Swingin' (ch.2)


Once my orgasm has subsided, and my cum has been all cleaned up, it is my turn to reciprocate. {I never leave a job unfinished, and not getting my wife off too is a job that is only half done). I rewind the tape to the part where she is getting eaten and fucked with the dildo and have her watch it as I begin a serious pussy eating session on her. I need to explain something here, I am not quite like other men. No – there is no deformity, disease, or mental illness. Unlike most other men – I LOVE TO EAT PUSSY!!! Can’t get enough of it. Maybe it’s the devil in me, but when I eat my wife’s honey pot, I don’t let her cum right away. Generally, it will last a half-hour on a regular fuck session, and if the kids aren’t gonna be around I will stretch it to more than an hour of solid tongue-whipping delight. Early as a young boy (when my hand was the only sex I knew) I learned that the longer I could delay my gratification, the more intense my orgasm became. When I discovered the pure pleasure of sex with women, and the wonderful feeling of pleasuring a woman with my mouth, I assumed that the same principle held true - that the longer I spend in and around her crotch, without allowing full orgasmic release, the more extreme her explosion will be once I bring her to a finish. Back to my wife and her waiting pussy. Her pussy will have to wait a little longer, as I also love spending time on tits as well. To tell you the truth, I pretty much love every part of the female anatomy in all its different manifestations (call me a whole body man). I begin the gentle massaging of her tits, migrating to rub her tummy some with an occasional tweak over her mons pubis to build and sustain interest. I tweak her nipples to excruciating hardness by first licking the areola, circling the nipples but not quite touching them. Then I spend several minutes sucking and blowing on the nipples themselves.

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   My wife has fantastic nipples that stand to nearly ¾-inch and ½-inch wide when fully erect. They are like two big clits protruding from her breasts, and almost as sensitive. Her nipples are hard-wired to her clit, and she experiences many mini-orgasms from tit-sucking alone. While I start off slow and gentle at first, my wife really likes to have some serious attention paid to her nipples before my job on them can be considered thorough. I begin to gently bite and twist the nipples, increasing the pressure until her body quivers from an orgasm. Now I begin to earnestly move my fingers over her twat in large smooth circles, leaving no area untouched. Making treks along her thighs, back to her pussy and knead the fleshy skin surrounding her clit underneath. A few rolling motions of the flesh between my fingers around the little cock called her clit, just till I detect a shiver or two of pleasure. But I am not ready yet to really concentrate on that. Then my hand darts between her legs past her pussy to grab her squeezable ass while my wrist rests on her clit. I grasp and massage one cheek first, then the next, pausing to stimulate her anus along the way. Her torso writhes from the sensations pulsating through her body, and the momentum has swung to the point where there will be no stopping now until she has full and complete satisfaction. The rubbing of my forearm on her genitals as I massage her bum has caused her hips to gyrate against my forearm as if it were a long dildo between her legs. I move back to her pussy with my fingers, slowly gliding back and forth along each side of the long crack from clit to anus. Back and forth, over and over.

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   Now I throw in some squeezing of the flesh containing her little love muscle. I feel the clit in my fingers under the flesh. I haven’t directly touched her clit yet. Then back to her anus. Picking up some dripping pussy juice as I pass, I work my forefinger around her anus and gently slip it in to the first joint. Not too far yet. That will come later. With my finger in her ass I take my tongue and move it back and forth along each side of her thigh again, with an occasional dart of the finger into the pussy for tension and lubrication. Back to the flesh surrounding her clit to massage some more. This time as I pass I add something a little different. As I roll her flesh-covered soldier between my forefingers, I feel it become engorged with blood to form a little erection. This time I grasp it firmly between her pussy flesh and slowly begin to stroke it like a penis. Up and Down, Up and Down – as I jack off her clit. My wife’s body trembles from this, sending me the signal to either stop or continue to conclusion. I give a few more strokes to get her close to the edge, then back off.

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   “Not yet babe. You’re not getting off that quickly,” I state. I let her cool a bit by repositioning myself at the end of the bed, and pull her body down to the edge. I am kneeling on the floor to ease the strain on my neck so I can spend a great deal more time buried into her crotch. She complies eagerly – knowing what treat is held in store for her. There is something so very powerful about eating a woman’s pussy. It is the most intimate part of a woman’s body. For a woman to part her legs and reveal that vision of beauty places her in a position of extreme vulnerability. I think that is what turns me on the most – the position of power and control that has been awarded to me. I consider it a distinct honor, one that must be repaid appropriately. I pause a moment to gaze at the magnificence of the glory of my wife’s pussy offering itself to me to do with as I please. I place my mouth on her thigh first – kissing, licking, and sucking my way slowly closer to her glory hole. Once I reach the edge of her pussy I start to lick up and down the side of it, Round and round my tongue circles the flesh surrounding her pussy, not going into the slit yet, but every so often darting once into her pussy for a taste. Now I turn to the other leg and repeat the same procedure. I hear her moan with delight as I awaken the pleasure nerves of her crotch with my tongue.

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   My eyes remain open to watch her enjoy the administration of pleasure that I am giving her. I watch as she pinches, pulls, and twists on her rock hard nipples between her fingers to heighten her pleasure. She is a woman that knows her body well, and is hedonistic enough to realize that she is deserving of any and all pleasure she can get. She takes delight in knowing that this is a gift for her enjoyment alone, and knows enough to just lay back and absorb the maximum pleasure she can get from it. As I lick up and down and around her pussy she begins to gyrate her hips to try to get my tongue to touch her clit. Sensing this, and not wanting to get her off too quickly, I tease her by laying my tongue flat on one side of her pussy and applying hard pressure. Then I slowly shake my head from one side to the other, not entering her crack, just gliding over it with a hard, steady pressure. Each time my tongue crosses her clit she has a slight spasm. I feel her reciprocate with pelvic pressure of her own against my tongue and mouth. She experiences a few shivers of pleasure through her body. I know I have her total compliance now, and at this point she is totally vulnerable and dependent upon me to give her what she wants most – release. I back off, going to her pussy now. I have to taste the juice that is now profusely dibbling from her hole. I spend extra time licking the honey that has flowed from her pussy down over her anus, and has begun to moisten the sheets from the sheer amount of the arousal. Once all the liquid has been lapped up, I insert my tongue into her pussy.

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   Once in I wiggle the tip all about inside her to get as much juice flowing as I can. Then I remove it and suck as much honey from her hole as I can get. Next, I start to tongue-fuck her pussy. She begins to gasp with her moans, as I pick up the tempo. “Yes, YES,” she mutters aloud. “Don’t stop. ” The initiative has shifted, now she is thrusting her pelvis into my mouth, forcing my tongue deep into her vagina. She is going faster and faster, and I sense her approaching the release she is yearning for. Each time she thrusts her pelvis into my face, my nose glides into her clit. I let her build the momentum purposely on her own. I listen and watch observantly for the telltale signs if impending orgasm. Her breaths are now coming faster and shallower. She is twisting and pulling at her nipples so hard now that the skins of her tits are as taunt as a guitar string. Her moaning is near constant now and her hips start to work feverishly. Her abdominal muscles are as tight as a body builder, and she begins to arch her back.

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   Her shivers of pleasure are now becoming convulsive spasms. The pitch of her moans rise and now I know she is about one step away from fulfillment………Bastard that I am, I glide my tongue away from her pussy, now licking and kissing her tummy enroute to her tits, giving her a little breather. With my tongue in her pussy and my nose pressed against her clit, I could not breathe. The air refreshes me, yet leaves her hanging at the edge yet unfulfilled. She fought to keep my head buried into her womanhood, but moans in compliant bewilderment - bewilderment at not getting off, but compliant knowing that I always finish the job. I kiss and nibble her hard nipples, and say, “How bad do you want me to make you cum?” We like to be verbal during sex. Open and honest dirty talk. “I want you to make me cum with your mouth. Treat me like a whore. Make me scream like a dirty slut. ” She said. “In due time, first I want to tease you and make you beg me to make you cum!” I now kiss, lick and grope my way back towards her hot love saddle. The passion has ebbed enough now to where I need to keep stimulating her to keep her on the edge. The secret to good pussy eating and an excruciating mind-blowing, seeing stars orgasm for a woman is to not let her quite lose the sensation of being on the edge. A woman can have many mini-orgasms, but never reach total fulfillment until the final orgasm.

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   This time I earnestly work my tongue into her slit. Brief flickers across her clit till she shivers some more, then sucking the fold of one pussy lip deep into my mouth, causing the skin of her clit to become tight. While her pussy lip is in my mouth, my tongue darts into her pussy, then over to the tight skin on the edge of her clit. I release the hold on her pussy lip and pull at it a few times. Then I circle her clit with my tongue. Small circles, around and around I go till I feel her get to the edge again. Then I leave to take care of the other pussy lip in the same manner. By this time both pussy lips are very large and have a dark red hue to them. I gave at them as they look like a flower whose petals have fully blossomed. Now I get to the clit again to make more circles and keep her at the edge. This time I spend some time actually taking her clit into my mouth and start to suck it like a cock. I force my lips around it pulling up and down on it. I again sense her impending explosion coming, and on the verge of her cumming I move my tongue downward, pausing at her cunt to get all the pussy juice I can, then proceed with my tongue to her rectum. My wife knows the pleasure of a good rim job, and I know how to provide that pleasure. I deposit some of her pussy juice in and around her anus, saturating it.

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   I spread her cheeks and begin the stimulation. Working around, then probing my tongue inward. Nibble lightly with my teeth, and then probe some more. Now I suck like hell, and start to fuck her ass with my tongue. She really likes it and actually has minor orgasms from the tongue fucking. I have had her on the edge now for 45-minutes. Now its time to build her up for the final climax. I start to make long sliding movements of my tongue back and forth from her asshole to her clitoris, darting into her pussy each time I pass. Up one side of her clit and down the other, back to her asshole. She shivers a little at each stop – rectum, pussy, and clit. I do this until I feel her start to move her pelvis to force her clit onto my tongue. Now I add the tongue circling of her clit to each pass, still maintaining a slow, methodical pace. As I see her really begin to manipulate her nipples hard with her fingers I now add some sucking of her clit and anus to each pass, gradually picking up the tempo. Her tummy is now tight; her hips start to thrust in time to the licking like a slow fuck. She is on the edge now, and maintaining but not going over.

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   Now I let her set the pace, following her lead to give her what she wants. She is slowly stepping over the edge. I add in some tongue fucking of her ass at each lower pass, a couple tongue fucks of the pussy. Then, when I reach the clit each time I force my lower lip tightly against the bottom of it that creates enough pressure to make it stand up long and hard. I then flick my tongue across it several times till I feel her convulse. That’s my cue to head south again and repeat the process. Now, each time I stick my tongue into her ass and pussy she has a convulsion, and the timing between her spasms from clit to ass to pussy gets shorter and shorter. She is moaning continually now. She knows that she has crossed the point of no return, but leaves the lead to me. Now she abandons her nipples and grabs my head between her legs, wanting more pressure. “Fuck my ass with that tongue. ” She says. I do as commanded. “Now my pussy. Fuck it – FUCK IT DAMMIT!!!”Now I take back the control.

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   She has reached a state of frenzy that only a climax will satisfy. Her hips pump and gyrate madly. Her head is shaking back and forth. “Make me cum you fucker, make me cum. Faster – Faster!!” she says. She looks down at my head working her pussy. She likes watching too. “My clit, my clit – c’mon and do me baby. Make me scream”I move to her clit. Still teasing, I flick the tip of it and make circles around it. Now, each time I do this she is having minor orgasms. Her back arches and falls each time. Her eyes are closed now and she is not looking at me doing her anymore. She is totally absorbed in the waves of pleasure wracking her body. Every muscle of her body is tight and the waves of ecstasy are rippling through her like waves on the ocean.


   I keep her there for about five more minutes, Clit, pussy lips, ass – clit, pussy lips, ass. Faster and faster I go. I she her grasp her tits fully with her hands, pinching her nipples hard. Her back has left the bed and her tummy has thrust itself into the air. “Oh god, here it is. I’m Cumming – I’M CUMMING – CUMMING. !!!!” She shouts. “Faster – FASTER YOU CUNT-LICKER! EAT THAT PUSSY YOU FUCKER. ”I’m totally into her clit now. My cock has been hard the whole time, but it’s rock hard now. I take my fingers and push her pussy skin surrounding both sides of her clit upwards and away, making her clit stand tight and hard into the air. Now I place my lower teeth at the bottom of her clit and feverishly flicker across the tip of it with my tongue faster than a machine gun. She raises her ass off the bed and into the air, forcing my face hard against her pelvis. The pressure sends her over the edge she explodes with a scream in frenzy. Now my tongue works hard, fast, and full all over her clit.

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   I wildly shake my head from side to side placing as much pressure as I can generate against her clit. I feel her pussy ejaculate fluid into my chest, and then gush like a river flowing from her pussy to the sheets below, saturating them. I swear, she comes more than I do!!!. I keep working her clit with my tongue for a full three minutes before she simply can’t take anymore and attempts to push my head away. Now I quickly dive to her pussy to clean up her cum. “Give me That CUM,” I tell her. “I want to take it all. Cum in my mouth. I like your cum. I’m gonna eat you dry!”I lap up all the liquid I can get, and then tongue-fuck her pussy for more. Once I am sure I have it all I allow her to push my head away because my nose keeps hitting her now over-sensitive clit. Now my penis is hard again and I am ready to fuck that pussy. My cock slides in easily, and just when she thought she couldn’t cum anymore, she starts shivering again, and her back arches, and she shouts, “Fuck me harder, faster. ” It doesn’t take much at this point and she lets another load of liquid coat my hot dick and gush from her pussy to the sheets once more. Even though she feels she is fully spent and totally exhausted, she allows me to keep hammering my hard cock into her pussy.

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   I drive deep and hard in long strokes, actually letting the head of my shaft leave her pussy then pump it back in the whole length, in all the way – out all the way. I start to feel my balls draw tight to my groin, and know that I will be able to come at will now. I now just pump the head of my cock barely inside her, then out very fast now, placing downward pressure of my cock against her vagina, forcing the head of my cock against her G-spot. One more time she begins to lubricate and pump her pussy at my groin to meet my thrusts. Knowing she has one more ‘cum’ left, I pick up the tempo and trust fast and deep into that hot hole. This time when she cums, the wetness sends me over the edge as I reach under her ass, grab each cheek fuck her deep with all 7-inches. I spray my load deep inside her pussy, washing the walls and spilling out onto the bed to mix with her cum. .