Swingin' (Ch.1)


Her back arches. Her body quivers from the waves of pleasure surging from the nerve endings surrounding her anus and pussy through her brain. The message is that an impending orgasm is about to occur, and there is nothing she can do at this point to stop it. In a vain effort she groans, “You really want to make me cum, Don’t you!” Telling me that she is beyond the point of no return, and if I stop now she will kill me. I continue to stroke my cock as my eyes move to watch her tits when she has this orgasm captured on the videotape. God, how I love to watch those round, soft, jiggly orbs bounce and dance like jello when she comes. The jackhammer-fast motion of my hand working that rubber dick in and out of that wet hole of hers makes her tits rock back and forth, the nipples hard in the air as they bounce to the music of her moans of joy. I’m cumming. Faster, deeper – stick that tongue in my ass. Make me screeaaam!!! AAAHHHHHH. DON’T STOP. Yes. I see the cum dripping from the slippery plastic dong working her pussy onto the bed sheets as wave after wave of mind blowing orgasm ripples through her flesh. Finally, I sense that her clit is so sensitive that if I don’t back off she will lie down and squeeze her buttock tight to close off any chance of manipulating her raw red tulips. Instead, I move my tongue in wide lapping circles around her asshole, then down her thighs, taking all the love juice I can find running down her legs into my mouth. I love everything about pussy – the way it looks, the feel of it as my fingers massage the pulpy mass of wet flesh, the aroma that wafts through the air from the lubricating fluids, and the taste.

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   Even the sound – the slurpy, gushy sounds and the verbiage that comes from her mouth that would make the filthiest-minded trucker blush – “Fuck me, fuck my pussy, FUCK ME you BASTARD – HARD!!! Stick that big dick in me and rip me apart. ”Watching this video does it to me every time. I notice that my cock is real hot to the touch now, and my strokes have gotten faster from the action I’ve been watching on the little screen. I notice the pre-cum juice that has worked its way out of the hole on the top of my knob, and is making my fingers wet. I pause and grab my dick at the base and tightly squeeze as I move upward the 7-inch length of my organ, milking the pre-cum juice as it rises. Once it has been milked, I catch it on my forefinger and put it in my mouth to suck it clean. My wife is still in the living room with the kids, and it appears she won’t be coming in to join me anytime soon. I realize I am at the moment of truth. I am just too horny not to cum tonight, and I can’t wait up forever for her to get in here to take care of my need. I have tried that waiting till after 2AM, and I am not for shit at work the next day. Then, too, there is no guarantee that she will want to fool around or fuck tonight either. I have done that before – waited, only to find out she is too tired. By then I have missed my chance to jack-off or get laid. Those nights are literally hell. I just lay there all night tossing and turning, wanting it, knowing that I’m not gonna get her ‘pattycakes’ tonight! After tossing and turning for an hour or two, sometimes I can grab an X-rated video, go to the living room, and beat my meat, watching some other lucky fuckers getting their cookies off while I have to jerk the white stuff from my worm all alone.

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   By this time it is usually 4AM and the kids are fast asleep. Once I have taken the edge off by jacking-off I can usually get to sleep. I have tried to wait, you know – save it for my wife – instead of jerking off, but that just makes me more frustrated as time passes. Usually after waiting a week or two I end up masturbating anyway. Don’t get me wrong, my wife is one Hot bitch, but there are times when our bio-rhythms (or whatever) don’t quite run in synch. So……. anyway, I’m at the point of no return. I just got done watching me do her on the video recorder, and I know that the part that really gets me red hot is coming next – her giving me a blow-job!!! I milk another drop of the pre-cum from my balls into my mouth and taste the stickiness. The burning question remains, do I wait and take a chance I will get some tonight, or do I commit to cumming all over my own hands and tummy?By now the video recording has progressed to the point that she has grabbed my cock in her hands, and has began stroking it. Now I she her mouth goes over the head of my prick, and then watch as my cock slowly disappears from view into the warm wetness of her mouth. That did it – no waiting tonight. I pause the camcorder. If I’m going to do this – I might as well do it up right. I grab some Vaseline to reduce friction between my cock and my dry fingers. At least I can make it feel slippery similar to how a pussy would feel.

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   Once my balls and cock are coated I turn the video on where it left off. Her pussy straddles my legs; her large bouncing tits are hanging down and gently swaying as her head rocks up and down the length of my shaft. I can feel my balls tightening up now just as they did then when she gave me the blowjob. I watch my cock exit her mouth as her tongue starts giving darting licks all over the head. Then she leans deposits a liberal amount of saliva on the head of my cock and works it up and down my shaft, stroking in a fast motion. As she does this her tits jiggle to and fro, pointy nipples erect from the jogging her hand is giving to my cock. Those tits drive me wild. I love to watch them as her hand administers the fast wet strokes of pleasure to my dick. Now we are getting to the good part. My hand is working my vaselined cock faster now as I watch her place her head back on my joint and really begin to suck in earnest. Faster and faster her head bobs, her hand squeezing up and down my dick time with her mouth. I hear the slobbering of her mouth as she slurps, sucks, and lubes my cock all at the same time. Faster and faster my hand works my cock, and faster and faster she bobs up and down on the screen. She pulls her head away leaving a huge amount of spit on my cock. Now begins the climax.

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   Her hand works my cock at lightning speed – up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down – faster and faster she jacks me off. GOD – IS THERE ANY BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD THAN A WOMAN GIVING HER MAN PURE PLEASURE WITH HER HAND. My own hand is working my dick fast now too, getting ready for the final big squirt that will fill my hands and stomach with hot cum. On the tape I her myself tell her, “You better stop before its too late. ” Her reply, “Uh-uh, no stopping now!”But I never did want her to stop anyway, I really want to let it blow long and hard all over her. I want it to squirt way into the air in a large arching motion only to splatter all over her tits, stomach, and legs, gradually pumping successive fountains of joy juice all over her hands, making the blurring movement of her hand glide even faster from the slippery ooze. The moment of truth is fast approaching – both on screen and off………. . .