She's Wishing for What He's Wanting


Topic: She's Wishing for What He's Wanting **Side Note: The story has a bit of a long intro, but thats to introduce the story and characters and such. If you want to skip to the nitty gritty, Section 3 is your best bet. But I would highly suggest reading the whole thing thru, to understand and get the story as a whole. **  
She was a relatively quiet one, Lena Taylor. But that was only until you got to know her. Tall, skinny, and secretly playful. Ok, so a few details about her: She had long straight brown hair with bright green eyes.   She had a small chest, B-cup, but she wasn’t ashamed of it. If you’re looking for a big ass, she doesn’t have that either. But I’m pretty sure that everything else about her can make up for that.
“They are going to love you, I promise,” said Mackenzie, “Like I said, usually all of my friends are guys, so when they see me come home with a girl, they’ll be nothing but thrilled. ”
“Wow, sounds like you were raised by a family of lesbians only hoping for ‘good news. ’”
“Har har, very funny. Anyway, this vacation is going to be so fucking awesome! It’s going to be a whole month of my summer home, beaches, swimming, camping, sports, and ooh guys galore!”
“I’m just looking forward to a month of no school work to be honest. It’s about time we took a break from classes. I mean seriously, who was I fooling.

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  . . Chemistry as a Major? Like, what the fuck. ”
“At least you can pull off good grades Lena. But enough about that. Tomorrow, it’s Virginia time!”
And that was that. The next day the two girls set off for a day’s trip of strictly driving. Music blaring, feet and arms out the window, even the occasional flirtation with a passerby. It was only a matter of time before they pulled up to the gorgeous golden white beach-house.
“Wow, you live here?!” Lena’s jaw dropped.
“Yea, only during the summer though. Oh c’mon, they’re waiting inside!”
They dropped their bags and raced into the huge palace. At the door greeting them was Mrs. Perretti. Handful of flowers and wearing a huge grin, she stood with open arms.

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“Oh look who just happened to drop by! It’s our lovely Mackie, and … oh my god. Who’s this?!”
“Well,” Mackenzie began, “I know I said I was bringing Brian and all, but I thought a good heart attack would be more fun. This is Lena Taylor. We met in chem this semester, and boy am I glad I did. ”
“You weren’t kiddin’ when you said guy friends,” Lena whispered, “Pleasure to meet you Mrs Perr-“
“Genna, call me Genna. Anyway, let’s get you girls settled in. Ted! Come help the girls unpack. ”
“Girls? What, did you go and pack too?”
It was dinner time as four of them settled down to eat and chat.
“No seriously mom, you should see her work, she’s a fucking genius. ”
“God, will you cut it out. It’s really nothing, seriously,” retorted Lena, rolling her eyes. It was at that moment that some rustling sounds came from the garage.
“That must be Rye!” exclaimed Mackenzie.
“I didn’t know you had a boyfriend Mackie. ”
“What? I don’t.

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   It’s my brother. ”
“Yes, brother. Also known as a sibling of this person you call a friend. Which, by the way, never mentioned she had a brother?” said Rye as he stumbled into the kitchen, arms full of luggage.
Lena blushing, smiled as she darted her look away.
“Must have ‘slipped my mind. ’”
“Oh please. You’re not going on about that again are you?”
Lena wasn’t even paying attention to their li’l fight; she was feasting over Rye’s well toned body. He wasn’t ripped, but he sure as hell wasn’t spaghetti. Standing a tall 6’3” with well defined, chiseled features, and amazing grey eyes, was her man. He had no hair. She could tell he shaved it off. It was starting to stubble. Lena found that both cute, and very hot. Less to grab, more to scratch.

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   She tilted her head in awe, gazing at him. Or at least what she considered gazing, to others, it was complete staring.
She quickly snapped out of her little world as his hand stuck out to greet her. “Hi, I’m Rye, Mackie’s ex-brother. ”
A nervous giggle escapes Lena’s lips, but she eagerly shakes his hand anyway. “Hi. Lena. ”
“Funny, I could have sworn I was going to have a punch-bag to play with for the break. ”
“No, Brian had other things to do. Besides, Lena deserves this, and in all honesty, I’m really glad I brought her,” replied Mackenzie, looking at Lena, who was fiddling with her plate. “Come, let’s unpack. I have a lot to show you anyway. ”
The two girls strolled away to their room with all their bags and carriages. But before Lena was whisked away, she caught a slight gleam across the face of Rye. He watched her as she climbed the stairs effortlessly.

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She sat in her bed alone. Staring at the ceiling was all she could manage, after seeing Rye and all. She looked around, helplessly looking for something to take her mind off of things…
The room was very clean. When unpacking she could remember trying to be careful, almost like walking on egg shells.   Filled with antique chairs, bureaus, even dolls, the room was clearly made for the wife of the house, like a little escape to childhood for her. It was an adorable room really, but nothing that really fit Lena. So she sat there. Back to her staring, and day dreaming, or was it night dreaming? Regardless, her thoughts were focused on one thing: Rye.
Eventually she slipped into a deep sleep. She didn’t even realize it, but she didn’t have to. What she dreamed of was a dream to remember…
It seemed so real. She woke up, sun peeking in through the window. She stretched in the bed and rolled out. She stumbled into the bathroom and began to fix herself up. She heard the parents getting up and ready to go to work.

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   She figured Mackenzie was asleep. Before she even finished washing her face the house was quiet.
She stepped out from the bathroom, and sneaked into her room for a quick change. From there she tip-toed across Mackenzie’s open door into the kitchen to fix herself a meal. Before she had a chance to turn back, Rye, who was using the kitchen, waved her in.
“Good morning. ” He said with a cheery voice.
“H-hello. ” She managed to get out. “Where is everyone?”
“Oh well the parents are out at work and Mackie is out walkin’ the dog. ”
“Oh, I though she was sleeping. ”
“Nah, she was up before they were. Anyway, want some pancakes?” “Do you even need to ask?”
He poured in another set of pancake batter while flipping the ones ready to be served. “Here you can have these. ”
“Are you sure, I mean I don’t want to take your meal.

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“Nah it’s ok, I knew you would get up sometime. People say my pancakes are pretty irresistible. ”
“If that’s what they call it then sure,” Lena snickered to herself.
She sat down with her plateful of pancakes and started to pour on the syrup. She almost over filled the plate, with her “gazing” and all. He was cooking topless. Granted it was a warm day, but honestly, if you wanted to save yourself from a crazed girl, a shirt should be a must. All in all, she wasn’t complaining. She had a sly grin across her face as she pictured herself creeping up behind him, and sliding her hands around the front of his chest. She could almost hear him moan as her hands started to slip below the belt. She went on and began to nibble his neck, climbing up to his hears, feeling him become restless.
Then she had to snap out of it, when Rye came over with his hot plate of pancakes. They sat there talking about school and such, getting to know each other a bit more.
“So what unfortunate events lead you to meet Mackie?”
“Oh I wouldn’t say that, we were just lab partners, and I guess clicked is the
She looked over and saw that there was a drop of syrup on Rye’s lips. She thought for a moment, then smiling to herself, she said, “You have a li’l smidgen there.

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“Yep. ”
“Get it for me. ”
“Uh yea, I can’t go walking around with syrup on my lips now can I?” With that she reached over and swiped her finger across his lips, gently, and seductively sucked it off.   She smiled at him and said ‘all better. ’
He sat there shocked, almost, at what just happened. He quickly came back and thought to himself what to do next. He leaned over and whispered. “You know, you have a little somethin’ right there. ”
He traced her lips with his fingers, “Got it. ” But instead of licking it off his fingers, he licked across her lips. A huge rush of lust filled Lena as her pussy instantly began to throb. Her nipples stood to attention as his hands began to slip up and under her shirt. Their lips meshed, tongues passing each other, taking turns, breaths escaping when they had the chance. His fingers slowly walked themselves up her body, tracing the wire of her bra which held her perky breasts secure. Quiet moans slipped Lena’s mouth as the hand behind her carefully unhooked her bra.

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   It instantly let her breasts free from its secure grip.
Her hands eagerly raced around his body, feeling every inch, memorizing it. Stroking his neck, brushing down his chest, slipping her fingers under his jeans, loosening his belt, and then unbuttoning the jeans. A deep grown shot through Rye’s mouth as Lena stroked his hard member for the first time. Squeezing at the base, and lightly twisting her hand around the shaft on the way up. Her slick tongue flickered in and out of his mouth with each exhale.
His right hand began to run through her thick hair and grab a strong hold of it with each pump she made on his pulsating dick. His left was running its thumb over her hard nipples, back and forth, sending jolts of pure pleasure over her body, making her quiver to his touch. Her breathing began to quicken as his had slowly moved from her hair and moved across her smooth belly. Sliding his thumb under the elastics of her panties, he could feel a cleanly shaven pussy, until he felt further down and noticed neatly trimmed pubic hair. Cute, he thought to himself. She could feel his hands getting closer to her wet snatch and begged for more. Rye, hearing her plea, lifted her up and slipped off her shorts and panties in one swift move. Strangely enough, pulling away from her warm soft hands wasn’t such a hard task, once he got to see what was between her lengthy legs…
Sopping wet with fresh smelling pussy juice was Lena’s glorious and glistening cunt. Rye leaned in, kissing her knee, then up further in her inner thigh.

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   Her other thigh was being caressed by his hand, sneakily crawling its way up. Lena ran her hand over Rye’s back, edging him to come closer, and faster… Rye’s kisses, licks, and nibbles quickened with each passing second. Her pussy was just inches away from his face. He took a deep breath in, inhaling her sweet smell. He took two fingers, spreading her lips apart so he can gain a full grasp of what he was about to indulge in. With such ease, the two lips peeled open, revealing the cutest, most delish pussy ever, traced with delicately cut hair. Rye pressed his tongue against the right lip, taking a long stroke up, careful not to touch her engorged clit. Then to the left, pressing the lips aside, swirling his tongue all the while. His left hand stroking her inner thigh carefully, tickling almost, not so much, but enough to send chills throughout her body. Right hand holding her pussy open, while his left etched its way to the bottom rim of her hole, stroking it side to side. . . waiting… Waiting for that feeling of her tight pussy to suck it in.
Lena rolled her head back with both pure torture and absolute pleasure. How long has she been wanting this? May not that long, but still, this was more of a need than a want.


   She could feel his tongue slipping in, and out, and around, jabbing, prodding, poking, sucking… till he just took one big lick right in the middle, almost vibrating his tongue ever so gently over her clit. She lost it. Her body convulsed. With each flick of the tongue her body shook. His finger, which tenderly hung over the entrance of her hole tempting it with each stroke, forcefully intruded her hot snatch. A slight moan escaped his lips as he felt her tight silky cunt, juiced to its finest, engulf his finger. The moan made vibrations over Lena’s clit, which sent her over the edge…
It was the scream that woke her up. She didn’t scream in her room. She screamed in her dream. She also creamed in her dream, and her bed. A nice wet spot, neatly tracing her bum. The culprit? Her sneaky fingers.
“Holy fuck. What a dream,” was all Lena could say. She groaned to herself, wishing that was all true, then realizing it wasn’t.

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   What a disappointment. She rolled out of bed anyway, and began to get ready for the day. Starting off with brushing her teeth and washing her face, finishing with a surprise poke from Mackenzie.
“So, how did you sleep,” she asked.
“Better than I thought I would,” Lena winked.
The two of them quickly got dressed for the day. Leading down the stairs was Lena in a cute white skirt with a light green tank top, which hung tightly against her thin frame. Behind her galloped Mackenzie which had on jean shorts with a plain white wife-beater. It was a warm day, a day that the two have been craving for. Lena sat at the dining, listening to Mackenzie whip out the plans for the day.
“So Robby said he was coming over today, which is great because I haven’t seen his wonderful Italian body in like, forever. Oh and he’s bringing over all his friends, which are also my friends of course. I think their names are Joey, Mike, and Austin. Oh my god, did I mention that …” She just went off into a tangent.
Lena politely smiled and nodded whenever Mackenzie glanced in her direction.

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   She was all over the kitchen preparing for … waffles. Sooner than later she drifted into another realm. Wondering what Rye was up to, if he was thinking about her, if he even liked her. Of course he didn’t. She was this tall gangly tree which stood about 5’10”. She felt hopeless. Would there ever be a guy who looked her way in lust? Or just disgust? Well, maybe not that far. Maybe they liked her, but she was so socially awkward that they didn’t bother to give her a second chance. What if they did? Meh, whatever.
The doorbell rang a pleasant melody. “Oh my God, that’s gotta be Robby!” While she raced to the door, Lena took over the stove. She didn’t hear the usual squeal Mackenzie would make when she saw her friends. Just as that thought crossed her mind, she saw her walk glumly back into the kitchen. Lena motioned ‘What’s wrong?’
In pranced Nicole D’Amato. “Where’s my baby?”
“Baby?” replied Lena.

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“Who the fuck are you?” questioned Nicole.
“This would be Lena. But not like you care. You care about nothing but yourself,” answered Mackenzie.
“Huh,” snorted Nicole, “Whatever. I’ll look for him myself. Babe!”
Lena eyed Nicole as she ran up the stairs. “And that was…?”
“Why, that my friend is Rye’s slutty ass tramp, Nicole. ”
“The one and only. You have no idea how much the entire family hates her. My own father kicked her out. Twice. Door-in-the-face-kick-out. ”
“Ouch. Why?”
“Well when I said slutty ass tramp, that’s an understatement.

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   See, she treats Rye like he’s her dog. Then gets stupidly jealous when she ‘catches’ him talking to another girl. No, lemme rephrase that. When Rye LOOKS at a girl. I bet she’s just itching to yell at him because she saw you here. And why? She has no reason to. Did you know she cheated on him? With some dumb ass at a car wash… I mean, how pathetic can you get? What’s worse, is that Rye still sticks around for her. I can tell it’s beginning to be a chore for him. We’re all waiting for him to tick. ”
Lena sat silent. Rye had a girlfriend. The fact that she was a shit one at that hadn’t quite registered yet. Her wet dream fantasy was shattered after the word ‘girlfriend’ was made true.
He cringed at the foot steps coming closer to his room.
“Babe? I was lookin’ all over for you darlin’.

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   Where have you been?”
“Here?” replied Rye. He hated when she made her surprise visits, which really, weren’t very surprising. Always in the morning, and always when he didn’t want her there. Ha, I guess that’s every day.
“Well I just wanted to make a quick poke in to see how ya were. I uhh… noticed a stalky lookin’ girl downstairs with Mackenzie…”
“Oh so you know her name too? What else do you know? What her tits look like?”
“Wow, will you chill the fuck out. It’s Mackie’s friend from college. ” Though I wouldn’t mind peeking if I had the chance, he thought to himself.
Nicole huffed to herself for a minute. “Ok, well anyway, I’m going to Jeff’s birthday tonight. I’d take you but his invitation was strictly 1 per. ”
“Whatever. Have fun!” He followed her out his bedroom door, walking quietly down the stairs. It was then that he noticed how stunning Lena really was. Enjoying her meal with Mackenzie.

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   Just having, fun. Swinging her hair from one side to the other. Her smile was very attractive, inviting him over almost, and she wasn’t even looking in his direction. If only she knew what he was whacking off to last night, he thought to himself.
“Hello?” scoffed Nicole, pointing at her cheeks. They were at the bottom of the steps and he already had the door open for her to leave. He quickly pecked her cheek and off she was for another day of adultery.
He walked over to the kitchen and saw the girls talking about the day. “What are you girls up to?”
“Well I thought I would start off with hacking that bitch into pieces and ending with a ceremonial dance of death over her corpse,” replied Mackenzie.
“Isn’t that a bit harsh? Let alone morbid…” said Lena, laughing along with her anyway.
“Harsh? Maybe. Morbid? Definitely. While you girls plan your day, I’ll be in the garage fixin’ dad’s car. ”
“It broke again?”
“Apparently. ”
Lena smiled at him.

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   Her eyes were so wide, clearly innocent. They were lightly laced with gorgeous lashes. And the color, shined through the morning’s sun. They were absolutely beautiful. Honey green, noted Rye. She quickly turned away to Rye’s disappointment, blushing as well. Rye smiled to himself, wishing he could just kiss her rosy cheeks. But alas, not was not the time.
He walked away, almost sulking. But a perky sulk. Was that possible? He had the girl of his dreams living with him for a whole month, but she was intangible. He couldn’t have her. As soon as he gripped the door knob for the garage, the main entrance began to chime.
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