lynn now looks up at me and says that is the best orgasam ever , did you like watching me being fucked she asked ? yes i replied i was wonderful . then get between my legs and lick your wife she demanded ,i didnt need asking again , i dropped to my knees and buriedmy face in her pussy drinking the honey from her dreanchedand well fucked pussy then lapped her clit with my tongue untilshe exploded again and then we all rested and returned to thebar for a drink . it was soon time to go and we thanked carl and made our wayout . next time lynn said i want to , no just wait and see . i am so happy i said and so proud to be able to say shes my wifethe end or is ?.
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