Swimming in Her


Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
My wife has a tendency to get horny and try to seduce me under the weirdest circumstances. This is just a story about one of those times that I found most memorable.
I’m Dave and my wife’s name is Katie. If I were going to compare her to any celebrity, I’d say she looks like Marilyn Monroe, but not as voluptuous. She’s got more of an athletic build. There’s very little fat on her body except for her tits and ass. The rest of her is nothing but lean meat and sun-tanned skin.
So anyway, I’m a fairly wealthy man. I live in Florida just off the coast of the ocean, but there is also a small lake about a hundred meters beyond my backyard. It’s quite a beautiful scene and even when it’s hot everywhere else in Florida, my area tends to be cooler and less humid.
This particular day, Katie and I decided to go scuba diving in the lake. She had already put her flippers and goggles on and left to go to the bathroom to shower in some cool water—something we always do to get our bodies used to the feel before we jump in the lake.

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I was finishing up some work so I was a little behind getting ready. When I got my flippers and goggles on, I proceeded to the bathroom too.
Low and behold, when I got inside, I see Katie lying in the Jacuzzi. It was full of bubbles and she was wearing nothing but her goggles and flippers. The water was only waist-high so I could see everything she was doing.
And what a sight it was. She was fingering her pussy. Her legs were up high as hell. She was wearing dark, red lipstick and moaning like she was getting the best fuck of her life.
I felt a laugh coming on because she looked so silly finger-fucking herself with those huge, pink flippers on her feet. And not only that, she kept crossing them and clapping them together. It looked like a penguin clapping its wings.
But then the feeling left and I started feeling horny. Katie was still naked, still gorgeous, and still had more sex appeal than any woman I’d ever met. She was probably the only woman I knew who could make a sight that ridiculous seem sexy.

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I wasn’t sure exactly where she was going with this. Was she trying to seduce me or was she trying to make me laugh? Did she want to have sex or just get a good laugh before we went to the lake to have more fun?
I couldn’t tell, but one thing I knew for sure was that she was really getting me going. She would lift her pelvis out of the water and spread her pink cunt lips open for me. She’d finger herself in small circles and hump her hand. The whole time she never stopped moaning and convulsing in the tub.
I was determined not to interfere though. I wanted to see how far she was going to take this. I waited and watched as she pleasured herself for what seemed like an hour, but it was really closer to 5 or 6 minutes (it just seemed so long because of my boner).
After a while, I still wasn’t sure what her plan was, but now I was so horny I didn’t care. She was getting fucked whether that was her plan or not.
I went to the kitchen and got the baser. Thanksgiving was coming up and we were going to use it for the turkey, but I was feeling creative and I’d come up with a better use for it.
Like Katie, I was wearing nothing but flippers and goggles. I stepped into the water. I kneeled and dunked the baser into the water and sucked in a load full.

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   I pulled it out, spread Katie’s pussy lips open, and sprayed it hard at her clit.
“Ohh!” she creamed in surprised.
I continued doing it over and over again. It shocked her the first time, but now it was feeling good. The warm water hitting her pussy and clit gave her a sensation similar to a vibrator, only wetter and steadier.
She was getting really horny. She squirmed a lot more and moaned a lot more. She kept licking at the bubbles in the air.
She wanted something in her mouth but I wasn’t going to give it to her yet. I wanted to tease her some more.
I turned the baser around. I put the fat knob on her wet clit and started sliding it up and down her fuzzy split.
“Ohh,” she moaned as she slowly started humping the rubber knob.
I tossed the baser aside. I climbed between her legs and made my way up her gorgeous body.

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She extended her tongue. It looked so alluring sticking out from between those full, red lips. I took the bait like a fish. I closed my mouth around her tongue, then released it and started intertwining my tongue with hers.
She tenderly touched my face as we kissed, then her grip tightened and she started moving out from under me. She motioned for me to take her seat in the Jacuzzi. I did. Then she lay flat on her belly, forcefully grabbed hold of my throbbing cock, and shoved it in her mouth.
Rather than just moving her head, she moved her whole body in and out to suck me off. The water was splashing everywhere and the suds were making bubbles rain down on us. There were a lot of moans in the air, but I was in such a haze that I still don’t know if the moans were mine or hers.
Her jaws were so strong. She enjoyed having me in her mouth almost as much as I loved being there. And the way she was moving was making warm sudsy water splash around on her pussy and clit.
“Suck that fucking cock so I can put it in your twat,” I said.

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She kept sucking and sucking. I wanted to fuck her so I slid out from under her and kept sliding until I was totally on the floor behind the Jacuzzi.
Katie followed. She mounted me. She placed my eager cock on her warm pussy lips. I grabbed her by the waist and guided her down.
Her pussy was wet like an ocean, but I figured it would be since she was horny and had just gotten out of the Jacuzzi. It slid in with no resistance.      I started ramming her up and down, my hard cock filling her tight hole to perfection.
“Oh, oh, yeah,” she cried. “Oh, yeah. ”
Katie had sucked my dick so well that I’d forgotten about how good her pussy was. Like her body, her pussy was tight and strong. It squeezed the crap out of my cock and she had me close to popping my load in her pink snatch several times.
“Ooh, yeah, let’s do it froggy style,” she hissed.

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I almost laughed because she did look like a frog waiting to leap the way she was squatting on me with those big flippers. But I was too horny to smile. My teeth were gritted tightly and the only thing I could do with me lips was breathe air.
After pounding away at her cunt for a while, she slowly raised off of me. My cock fell out and she motioned for me to get up. She lay in my spot, but a little closer to the edge of the Jacuzzi, with her legs cocked wide open.
I looked at her first. She looked good. I just soaked in an eyeful, and then slipped two fingers in her snatch.
“You nasty fuck,” she said. “Yes, ooh, yeah. Oh!”
I went down on her. I started sucking her pussy like it had medicine in it. She was slowly grinding her warm twat on my face and fondling her tits as she looked down and saw me sucking her sweet hole.
“Ohhhhh! You’re so nasty.

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   That good tongue! Ohhh! Oh, yes!”
I’d stuck my finger in her asshole. Katie loved anal just as much as anything. She was going ape shit now. She started squirming and thrashing as an intense orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.
“Oh, god, yes. OHHH!!”
My cock had gone limp while I was eating her pussy. I stroked it back to erection as I waited patiently for her to calm down.
There was still one orifice that I hadn’t been in today. I fucked her pussy some more, just long enough to lube my cock thoroughly. It needed it for where it was headed.
I pulled my cock out her pussy. I gyrated it on her clit and sent her into another freakish orgasm, then I buried it into her tight little ass.
“Ahhooww!!” she screamed. “Yes, oh, yes! Oh, fuck! Fuck me good!”
“That’s so fucking tight,” I said.
Katie must have been doing anal exercises or something because her asshole had a death grip on my cock.

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   She spread her pussy lips and fingered her clit while I was fucking her. The sensation was unbearable.
It was so warm and snug and wet like her pussy. I pummeled her asshole for a long time, going from missionary to doggie style to reverse cowgirl.
“Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, yes. Oh, oh. ”
She was bouncing on me as I thrust upwards into her. I held out as long as I could but that ass was too damn good.
My legs shook with anticipation. My cock started burning. I tossed her off of me not even trying to gentle. I stood up and jerked my cock in her face.
Katie opened wide and stuck her tongue out.

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   All I could do was stare at those full red lips with that succulent tongue between them. I wanted to stuff my dick back in it, but the sight was too much for me.
Cum began shooting all over Katie’s face. I swear it’s a good thing she still had her goggles on or else I would have blinded her for sure. That’s just how much cum there was. I had a full clip and was unloading every drop on my slut wife’s face.
Later, I asked why she had done that. She said it had started as a joke to make me laugh, but she could see I was getting turned on so she kept at it to see how far it would go. She wanted to see if she could seduce me even with those big-ass flippers on her feet.
The answer was undisputable. Yes, she could.

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