Small miracles do happen...


I'm a guy.   A lonely, insecure, deprived guy. . . which is why I want to put this story out there.   For Cool Points and an ego boost and to thumb my nose at pretty boys and the like.   lol  If you know me it prolly sounds unbelievable. . . cause I'm not this lucky nor that good looking. . . hell I'm not even sure this actually happened but anyways. . . So about a half hour ago I'm about halfway home from work.

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    Riding my bicycle, this is about 12:45 at night, when I hear behind me a muffled "Excuse me!  Can you help!?"  I wasnt sure thats what was said but it sounded like it.   So I hit the brakes and skid a few paces and turn around and see these two hot, and I mean hot, blondes by a car flagging me down.   So I go over and the shorter blond in jeans and a nicely fitting shirt walks part way to me and explains the situation.   They'd locked themselves out of their car.   She asks me "Do you know anything about this kind of stuff?"  Ofcourse I do not, but I say "A little", cause I'm a guy and thats what we do.   So I walk over and the hotter of the two hotties is trying to break into her car with a hangar.   Oh and also, did I mention they were both at LEAST slightly drunk?  Anyways, this hotter blonde is wearing like tight short spandex shorts with some tight ass pinkish top.   I take a secretive, but appreciative once over of her then proceed to ask what they've tried thus far.   The hotter one says that she tried to get in through the trunk (they had that opened somehow) and push the seat in, cause she knows it folds and that you can do it from the trunk but she cant remember how.   She says "Theres a latch somewhere in here. " and proceeds to bend over, legs slightly spread, in the spandex short shorts. . . even wiggles a bit as she searchs. .

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  . suffice it to say. . . I was at half mast. . . ANYWAYS, I stick my head in there after she extricates herself and I cant see no damn latch or lever or anything.   So I go to her drivers side window and check the molding or whatever to see if I can get the hangar in somewhere without damaging too much.   Meanwhile the hotter blond hops into the trunk and this time is up side down with her legs draped over the side, again I take a moment to admire, then another moment when her friend leans over her to point at something. . . another nice ass. . .

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   so anyways I examine the window.   Find a likely spot, get the hangar in then say "I have it in. "  they both come out of the trunk and watch me with hopeful faces.   I wiggle the hangar around to the top of the window so its sticking out a bit, I tell one of them to hold it open with their finger.   I take the hangar out, bend it into a hoop, stick it back in, loop it around the handle and give a sharp jerk.   The door opens.   I'm a fucking hero.   Now HERE is where it gets unbelievable.   They both first show their gratitude by thanking me profusely and then hugging me at the same time, so I have my hands full of hot blonde.   I have a noticeable bulge which I am sure the hotter blond notices when she presses up against me for a hug.   We start to pull away (I'm ready to go home, the hugs were enough to satisfy me. . . which is sad. .

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  . ) and BAM, I was just looking her in the eye as we pull away to say goodbye and good luck and I've suddenly got a tongue in my mouth. . . and it aint just mine.   I fuckin' go with it.   What else can you do right?  I mean they were obviously at least a little drunk. . . but I didnt force them or suggest even a hint of anything, so morally I felt okay about it.   So anyways, making out for about 30 seconds,  I have no idea where her friend went and I dont fucking care.   Hands are groping.   She breaks away, pushs me down onto the drivers side seat, gets on her knees. . .

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   theres a shirt on the pavement. . . which puzzles me till I see her friend in her bra kneel right down next to her.   What happens next. . . will probably get me through 2 months of no sex at the least.   I've never gotten head from two women at once, let alone two hotties. . . suffice it to say. . . tonight.

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  . . rocked.   I REALLY needed this, very stressed lately.   And ofcourse as I said before, I'm insecure and all that and I have something to prove so as soon as I got home I came online and wrote this.   Now. . . everyone please be impressed with me and tell me I'm their idle and the perfect example of the dominant human male.   ^_^  Amen. .