Summer Job


Sara needed a job for the summer. She was a student and was always short on money. She worked every summer, after the exams were over. This year was no different. Her preferred type of work was something in an office. She could handle a computer, could type quite fast, got on well with other people and knew how to answer the phone. It was all she needed. Most of the time she didn’t have to do much actual work, could chat with her friends on the phone for free and didn’t have to walk of lift anything.
This summer she found a job in her countries’ biggest phone company. The work was in the afternoon and she had to some sort mail and answer the help line calls. She usually ended work around midnight, which suited her fine, because she liked staying up late, but on a few occasions she was asked to stay late and help with typing, since even secretaries like to have a vacation. This suited her just fine, since she needed the money.
This Friday however she didn’t want to stay late. She was going out with her friends later and was hoping to finish early. So apparently did everyone else. The work was light, not unusual for a Friday and most of the offices were already empty by eleven.

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   She and two of her coworkers were about to leave, when her boss came from upstairs and asked if one of them would mind staying for an extra half hour. Her two companions quickly made their excuses and left, leaving her alone to answer the call. She still had some time and didn’t really mind some more work, so she agreed.
Her boss told her that one of his superiors needed some notes typed, but was to busy to do it himself. He sent her to the tenth floor, told her to look for the only office with the light still on. Her boss was also leaving, since his wife was waiting. It looked like the building was empty except for her and the man that needed her typing skills.
She used the elevator, got out on the tenth floor and walked down the hall towards the light coming from an office on the left. As she stepped into the office she saw it was empty. She sat down and waited. It was kind of exciting, being all alone in this huge building, she could do whatever she wanted and no one would know.
There was a noise behind her and Sara turned around. There was a man in the doorway. He looked about 25 years old, but to Sara, who was 18, that was quite old.
The man smiled at her.

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   “Hi. You most be my secretary for the evening. I’m Matt. ” And he smiled again. Sara looked at him; he was nice, average height, athletic, not to light or to dark, nice smile and pale blue eyes which were even more unusual because of his long black hair, falling down to his neck. For a moment she thought about the size of his cock and was embarrassed by her own thoughts.
She smiled back. “Hallo. My name’s Sara, mister Schmit sent me up here, he said you needed help with some typing. At least I hope he meant you or else I’m lost. ”
Matt went to his desk and picked up a piece of paper. “Yes, you got the right office. My secretary and I need to have this typed. ” He said as he pointed to the paper. “I would do it myself, but I still have work to do.

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   Here, come to the computer and I’ll use your seat. ”
Sara went around the desk, brushing up against Matt on the way. She sat down and looked at the paper. As she began typing Matt took her seat and shuffled through some papers. After a minute he looked up from his work and asked Sara for a blank piece of paper from the drawer on her right. Sara wound the drawer locked and told him so.
He smiled and said. “Oh, I forgot. Here, let me get it. ”
With that he came around the desk and leaned over Sara’s left shoulder and reached toward her thigh. She was wearing a short skirt today, because she was going out later, so she was in one of her sexiest outfits. She wore just a short white skirt, with a red flower pattern, and a matching top. Her underwear was just a red thong, the edges of which were beginning to show over the top of her skirt.
Matt’ hand brushed her leg and she almost gasped. But then he went lower under the desk and pulled out a key.

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   Sara felt excited, relieved and nervous all at the same time. She was also beginning to like his closeness. Matt stood up and then kneeled down on one knee by the drawer on her right. He unlocked it and Sara moved her leg near him, so his hand brushed her leg just below the knee. The feeling was great to Sara, but Matt did not seem to notice. He was about to return to his chair but suddenly stopped and asked her how much of the paper had she typed. He told her he had to change something and came to stand behind her chair again. He leaned over her and moved the mouse, scrolling over the document. Sara could fell his breath by her neck, his arm touching hers as he moved the mouse. She was getting hot, but didn’t dare do anything about it. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.
Matt did not show it, but after a moment he felt her close to him to. In a reflex male motion he almost subconsciously looked her over. She was a tanned a bit, but showed no bra lines. She had a great body, a tight and slim.

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   Her face was gorgeous, with beautiful green eyes and a small nose. She had straight blond, cut short, just framing her face, strands falling across her eyes. She was small, with tits to match. From what he could see from looking down over her, they were not very big, but enough to fill out her top nicely. He could see the dark of her nipples pushing out the white fabric.
His arm was touching her shoulder and she seemed to like it. He lowered his head closer to her shoulder and could feel the heat of her body. He looked at her and saw that her eyes were closed. He let go of the mouse and brushed her forearm with his. She shivered. Slowly he lowered his head all the way to her shoulder and gently put his right hand or her thigh. Her eyes were still closed and now she moaned softly at the touch.
He started caressing her, touching her thigh with one hand and her stomach with the other. As he moved closer to the hot zone Sara reached up with her right and grabbed his hair. That made him even hornier.

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   He reached between her legs and touched the bottom of her thong. He rubbed it with his finger. She was moving slightly in her chair, breathing deeply and enjoying his touch. She turned her head and they kissed. Gently at first and then their tongs met and parted with a wild passion. Not bothering to be gentle anymore he pulled up her top, him hands sliding up her breasts. He stopped kissing her long enough to pull it over her head and then resumed. His hands were just big enough, with the fingers spread, to cup her tits.
Sara was wild with passion now; she was wet and wanted his cock. His every touch made her even hotter and wetter.
She pulled him close and whispered in his ear. “Fuck me, please, now. ” Those were the right words for Matt; he could not contain himself any longer. He turned her seat around so he was facing her and then kissed her nipples. Then he pulled her out of the chair and pressed her against the desk.

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   He unbuttoned his shirt just enough to pull it over his head and tossed it on the ground. He undid his belt and dropped his pants. He stepped out of them and kicked them away. Now he dropped his boxer shorts and did the same with them. His big hard member stood out, pointing slightly up, and he brushed it against her belly. Then he went to his knees before her and grabbed her thighs. He caressed the inside of her tights, then reached up under her skirt and pushed down her red thong. He threw it in a corner and then returned his attention to Sara. She shaved her pussy, leaving just a small, inch wide line pointing the way for him. She held his hair as he kneeled in front of her and enjoyed his touch with closed eyes. She spread her legs so he could reach inside her and almost fainted when she felt his tongue probe between her legs. As it slid in and out of her she pulled hard on his hair.
Matt slowly stood up his hand sliding up between her legs. Gods was she wet! He pushed her skirt up to her waist and lifted her on the table. He stepped to her and she put her legs around him and pulled him closer.

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   He took her hand and put it on his cock. Without a word she started moving her hand up and down. He put two fingers in her wet pussy and grabbed his dick. He teased her for a moment, moving it up and down along her crack, and then pushed inside. She moaned loud and put her hands around his neck as he started to thrust faster and faster. Soon they were both covered with sweat and panting, the inside of her thighs wet with her own juices and that of his cock. He pushed deep inside her, filling her up completely. She screamed with pleasure and wondered at his size. She felt herself coming closer to that magical felling of orgasm with every thrust. She held him tight, moving with his motion, slightly raising her body, so he could enter her ever deeper. Almost there, just a bit more. She let go of his neck and leaned back on the desk.
And then, screaming and moaning in pleasure she came. Matt continued fucking her, her pussy now even more wet, and now he was also close to an orgasm. He pushed hard even as she spasmed in her orgasm and as soon as her first one ended Sara felt it coming again.

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   Matt was now beyond control, wanting just to come as fast as he could. He pushed faster and faster, and as he felt her come again he pulled out and sprayed her tits and belly with his cum.
            After a moment to catch her breath Sara reached down and smeared her belly with his cum. She spread it over her tits and licked her fingers. She felt like a slut and she loved it. With her free hand she caressed her pussy for awhile, the sensation of the sex still lingering. Then she slid of the desk and went to her knees before Matt. His cock was still big, if not that hard, and she put her mouth around it. She jerked him of with one hand, sucking his dick all the time. After a minute she was surprised to see it was hard again. She tickled its head with her tongue, licked it and tasted his juices, his cum and his sweat. She could see he was ready to go again.
            Matt grabbed her hair and pushed his cock deep into her mouth. At first she almost choked but then she fell in the rhythm and enjoyed his rough guidance. Matt just stoop there for a couple of minutes, watching her suck.

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   Then he pushed her back against the desk again and kissed her. While their tongues played he unzipped he skirt, now rolled up to her waist and helped her get rid of it. With one hand he held her hair, turning her head with the kisses. He kissed her neck, gently bit her ear and then, cupping her head in his left hand, went back to work on her neck. While he was doing this his other hand explored downwards, sliding between her legs, entering her with his fingers. She was enjoying the sensation, following the movements of his hand with her body. He drew back his mouth, deliberately withdrawing in mid kiss. She followed him immediately, searching his tongue, her eyes closed. When she found him, he withdrew again, so this time she grabbed his hair and pulled him close. Matt mentally smiled at this and then did it again.
            Sara felt his hand inside her pussy and when he pulled away from her for the third time she could not wait anymore. She grabbed his hard dick and rubbed it along her wet pussy. She felt hot, on fire almost, and wanted him inside her. Matt felt her need and he felt the same way. He turned her around, pressed his cock again her tight ass.


   His hands roamed up from her belly to her tits, the other holding the front of her neck while he kissed the back.
            He lowered himself a little, took hold of his member and slowly slid it inside her from behind. While still holding her close to him he started the rhythmic in and out motion again and she followed his lead, moving with him. Panting from passion and exertion he started to go faster. He needed release, and he needed it soon. Sara loved being fucked from behind, loved the motion and the press of his body, but as he began to pound her faster and faster, she could not keep the rhythm. Just then Matt pushed her down on the table, sensing their movement too fast for her to keep track. Sara bend over the desk, her elbows resting on the dark wood, her fingers pushing away the keyboard. She felt her strong hands on her shoulders, helping him push deeper inside her. Suddenly he stopped the even in and out and pushed strongly, making her hit the drawers with her knees and pushing the keyboard almost off the desk. She screamed in delight. As he did it again she was ready for it, but feeling inside her drenched pussy was too much too contain and she screamed again. She felt an orgasm building inside her as Matt again increased pace. She wanted him to come inside her and with some trouble, because of her own moaning, told him so.
He smiled and leaned to her ear.

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   “Sure baby, love to, oh, you’re so good. ”
            Sara pressed against his face as she felt herself go. Her eyes rolled back with pleasure as her body was washed over by a tide of orgasmic feeling. The felling continued for some time and in this time Matt continued to fuck her. A moment later he came to, pushing inside with a mighty thrust a pressing her down again. Sara felt the push, and her feeling of orgasm increased beyond limits for one glorious moment. Then she felt his cum spurting inside her and stood still not wanting him to pull out. As her passion slowly subsided she moved her ass around, teasing his cock some more.
            After a minute Matt pulled out and Sara felt some of his cum run down her thigh. She reached between her legs and smeared it on both her thighs and over her modest pubic hair. She put her hand in her mouth to feel his cum and moaned in pleasure. Matt was still behind her and now he pulled her back and kissed her on the mouth. He turned her towards him and did a more thorough job.
After awhile he stopped and said softly in her ear. “Time to get dressed baby.

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   I still got work to do. God that was great. ” And then he kissed her again. “I hope you had a nice time, I would hate to think I was the only one who enjoyed this. ” He said and smiled, knowing from her earlier screams of pleasure that she loved it as much as he did.
            Sara smiled at him and smiled back. “I loved it, I really did. Do you need my help for anything else?” She said and burst and laughing. She kissed him again and then saw the clock on the wall. It was well over midnight and she was late. “Shit, it’s late. I have to go. Do you still need my help?”
Matt looked over her shoulder at the computer screen. “No, it’s almost done. I’ll finish up if you’re in a hurry.

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   Going out to party?” With this he strolled to the corner to pick up most of their clothes. He handed her the write-red top and her thong then put on his underwear and pants.
As he zipped up Sara picked up her skirt from the floor and dress. “Yes, I’m meeting some friends and we’re going to a party. I was hoping to meet them an hour ago. Good thing I didn’t. I would have missed all this fun. ” She said as she pullet on her skirt. They were both dressed now and he held her in his strong arms again.
They kissed again passionately and he looked in her bright green eyes. “You really are a cliché secretary you know? Doing it with the boss in the first hour and you’re not ever a regular. ” With this he smiled and they kissed again. He held her for a few minutes and they talked. Then she had to go and turned to leave. He followed her to the door and as the said their goodbyes he reached under her skirt, pushed away her red panties and put a finger inside her.

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He looked her in the eyes and said. “Just so I remember you longer. Hope to see you around here; I may need some help again. ”
Sara smiled at this. “I’ll volunteer for it right away. I love being your secretary. ” But what she meant to say was bitch, she felt like that and she loved being his bitch. As she walked to the elevator she smiled to herself. She hoped Matt would not wait too long before asking for her help again. This was going to be a great summer job.
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